1. emm jay says:

    Covid satanism David? Really? Without facts, this is just conjecture.

    • David 2 says:

      Emm Jay I took the term that Cardinal Vignano used in his video, where he talked about the Pope promoting genocide and gene editing.

      If you do not call it Satanism, then what other terms would apply? I concur with the Cardinal that this is a spiritual war for the souls and destruction of humanity. It could hardly be described as how best to treat the flu.

      What facts do you need, really conjecture? Tell that to the men of God.

      • emm jay says:

        Que? David this a stand alone, amateur looking vt clip, no sound, no info, no facts, nothing.

        Do forgive me for not consulting a crystal ball for not knowing that you are referring to ‘taking terms’ from a completely separate and unrelated post of yours.

        You ask what facts do I need? Lol! … er, … re this vt? Ok. Who?, where?, when? and what? would do it for me.

        Oh, and thanks but no thanks, I won’t bother ‘telling the men of God’ … I tend to just go direct to the organ grinder … not the monkey.

      • ian says:

        I agree with emm jay David.Cardinal vignano?, was that not the little brown cloak guy, who advocated arresting the police?
        The Pope is likely a pedo and controlled like all the others worth controlling. Young girls, boys, paying off gambling debts like Winnie the alcoholic. Everyone is buyable, and the Pope will be too.
        Call it satanism if you want David, but it’s a young kid’s life gone during a PT lesson, and there is no sign of a Satanic ritual. I know that you and Tap’ agree on this being a Satanic event, but who’s running the morons in the British government. Not Satan. Who runs the banks that control the world, again not satan. Who’s allowing unhindered mass immigration of third world people into Europe, I’ll give you a clue, Barbara Lerner Spectre fesses up to it, so again not satan. There are people, real people, who consider themselves far more important than us troglodytes, and that there are too many of us, and they want lots of us dead, sterile or both. They want us chipped and on electronic money, so they can control those of us who survive. They may be into satanism, but it’s them, these people who are doing these things, and want a sex act performed on their rectum with a ragman’s trumpet. Satan can try it too, he might like it.

  2. David 2 says:

    OK guys and girls,

    Covid was a bioweapon released to destroy civilization.

    What is posted on TAPNEWSWIRE gets transferred to Before its News and a larger audience. This is war and the enemy is NOT your friend.

    Clickbait headings get read. If one sheeple wakes up, then that is hopefully one more person accounted for.

    If someone on BIN reads and sees Tap news, then they can find their way to this site. That is how I came across this excellent platform.

    For your interest, I checked if this clickbait worked and many hundreds have been touched by the human tragedy of this young person.

    Again for your information, we live and perceive a material world. Our education, Google and mathematics are all based on the material world. It is called fact checking!

    The material world exists because of ENERGY. Life can only exists because of energy. It is the energy of life!

    Energy cannot be seen, tasted, touched, smelled or heard. It defies reason, as it applies to the material world. You cannot fact check energy. Yet energy determines all motion and every emotion.

    To realize or cultivate the energy of life is spirituality. Some spiritual people wear religious robes, some are folk that emotionally connect in a deeply respectful way to people and nature.

    Spirituality is not in the head, there you can do fact checking all day and all night to collect information. You can even use the head to denigrate people of faith or people who were stupid enough to take the vaccine. But this is not being respectful of others or yourself.

    Tap has a Christian view and no matter the source, I like and respect esoteric knowledge. I meditate when it is time to meditate, dance when it is time to dance, give a compliment whenever possible and defend what I do when it is time to defend.

    However and whenever you come to decide, the purpose of life is to cultivate the energy of life. I have given some exercises in my blog based on the six senses and these definitely work.

    Spirituality is the source and materiality is the effect. Spirituality recognizes the code we are given and the cycle of cause and effect. I could sense the palpable fear in the Cardinals video because of the injections and mandates, not for themselves but for all humankind.

    Satanism is the energy to destroy the connection with life. That is why it is recognized as a spiritual war between good (God) and evil.

    • ian says:

      No need for the patronising prattle David. “the purpose of life is to cultivate the energy of life”, says who. I take a different view, and in no way do I think I am wrong or unjustified in having that view.

    • Tapestry says:

      David that’s very well expressed. To clarify my own position, I am not a follower of the Christian church which I believe is a creation of Roman Empire, creating a narrative around Jesus, with many facts falsified. I refer to the original historical King Jesus who was manifested by historian Ralph Ellis, exposing many of the Roman deceptions in his King Jesus trilogy. Countering that notion, that Christianity is deception, which it partly is, is the fact that demons and devils can be driven out of people and buildings in the name of Jesus. As I took part in just such an event, and seeing how this works, I was left with a contradictory viewpoint. I resolve this by believing the Romans were aware that Jesus knew how to communicate with God through telepathy and draw on his power (the Roman Empire was/is Satanic), which is why they had to bury him inside a false narrative, as he was a threat to them. I find that genuine Christians are great allies in this war, and it is obvious they are being targeted, with churches closed, honest and aware vicars and priests being driven out, psychologically isolated. We pray to the same God and cast out demonic power in the name of the same Jesus – just that I prefer to talk to the real King Jesus, who can change the world if called upon by humanity, not the Roman watered down softer version (The real Jesus fought a war against Rome and was the High Priest of Jersualem). I am an ally of Christian people with similar beliefs but not Church hierarchies, who are there to stop the real message from getting out.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        I’m also a devout ‘Christian’ yet the last time I entered any church was in about 1999, when I attended the wedding of a friend.
        As far as I’m concerned, ALL churches are as corrupt and dishonest or even more corrupt than the UN, the WEF and ‘big pharma’. ALL, true dens of iniquity they have insulted Jesus and largely IGNORED His word (The Bible) in all areas of life…

  3. David 2 says:

    The beauty is that we can have different views. It is important to debate such matters. You are entitled to have your prattle and I am entitled not have to agree. However If you can convince me that life exists without energy, then I will retract every word.

    • ian says:

      Don’t come that crack David. I never said that life exists without energy. Life however can exist, and does exist without talking a load of tosh about spirituality.

      • David 2 says:

        You and I know, that spiritual is not material and so it cannot be defined.

        It does not mean that anyone who refers to spirituality, does not have a reference point which underlies the material world.

        We infer energy because we see movement. We should infer spirituality because we see life. They co-exist!

      • ian says:

        To put it bluntly David. What a load of gobbledygook bollocks. What does that actually mean.

  4. gillypoof says:

    00.41 timestamp of year 2000 slips on screen for a second or so.
    As someone pointed out on another forum .

    • David 2 says:

      I had not noticed any date time,I found it on Philosophers-stone. There are many of these videos available from various sources and this one seemed to serve to point out the demonic dangers of vaccines.

      Tomorrow there will undoubtably be several more sudden death videos available and probably every day after that. They are heartbreaking and remind us of human tragedy.

      • David 2 says:

        Apologies,I should have said thank you for pointing out the discrepancy. I will listen to Ian and try to amend my ways.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Ian, give us a break. We are all on the same side, and squashing mention of the spiritual only helps the enemy. Are they any details – like which gym or school this was.
    An innocent victim of total evil has spiritual significance as well as evoking strong reactions like anger. Each to their own.

    • ian says:

      Tap, I have always treated you with respect, and respect your views, as I do with everyone else. It’s just that David sometimes triggers me with his patronising manner. I don’t dislike David, and I’m sure we’d get on like a house on fire in real life. I won’t comment on spiritual matters again.

    • emm jay says:

      For years now I’ve been a reader here Tap. But something feels a bit off to me lately. And, yes, each to their own … but, I have to say I can’t understand why ian is being asked to ‘give us a break’ here.

      My above comment/question to David was a simple question. Rather than answering the question re conjecture, which it is, just look at the unrelated obfuscations in his loud response! To me it was clear that ian was not trying to ‘squash mention of the spiritual’ at all. If anyone was ‘squashing’ anything, it was David. He did not answer my question. His response was bizarre and made no sense to me, yet you’re asking ian to give us a break? Really?

      And as for David’s opinion on ‘clickbait’, I didn’t have The Tap Newswire down as entertaining/needing ridiculous articles of conjecture or inference to attract more footfall here. We have the msm and other fake news outlets online for that.

      • Tapestry says:

        ‘a bit off lately’. You could say that about the world right now! Perhaps we have a schism forming, and need two blogs. I hope not. As I say, each to their own. I can see I’m not doing very well as a comments monitor – no doubt as we have children ill at home right now and no chance of a quiet five minutes. Keep tapping, Emm Jay. Tomorrow might be better…my apologies.

      • emm jay says:

        I’m sorry to hear the children are ill and I wish them a speedy recovery.

        I honestly do not think that there is a schism forming here at all Henry. I have always held this site and its excellent material and contributors in genuine high regard.

        I ‘read the room’ here on the comments, as does everyone else I’m sure. We all have our own take on the expressions and perceptions of the many and varied personalities and opinions here. I think this works beautifully on this site (usually) and really is all inclusive, whether in agreement or not. None of us are perfect, but, when grandiosity enters the room, it changes the atmosphere.

        Thanks for the response Henry … I appreciate it.

      • ian says:

        We can get past this guys. No need for any drama. I for one will avoid spiritual articles. I am not religious, though most of my beliefs are in line with Christian teachings. I’m a sucker for waifs and strays. I rescue birds and worms, yet I go fishing, go figure. I am borderline Aspergers, and am more akin to a loose cannon than a safe pair of hands. I feel that Tap regulars are like family. I’m far from perfect, but seem to get accepted as a family member. Let’s see how it goes guys. I was quite disturbed by this, whatever it was. Let’s move on.

  6. David 2 says:

    And I will try to use the words Satanic Covid more often, as it triggered an unexpected response and good clicks.

    I never got into Dale Carnegie’s, ‘how to win friends and influence people’ It smelled of politics and that is not my style.

    For that reason, I think Ian and myself could get along and have a proper belly laugh.

    • ian says:

      I did real Dale Carnegie’s book David. It has it’s uses. I found it useful when I worked in retail. I am socially clumsy, as you know, and tend to say what I think. Not always the best idea in some environments. I still agree with what I said David, but I do apologise for my cheekiness.

  7. David 2 says:

    We are all family! I come from a family of four boys and I have four daughters. Lots of opportunity there for some healthy disagreement! I would not change any of it for the world.

    I was perturbed by the Cardinals message that due to the vaccines, the soul leaves the body. They stated this was the sole purpose of the vaccines. It is a satanic Covid agenda! I happen to share this conclusion.

    The next video I came across was a young person dying at PE. I found this emotional and worth posting with the heading that I used.

    I understand that the word spirituality can be a red rag. The word carries connotations and can bring out certain prejudices, just as the word satanism obviously did in the video heading.

    I would hope as mature people, we can continue to discuss spirituality and perhaps learn to equate it to the good that underlies life.

    If Tap wants to limit discussion on any subject, then I think we should all accept his decision.

    Obviously I have a privilege of choosing videos and articles for posting. I have no agenda other than to select what seems to be either a temporal marker, or something to ponder. Each day seems to bring up something worth sharing.

    As regards click bait, that is what the senses do. It makes life interesting. A guy sees a pretty girl or a girl sees a pretty dress. Click bait applies to all the six senses. It also works to get attention.