Dr Mike Yeadon: The variability in serious adverse events by vaccine lot is the “calibration of a killing weapon”

“You should expect pharmaceutical mass manufacturers to be good at least one thing – and they are very good at this – consistent, high-quality, purity manufacturing [from] batch to batch to batch.  They’re very good at this because that’s what their business is.  They manufacture tablets, capsules, sprays and injections in the billions of doses … I trusted that these companies were doing what I knew they were very good at doing.

“And then, I stumbled across a couple of people who, independently, had been doing an analysis of the VAERS database.”  Analysis of the VAERS database found 90% of adverse events were associated with less than 10% of the lots.  “I remember seeing that [analysis] some months ago and I immediately knew the significance of it,” Dr. Mike Yeadon said.

During the 86th Session of the Corona Investigative Committee, Dr. Yeadon spoke of his concerns regarding the Covid injections, presented evidence proving premeditation of particular Covid injection batches containing “lethal doses” and more.

This article is the third in a series breaking down Dr. Yeadon’s 2-hour 20 min presentation into more manageable chunks for those who may be short of time and unable to watch the full presentation in one sitting.  You can read about and watch the preceding section in our previous article HERE.  What follows relates to the “Hot Lots” and the analysis done by Team Enigma.

Dr. Yeadon began by giving a brief overview of the processes involved in manufacturing drugs, “this is done with incredible levels of control as you would expect, you’d want it to be reproducible.”

Dr. Yeadon then talked the audience through presentation slides prepared by Team Enigma.

“It’s not just the toxicity, it’s the variability,” he said, “these drug companies are highly professional outfits, they know how to manufacture, reproducibly, we saw that with the flu vaccines over decades. I’m afraid I’ve come to the conclusion they’re doing it on purpose, because they’re so professional, and after a year they know this data … so the fact that they haven’t stopped this tells me that they’re at least okay with it.  And I fear that this is deliberate.”

“It’s not the same stuff in each glass bottle … It cannot be accidental … It’s not possible that this is [due to] small variation in product …I’m absolutely sure profit alone is not the motivation …  This is calibration of a killing weapon,” Dr. Yeadon said.

Over the last two years we have consistently seen Big Tech, such as Facebook or Google, suppressing and censoring those that disagree with what public health officials say. “What that means is that a qualified person … people like me, cannot speak to the public because the tech companies have decided not to let me.  And that’s true of ‘mainstream’ TV, ‘mainstream’ radio … so it’s the combination of Big Tech, Big Media and by that, I mean mainly TV, around the world – they control what’s coming into your house,” he said.

Dr. Yeadon concluded by encouraging us all to say “we will not comply, no, I am not complying”.  We are not doing anyone any good by complying, we are not saving ourselves and we are certainly not saving our children.

Dr. Mike Yeadon: “Hot Lots”, Corona Investigative Committee Session 86, The Fog Is Lifting, 7 January 2022 (34 mins)

The clip above is extracted from Dr. Yeadon’s presentation during the Corona Investigative Committee Session 86 which you can watch on Odysee HERE, the chapter and timestamps of his full presentation are below:

  1. 00:00:00 Welcome
  2. 00:00:26 Credentials and professional career
  3. 00:05:45 Motivation to speak out against the narrative
  4. 00:09:25 8 Covid lies and the aim
  5. 00:21:41 Vaccines and introduction to VAERS
  6. 00:40:41 “Hot Lots” and analysis of VAERS – presentation by Team Enigma
  7. 01:10;27 Questions
  8. 02:12:26 Good Bye

Asymptomatic Spread

During his presentation Dr. Yeadon reminded us that asymptomatic people cannot spread an infection. The video below is a compilation about this idea – one of the foundational lies of the “pandemic” – that people without any symptoms are significant spreaders of Covid.

Featuring Dr. Michael Yeadon, Nick Hudson of PANDA (Pandemics, Data and Analytics), lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Dr. Henry Ealy (aka Dr. Henele), Tony Fauci, Maria Van Kerkhove (World Health Organisation) Prof. Beda M Stadler, and others.

Coronavirus Plushie: Exposing the Lie of Asymptomatic Transmission, Once and For All, 10 May 2021 (17 mins)

Presentation by Team Enigma

Below are the six slides prepared by Team Enigma presented and discussed by Dr. Yeadon during the 86th Session of the Corona Investigative Committee:  We have also copied these slides into a document and attached it below so you can either view them in PDF format or download as desired.

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2 Responses to “Dr Mike Yeadon: The variability in serious adverse events by vaccine lot is the “calibration of a killing weapon””

  1. Tapestry says:

    When the schedule permits I like to join a tennis group in the mornings at a local club. One partner in mixed who is normally the best with harder hit balls (of the ladies) couldn’t hit a thing today. She said her arm was hurting her as she hadn’t played for a while. I didn’t ask the obvious question. She looked depressed enough as it was.

    The next partner who played much better, is quite a mover and a shaker at Pfizer in their ‘operations team’. They get benign shots if they vaccinate which apparently they do, but again I skipped the subject of the big V. I did ask her about Dr Mike Yeadon, and she told me on the QT that he is not highly thought of at Pfizer!! (You don’t say!!) And he wasn’t highly thought of even when he worked there, she added, clearly intending to bury this line of questioning by blackwashing his name. Truth tellers are rarely popular when there are sales targets to hit… I should have started asking about the adverse reactions being limited to 10% of the batches, but again held my tongue. I’m only there to play tennis but the tragedy of the COVID crime and of its ignorant or not interested perpetrators is all too obvious. How long until the victims start to collapse? They won’t be here much longer if they keep boosting. Pfizer sales staff will no doubt live forever having placebos. It’s grossly unfair. They should be given the 10% batches and made to realise what they are doing to innocent people…murdering for profit.

  2. Weaver says:

    A member of our village got his booster and within a few hours started to have severe chest pains and arm pains. He went into the local hospital to have tests and they sent him home as they could not diagnose him. It would appear that they are not even performing the right tests such as a D-dimer test to detect blood clots. What is the point of protecting the NHS with all of these measures if they just send you home to die.