1. Alan Vaughn says:

    I won’t be shocked by whatever I’m about to see Jerry and that’s why I won’t bother watching the rest of your video.
    Frankly, I’m totally over the countless thousands, or even millions of announcements and presentations, well written essays like this one.
    No matter how high up the food chain and how much creditability all of those GENUINE experts can boast, nor how sincere they are; it’s about time all of us awake folk realized and accepted that it’s all in vain – a total waste of time.
    How many lids have to be blown off MRNA injections, or other ridiculous ‘theories’ regarding this global holocaust, disguised as a nonsensical and obviously manufactured ‘health crisis’, such as forcing (silly) people to virtue signal their acceptance of their enslavement by wearing hideous, dehumanizing face muzzles, will it take before enough people WAKE the F*** UP?
    I suspect they NEVER will.

    I watched the first 20 seconds of this clip – can’t be bothered suffering through the rest of his monotonous drivel.
    All of it will only ever be seen by us, so what’s the use? He’s just another minister preaching to his already over-informed choir, while the fools that need to hear his message would only ridicule him as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and dangerous spreader of covid misinformation, or whatever… But far more likely, is that they will never see or hear his message, nor would any of them ever want to.

    We should find something else to talk about – something that might be able to be changed, for the betterment of society. We’re bashing our heads against a solid concrete wall with this one – the demonstrably phoney covid planned-demic holocaust.
    There’s not a damned thing WE can do about it, thanks mainly to our gleefully compliant, slave-muzzled, QR code scanning T&T app equipped relatives, work colleagues and snitching neighbours.

    • ian says:

      An excellent and insightful comment Alan. I often feel the same. While it’s a comfort talking with the awake, it makes very little headway into our problem, ie those who prefer being in the TV gang. I think that face coverings are optional now in England, and I took my son and his wife to Carlisle last night and called in at Aldi on the way home. There might have been 20 or so in the shop, and I counted 4 including myself mask-less. I cast my mind back to when I was a kid. I had a ww2 medal which my dad gave me. It was one of those you got just for taking part sort of thing. It stayed in my pocket, always, it became a thing with me, I had to have it or I felt vulnerable and sort of scared something would happen. I’m not sure how but it disappeared, gone. Perhaps my parents realised that I was obsessing about it, I don’t know, but it took a good while for me to get over it. I’m only telling you this, because I feel that’s what’s happening with people and masks. To be honest, I had expected the vaxx die offs to start by now. I had thought that it might wake folks up to what was really going on, and that is what this video claims to explain, basically that the deaths will always be attributable to something else, and not the vaxx. Difficult times Alan, for us all mate.

  2. pete fairhurst says:

    Yes Ian the masks have always been about compliance. They have also been the only physical sign to anyone that there has been a plandemic. Htf would anyone know if there were no media, and no masks? They wouldn’t. But masks do have a useful purpose for us now though, they tell us exactly who the covidian cultists are. Even more so as the psyop winds down 😉

    As for the die off then I never expected a tsunami, that would have immediately pinpointed the culprits. I always thought that it would be a longer term process. A cull that is primarily aimed at older folk like us. The folk who are now a drain on their money spigot, rather than a resource to exploit. Never mind we paid in for 40 odd years on the promise of a comfortable retirement. No such luck for subsequent generations of course

    It’s a win win for the tyrants. Our generation shuffle off, and our kids inherit, if they are lucky. Our kids will find it far far harder to hang onto any capital that they do inherit too, no pensions for them. Uncle Klaus the nazi has been quite clear about that. They want to own EVERYTHING

    They have plenty of past experience spinning vaxx deaths into medical “business as usual” too. Autism, ADHD, autoimmune problems etc etc etc. All linked to previous vaxx but the masses are oblivious to that, the media spins them away. So much so that they offer them selves willingly for drug therapy disguised as a vaxx!

    The bad guys love sick folk much more than dead folk too. They are lucrative resources to exploit. Makes no difference to pharma who pays either, the state’s NHS is ok, private is even better. Pharma owns the whole medical cartel lock stock, as has been shown here over and over