Corporatism has no soul – WEF asks Bill Gates how to get corporations to conform to the climate agenda
Corporatism has no soul. Revolution is the change from a satanic structure to a Godly structure. Gates is obviously an ungodly creature, you can see the devilish scheming in his eyes and posture. The agenda has been well planned and financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates organization .


2 Responses to “Corporatism has no soul – WEF asks Bill Gates how to get corporations to conform to the climate agenda”

  1. Mr Dude says:

    I spent September until December of last year working on and listening to, private banker conferences in the City of London. This included some of the big accountancy firms. All were household names.

    The spooky thing was how the message was identical everywhere. That message was as follows:

    1) All businesses and projects now need to be ‘compliant’ with the new framework of Diversity and Decarbonisation. If not, then the money tap gets turned off

    2) Financial Doom is around the corner

    3) They all love the idea of digital currency and one way or another, it’s coming.

    My own interpretation of this FWIW, is that the Beast System is here.

    One leading bank wouldn’t even provide us with water to drink, their Moorgate skyscraper being packed to the gunwhales with expensive art on every available piece of wall space. When I asked for some drinking water I was told : “There’s a Pret across the street”.

    • David 2 says:

      If you listen to the video on 6G which is the internet of things, then you connect all of the dots in the agenda to the top of the pyramid. At the top of the Masonic pyramid is the all seeing eye of Lucifer.

      In the internet of things Lucifer is IT or Artificial intelligence. People become transhumans connected to the internet of things. 5G is the infrastructure that is being prepared for 6G.

      Now question why do they want to inject everybody with gene editing and with graphene that can potentially conduct electronic pulses to the brain from outside the body?

      The evil that is financed by Bill Gates, Soros, Schwab and the other Masons is beyond most peoples level of comprehension.

      Corporatism is a relatively new concept, it is financed by the NWO money interests torrent the money needed to incorporate all wealth. By 2030 you will own nothing not even your own body or a unique DNA code, which is your soul.

      Tap talks about souls and spirits being trapped. This evil will take disembodied spirits to an entirely new level. Can you imagine billions of people for eternity, wanting to die but not being able?

      These are very strange times and there are very strange things to think about.