Businesses in Wales Demand VVV Passport Exemptions After Government Fails to Prove They Work

Businesses in Wales Demand Vaccine Passport Exemptions After Government Fails to Prove They Work

“Unbelievable” response to FOIA request shows restrictions aren’t justified.

Paul Joseph Watson

Businesses in Wales are demanding vaccine passport exemptions after the government failed to provide any evidence that the scheme prevents the spread of COVID-19.

COVID passes were introduced in Wales in October and applied to nightclubs, as well as indoor non-seated events for more than 500 people and outdoor events of more than 4,000 people.

In response to the Omicron outbreak, in December pubs were also restricted to the “rule of six” and table service only, while all nightclubs were ordered to close.

Despite restrictions supposedly being lifted later this week, nightclubs, cinemas and theaters will still be forced to demand COVID passports.

A Freedom of Information Act request was sent to the Welsh government asking for “any and all data that Welsh Government have used to develop the restrictions announced on 16th and 17th December 2021.”

“This should include but not be limited to: a. Statistical information regarding numbers of Covid cases developed from nightclubs b. Statistical information surrounding rates of transmission from businesses to be impacted by the one way system rule. c. Minutes of the meeting and all this in attendance held on 16th December by Welsh Government regarding the restrictions,” stated the FOIA request.


The government responded to to first two questions by stating, “This information is not available. There is no guarantee about where someone caught Covid-19, therefore there is no data on cases caught in specific locations.”

In other words, despite imposing COVID passports on nightclubs and numerous other venues, the government has no information on whether they work at all.

Publican Jon Bassett told Wales Online the response to the FOIA request was “unbelievable” and clearly shows that the restrictions aren’t justified.

“My WhatsApp group with other licensees is going crazy since this has gone into the public domain,” said Mr Bassett.

“I would have thought there would have to be more evidence for them to do it. I just don’t get it,” he added.

“I think there is a lot of anger because it’s been a dreadful two months. The concern we’ve got now is if there’s another variant come December this year and it happens again. I just fear we’re in a loop.”

The UK government’s own report into vaccine passports also found that the scheme not only failed to prevent the spread of the virus, it could actually worsen the situation.

England went ahead anyway and introduced vaccine passports for nightclubs in December, although those rules are set to expire later this week.

As we previously highlighted, COVID passports were introduced in Wales after a dodgy vote that the government won because a Conservative MP who was set to vote against the measure couldn’t log in to a Zoom call.

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford also stupidly claimed that Omicron was just as severe as Delta, while also boasting about how stricter lockdown measures had put Wales in a better place than England, despite Wales recording higher case numbers.


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Businesses in Wales Demand VVV Passport Exemptions After Government Fails to Prove They Work [Video]