It should be added to this excellent presentation on January 4 this year, Covid 19 is a Bio- weapon developed as gain of function and that makes any covid death pre-meditated murder. The vaccines contain the same proteins the bio-weapon and that makes a vaccine death pre-meditated murder. The hospital protocols that ensure a patient dies makes the protocol pre-meditated murder.

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  1. Tapestry says:

    Yes. But who is in control of this murder weapon deployed against the whole human race worldwide all at once, and of the medical profession in its entirety (murder is just everyday business in hospitals these days), and of the media worldwide? The answer is a Satanic cult, which summons demons in rituals, commits murder, cannabalism and terror as its usual stock in trade. Does this doctor know? It is also a spiritual war as well as one being fought on all other fronts. We should be removing the demons as well as the Satanists using prayer, exorcism – talking to God who0 has been sidelined and removed from reach. Reach out and talk to him asking for his realm to be reinstated, with the murderous trash driven out.

    • Gordon says:

      Read 2Ch 30:7 – 2Ch 30:9

      I told Tappers then and I tell you again, the world invited Satan and his demons into the world by being in attendance and/or watching the Satanic ceremony service at the London 2012 Olympics. I told you then not to expect it in a flash like the wisp of Harry Potter’s wand but to see it gradually unfold upon the world.

      So here we are some ten years after the spell event was cast with madmen ruling the world and we’re wondering how the hell we ever reached this point and what can we do about it. Sadly, as the evil one and his minions must be and have been invited in so too they must now be expelled but he is not going to pack up and leave willingly now that he is here, it’s going to take Jesus Christ Himself to do the job at His return. In the meantime we need to stick close to God through talking to Him and constantly asking Him to come into our lives and protect us through this crisis.

      We were warned of this time of crisis millennia ago by the prophets of old and of course by Jesus Christ Himself. It’s referred to in scriptures as Jacob’s trouble and the great tribulation in which Satan together with demons and madmen of this world will exercise his same old pattern of destruction again. Why else do you think Satan is also referred to as the destroyer.

      On each event of God coming into the world Satan had made an attempt to destroy God’s plan. Each account is too long to be going through here but in any event God has come out on top but please note that when God intervenes in human affairs that is when the proverbial really hits the fan, that’s why we are told not to look at the return of Jesus Christ as some airy fairy all will be wonderfully bliss experience when in reality it will be the climax event of evil contesting good in the spiritual realm and the physical realm here on Earth.

      The good news is that Jesus Christ prevails and sets up his millennium rule on Earth to take over from where Adam did fail and to accomplish His Father’s will that His will shall be done on Earth as it is in heaven. Hallelujah!

  2. David 2 says:

    Exorcism is an individual soul choice, it is yours to make. Donald Trump or some saviour is not going to save the world.

    Secularism is a religion, just as Buddhism, Judaism or any other ism.

    The secret societies are Luciferian worshippers. They promote religions to keep the masses under control. Why else is Pope Francis performing ridiculous ceremonies and the Christian charade when he is a Mason?

    The Masonic symbol of the all seeing eye is Lucifer. The Compass stands for divide and the Square stands for rule.

    Their objective is to engineer the destruction of the earth and civilisation.

    Luciferian engineering:
    Social engineering = Destruction of the family
    Financial Engineering = Control of all commerce and wealth.
    Genetic engineering = To break the link between heaven and earth
    Military engineering
    Legal Engineering
    Cyber engineering

    Luciferian engineering is incapable of providing any benefit for humanity.