Dr Mike Yeadon: Covid Injections Are Toxic by Design, They Were Always Going to Harm People

“If you’re going to treat, effectively, everyone on the planet – you shouldn’t do it anyway but that’s certainly the stated intent – you need safety, safety, safety … That’s your first concern – even more than ‘does it work?’ – you need to make sure it’s very safe because you’re going to be giving it to, potentially, billions of people.”

During the 86th Session of the Corona Investigative Committee, Dr. Mike Yeadon spoke of his concerns regarding the Covid injections, presented evidence proving premeditation of particular Covid injection batches containing “lethal doses” and more.

This article is the second in a series breaking down Dr. Yeadon’s 2-hour 20 min presentation into more manageable chunks for those who may be short of time and unable to watch the full presentation in one sitting.  You can read about and watch the preceding section in our previous article HERE.  What follows relates to the so-called “vaccines”.

“As soon as I looked at the vaccines, I was really quite frightened because they’re a novel type. These have never been mass dosed to human beings.  There would be no way of knowing what kind of unwanted effects might come about.  So, what you do is careful empirical study … If you can think of a worry, you should show why it’s not going to happen.”

Dr Yeadon has, from the outset, had a number of concerns regarding the Covid injections.

Firstly, all four (AstraZeneca, Janssen or J&J, Pfizer, Moderna) are fundamentally the same design – they encode only the spike protein.  “Human immunity relies much more on understanding the molecular structure inside the ball [of the virus] than the spikes.  So, it seems, I thought, it was bad, just epidemiologically, to pick the outside part.”

Secondly, all viral spike proteins have some sort of biological properties that are unwelcome.  They are not just for anchoring the virus to the surface of a cell.  They are also biologically active, Dr. Yeadon explained, “they interact with the immune system and also the coagulation system.”  So, the Covid injections are toxic by design, they were always going to harm people.

Thirdly, “a classical vaccine is usually a killed piece or a killed preparation of the infective organism in a little bit of oil or alum, something like that – that’s a unit dose so you know how much you’re injecting into each person.  With these [Covid] vaccines we’re giving a unit dose of “code.”  That “code” could be taken up well, copied into protein very efficiently and might do so for a long time in one person.  In another person it might be taken up badly, copied inefficiently and only briefly,” Dr. Yeadon said.

By choosing this design the range of outcomes is probably 1,000 worse than it would be for a conventional vaccine because “the actual amount of protein produced will vary by orders of magnitude and more,” he said, adding that this is on the assumption that each vial contains the same ingredients.

“But now, we are absolutely certain, it is not the same stuff in each vial.  And that means criminal acts are being committed,” he said.

Fourthly, with vaccines it is usually one dose, sometimes maybe two.  But it has never been a “whole train of them.”

What a vaccine should do which is prevent illness and reduce or stop transmission of a virus but, as admitted by governments and their advisors, the Covid injections do neither.

Dr. Yeadon explained why children, younger healthy people, pregnant women and people who have recovered from the virus should not be injected with the so-called Covid “vaccines.”

No studies have been done to establish the effects Covid injections have on pregnant women and their unborn children.  We had a strong wake call with thalidomide, for example, in the 60s.  “We now know that foetuses are exquisitely sensitive to perturbations in their environment,” Dr. Yeadon said, “we never, ever, give novel medical interventions to pregnant women.”

“If this was a public health measure, we would only administer vaccines to those people who could benefit most from it, people who are most likely to get ill and die,” he said.

Dr. Mike Yeadon: Vaccines, Corona Investigative Committee Session 86, The Fog Is Lifting, 7 January 2022 (19 mins)

Note: The clip above is extracted from Dr. Yeadon’s presentation during the Corona Investigative Committee Session 86 which you can watch on Odysee HERE.

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