2 Responses to “CORPORATISM HAS NO SOUL – the agenda is to bin all human spirituality | DR. ROBERT MALONE 2022”

  1. danceaway says:

    Can someone please post this excellent link for me?

    It is Dr thomas Cowan discussing a recent study being put forth by Dr Malone
    as evidence of the risk of omicron to the human population, and the effect of the mrna vaccine. Dr Cowan disects this study, and finds many inadequacies. It really makes one question Malone as a scientist.

    I have had Dr Cowan recommended to me more than once, but have never found a video; I think this one is exemplary in helping us direct our thinking, and I highly recommend it.

  2. David 2 says:

    Danceaway, by posting the comment you have just posted the link!

    Anyone who is interested can open it.

    I did have a look and lost interest early on. I found this guy to be full of himself ie “I am busy traveling”, as if that was relevant or riveting information. What is the purpose for hitting on Dr Malone? By coming out against vaccinating for Covid, Dr Malone effectively ended his career in the pharmaceutical industry. That is a price very few are willing to make.

    In my opinion and I did not get very far in his monologue. Dr Cowan (medic?) seems more interested in promoting himself.

    Sorry Danceaway but it was really not my cup of tea.