CRUCIAL, VITAL, IMPERATIVE: the line no government must EVER be allowed to cross


by Steve Cook

Put very briefly, there is  a line that we MUST NOT allow government to cross. EVER. Our own survival and our children’s survival depends on it.

Regardless of how deadly one considers Cov19 to be or not be, regardless of how deadly or whatever one considers the vaccines to be, the whole furor surrounding Cov19 is working as a Trojan horse for an underlying caper that is so serious and potentially deadly for us, our children and our children’ children that we must not allow any government of any avowed colour or persuasion to get away with it because if we do, quite frankly we’ve all had it.

The issue is a separate issue to whether one considers one should be vaccinated or not and one we ALL need to be wary of. It is this:

Currently there is a drive on the part of people within or above our governments to introduce a situation by which the government has acquired the power to force its people to take whatever medication the government deems necessary.

When we say “the government”, we are talking about one or more specific human beings. We may not know who they are precisely but these human beings would have the power to decide what medicine you or I must take.

They (whoever “they” are exactly) are angling for the power to medicate the populace as they see fit and all the current persuasions, pressures, coercions, inducements and the relentless propagadising of Cov19 and the “need” for vaccines to “protect us” are symptomatic of a faction working out how it can bring about mandatory medical treatment, however that “mandatoriness” is disguised.

So the end goal is a situation in which persons within or connected to government can decree that we need a certain ‘treatment” and then force us to have it.

The issue of the vaccines is in essence the thin end of the wedge, the device by which such power can be established.

If you are someone who does not consider the current vaccine drive to be dangerous and believes the Covid pandemic to be genuinely deadly, then this may not appear too troubling. You would be in essence forced to take a medicine you are quite happy to take.

But once this power to compulsorily medicate is in place, once those behind this drive have worked out how to enforce upon every citizen any medication they see fit, whether the citizen wants it or not, we are all in serious trouble.

We’ve already seen the direction of the experiments with the Covid scare ensuring people are willing to be vaccinated, then vaccinated again, then again. We have seen how the vaccine passport can go with the gradual extension of what is required to earn one (and thereby enjoy basic human rights we once took for granted).

To earn your passport you must be “fully vaccinated”. And at this stage “fully vaccinated”  means you’ve had three jabs. Soon it will be four, with you obliged to have yet another “booster” in order to earn your passport to a livable life.

What’s to stop whoever decides what you need adding a third booster or deciding you have to have other jabs in order to “earn” your passport?

Even if one sees nothing wrong with one, two, three, four or more vaccines for Covid, there is no guarantee that in the future some government won’t decide everybody needs a medication you don’t want.

But now they can force you to have it.

Suppose for instance someone in government (and we often do not even know who exactly is making these decisions) decides everybody needs a sedative to “calm us all down” because we are getting too uppity for their liking. Or suppose somebody decides there needs to be some form of sterilisation of you or your kids to “reduce population” or euthenasia of the over-70s and so on and so forth.

Putting such power into the hands of ANYBODY is extremely dangerous and an extreme disservice, not just to ourselves but to our children and grandchildren.

If we consider we can trust people we do not even know in government to be completely sane and rational, truly motivated by the common good  and never prone even to honest errors and if we can guarantee government will ALWAYS in the future be manned by sane, rational, well intentioned and error-free people then we are perfectly safe to hand them such power.

But we cannot guarantee that now or any time in the future our governments will be run but such saintly people of towering wisdom and we will have handed a terrible power over us to whatever suppressive nutjob worms his or her way into government.

Or who, of course, is already there.

Therefore, whatever else we do, whether we vaccinate or not according to our own judgement and thoroughly informed consent, we all have an urgent common interest in fighting without surrender ANY move by ANY government to acquire the power to compulsorily medicate its people.

CRUCIAL, VITAL, IMPERATIVE: the line no government must EVER be allowed to cross