Children don’t die from COVID. They are dying from vaccines. Viva Vita! The virus is the vaccine.

Children Are Not at Risk From COVID

Despite low rates of infection and death, the American Academy of Pediatrics calls “vaccines our best hope to end the COVID-19 pandemic.”21 However, we do know that the risk to children birth to 17 years is so small as to be inconsequential.

The CDC22 reports a total number of deaths in 2020 and 2021 from COVID-19 in this age group as 668 as of December 23, 2021. One study23 posted July 7, 2021, looked at deaths in the U.K. during the first 12 months of the pandemic and found that 99.995% of children survived.

Between March 2020 and February 2021 only 25 children under the age of 18 had died in the U.K. as a direct result of the infection. The researchers found there were 61 children with positive test results, but 36 deaths were attributed to other causes. This is a 2-in-1 million absolute mortality rate for children.24

More Children Have Died From the Shot Than the Illness

To compare the number of deaths from COVID illness against those who have died from the genetic therapy injection, we must address the known under-reporting factor (URF) in VAERS,25 which is a passive reporting system and the only area where the public can voluntarily report adverse events, including death.

The VAERS document is long and time-consuming,26 and while much of the information is necessary, the form can easily become overwhelming when doctors have multiple patients with adverse events from the COVID-19 shot.27 Several factors likely contribute to the URF, including the length of the form, lack of knowledge of the system and a growing physician shortage.28

One investigative team updated the URF in November 2021.29 The original number had been set in an early grant report submitted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, stating “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.”30 Using an engineering analysis of the available data and judgment based on peer-reviewed literature and expertise of the scientists, a URF of 41 was determined.31

One of the paper’s writers, Steve Kirsch, recognized the URF would affect the number of children who died after taking the vaccine versus the number who have died from the illness. He used CDC data ending December 8, 2021, which showed 757 children younger than 18 were casualties of COVID-19. As of December 22, 2021, that number had grown to 790 casualties.32

He then found 32 deaths from the vaccine in VAERS data ending December 3, 2021.33 Using the URF of 41 and the data Kirsch took from VAERS and the CDC, this suggests there have been 1,312 deaths that likely were caused by the injection as compared to the 757 deaths caused by the illness. If you do the math, this means the shot has killed roughly 173% more children than the illness.

Using the same URF of 41 and the current VAERS data34 ending December 10, 2021, we can estimate there are likely 39,599,481 adverse events and 830,004 deaths caused by the injection. This is vitally important as the total number of deaths recorded for COVID-19 as of December 22, 2021, is 807,787.35 This means the shot possibly has killed more children and adults than the virus, and in less time.

Additionally, when you look at the data from the CDC,36 you note that there were 36,931 more deaths recorded in 2021 after the release of the vaccine than in 2020 when the illness first emerged from Wuhan. Although WHO didn’t declare the pandemic until March 2020, the U.S. has reclassified deaths before that, finding the first from COVID happened January 9, 2020.37

Vaccinating Children for Herd Immunity Is Unethical

Despite the readily available data, the American Academy of Pediatrics, CDC, FDA and others continue to call for vaccination in the most vulnerable in the population: our children. Their developing immune system and inability to protect themselves create a vulnerability that opens them up to unfathomable damage.

Sadly, medical professionals who express their concern are roundly ignored, despite the growing number of those health care professionals who are stepping forward. Among them is cardiac surgeon and patient advocate Dr. Hooman Noorchashm, who sent a public letter38 to the FDA commissioner in January 2021.

In it, he detailed the risks of vaccinating individuals who have previously been infected with SARS-CoV-2, or who have an active SARS-CoV-2 infection. It was subsequently removed from

Immunologist Dr. Bart Classen also warned in early 2021 there is troubling evidence suggesting some mRNA shots may cause prion diseases such as Alzheimer’s and ALS,40 and Dr. J. Patrick Whelan, a pediatric rheumatologist specializing in multisystem inflammatory syndrome, has expressed concern about mRNA shots’ ability to cause “microvascular injury to the brain, heart, liver and kidneys in a way that is not currently being assessed in safety trials.”41

Health officials are telling parents that children should be vaccinated for the sake of herd immunity. What is largely ignored are the studies that show children are not driving the pandemic and, in fact, appear less likely to transmit the virus than adults.42 The Children’s Health Defense notes:43

“In short, public health leaders say, parents must ‘vaccinate the young to protect the old.’ Given the federal government’s estimate that one vaccine injury results from every 39 vaccines administered, it seems clear that officials expect children to shoulder 100% of the risks of COVID vaccination in exchange for zero benefit.”

An opinion piece in The BMJ24 by Peter Doshi, Elia Abi-Jaoude and Claudina Michal-Teitelbaum highlight why we must not force children to take the COVID shot simply because it might help vulnerable adults. They write:44

“Even if we were to assume this protection does exist, the number of children that would need to be vaccinated to protect just one adult from a bout of severe covid-19 — considering the low transmission rates, the high proportion of children already being post-covid, and most adults being vaccinated or post-covid — would be extraordinarily high.

Moreover, this number would likely compare unfavorably to the number of children that would be harmed, including for rare serious events. A separate, but crucial question is one of ethics. Should society be considering vaccinating children, subjecting them to any risk, not for the purpose of benefiting them but in order to protect adults? We believe the onus is on adults to protect themselves.”

Doshi was even more blunt in his June 10, 2021, public comment45 to the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee. There, he pointed out that the FDA can only authorize the use of a medical product in a population if the benefit outweighs the risk in that same population.

This means that even if adults were to benefit, the COVID shots cannot be authorized for children unless children will actually benefit from it themselves. In the case of COVID-19 injections, children cannot benefit, seeing how they only have a 0.005% risk of death in the first place. Healthy children have died shortly after the jabs and dozens of cases of heart inflammation have been reported.

Since when, in the history of public health, have children been sacrificed to protect the sick and elderly? Public health authorities have completely reversed the conventional risk/reward analysis.

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