Both the Globalists and Putin have already determined WAR in Ukraine is inevitable. But will it go nuclear before triggering WW3?

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By: George Eaton

I read a variety of articles and see videos on the Russia/Ukraine situation, and the majority of them are against Russia, especially the sources in Europe. The US sources and the White House are more diplomatic with their statements. But the Europeans are downright militant in their views on Russia. By the way they talk, you would think that Putin was the reincarnation of Hitler, and that he has already marched across Europe and is on the doorstep of Paris, Berlin and London.

It is obvious the socialist politicians across Europe have an ulterior motive in vilifying Putin and calling for war. They themselves want to send armies marching towards Moscow, to start a campaign of conquering the Asian continent for their own ownership purposes.

I’m not sure there is a cure for that level of greed. It is obvious the globalists in Europe and the US have an agenda to take over Russia. If something isn’t done about it, their schemes will continue to grow and fester like a cancer until the day may come that there will be no force on Earth capable of stopping them. We are very close to that time, but there is a window of opportunity that could still make a huge difference.

It is difficult to know what Putin will do next, or to what lengths he will go to defend his nation from an encroaching attack. I would have thought he would have exercised other alternatives, and also kept his distance from China and North Korea. But it appears that the Russian leaders have determined that they must join forces with China at this time to have any chance of making a stand against the West.

I disagree with the option that he has taken, but the fact he has gone that direction shows me that he is quite desperate, and will use any means necessary to defend his nation. If this is true, this changes things dramatically.

If Putin has concluded that the West is fully determined to march towards Moscow, starting with missiles placed on the Russian border, he may actually exercise the military option and take over Ukraine. He may believe he has no other choice. He may feel that there is no dealing with NATO and the Europeans on this issue any longer, and they are hell-bent on marching towards Moscow, regardless of what he does. That also means he may have concluded that no appeasement will work, and that the West has already declared war on Russia.

Some researchers still feel that Putin has an advantage because he holds the gas pipeline “cards” he can use as leverage. But gauging by the political anti-Russian rhetoric I am hearing from Europe, I don’t think those gas pipelines have any sway on what they think or want. And, they are willing to let their people go without heat this winter to go to war with Russia.

If a war eventually breaks out between the West and Russia, the US will be thrust into a war footing immediately, and regardless who is right or wrong in a war, the citizens are the ones who will suffer. At that point, trying to have a discussion on “what if” and “if only”, and who’s to blame is all a moot point. It will be a matter of survival for everyone and they will have a daily feeling of dread, as they often glance at the darkening sky and wonder when nuclear missiles will be falling on their heads. That will be the new normal we will all face — whether in the past we considered the risk or not.

A few months ago, Putin mentioned to Ukraine that if they didn’t stop with all the offensive actions that he would march across Ukraine and take territory clear to several inland cities and a river that he mentioned. Looking on the map, it was an area that would take a full 25% to 33% of the nation. And place Russian troops within 100 kilometers of Kiev, the nation’s capital. Since that time Russia and Belarus troops have been sent in large numbers to the northern edge of Ukraine, which is even closer to Kiev. It makes a person wonder if it would be just as easy for Russia to take the entire nation, rather than stopping short of Kiev.

If Putin and his advisers have concluded that regardless of what they do, that NATO will eventually threaten Moscow with nukes on the border, perhaps a takeover of Ukraine is the only answer to protect Russia. Perhaps they have concluded that to have a powerful army — but never use it — is the same as not having an army at all. If they have the ability to enforce their territorial imperative, what valid excuse is there not to defend the nation?

This is what concerns me at this time, and since the globalists know full well their own long-term intentions, they may have also concluded that Putin and his advisers will see through the façade and realize that a war for Ukraine is the only move left for Putin.
They are thinking and acting like criminals. They already know their evil intentions to conquer Russia for its natural resources and future growth and wealth.

It’s as if, they are sitting outside a mansion full of gold and silver and they know the owners are armed and will defend their property. So, the thieves — the globalists — outside the mansion gather all of their fellow thieves and arm them to the teeth, and then give them speeches on breaking into the mansion because the owners are bad people. And, if they don’t break into the mansion and take the wealth, that the owners will come out and steal what little the townsfolk have anyway.

What we are hearing now from all of these political thieves are well orchestrated speeches to stir up the masses to break into the mansion, because at any moment now, the owners are going to ride into town and kill, rob and pillage the local town. This is what the lying Mainstream Media is spewing, as the thieves are gathering their armies to fight against an impending invasion into Ukraine. If both sides know what’s at stake, and war has already been declared, then a military confrontation is surely imminent.

Unfortunately, in this volatile situation, this regional war could easily escalate into a nuclear exchange. That is not an exaggeration, but a reality. If Putin and the Russians have concluded that war is not only a probability but a certainty, he may have already concluded that to win he has to use every advantage he can muster and must attack sooner rather than later. In fact, it’s well known through Putin’s own words that he learned as a young man: “If a fight in town with bullies was going to happen, it is better to hit first so you have a chance of winning.”

In addition to that, if the globalist “think tank” officials have also determined that Putin will act rather than wait, then they are prepared to also act in retaliation to win. This kind of mentality and build-up to a nuclear confrontation was discussed for many decades by the military. It was because of that danger, of an escalating situation that could easily lead to war, that the leaders decided to create a treaty to avoid such an outcome. That is why President Reagan signed a treaty with the Russian people so that this kind of escalation couldn’t happen. Unfortunately, after he was out of office, Bush, Sr. and his globalist Neocons decided to annul that treaty and start a march towards Moscow that would include placing nuclear missiles on the Russian border.

The truth is, what we are facing is a possible nuclear nightmare for the world. If Russia moves on Ukraine to occupy it and stops the NATO encroachment, it may be possible that a wider war would not materialize. However, if a wider war breaks out and Russia is attacked, Russia will knock out the national electric grid in Europe and America with EMP nukes. He will simultaneously take out ALL of the strategic satellites in orbit so it will blind the military and prevent them from using geographic positioning systems and communications. He will then have the option to use Russia’s special torpedo bomb that creates a coastline-crushing tsunami, and he could destroy all of the sea coasts of America in one day. This would weaken the US Navy by taking out all American sea ports.

He would also hit all NATO bases and government centers where orders come from across Europe and the US, and in various locations around the world. He has the missiles, the subs and the ships to make that all happen, in one day. In response, the US would send out attack codes for our subs, as well as air and land-based nuclear bomb sites to launch nuclear missiles at all Russian bases and major cities.

In normal military confrontations, there are measures a nation can take where they can stop operations and hope the enemy nation will get the message and will also stand down and cease military activity. But in this type of situation, where it is all or nothing, win or lose everything, and either hit them hard or give up – the Russians may have already concluded they have no choice but to hit the West with everything they have; or sit at home and wait to be destroyed anyway.

It is a terrible, irrational situation to be in for both sides of this brewing armed conflict. But when puppet politicians are told to do something, they don’t have a choice in the matter, and certainly neither do the citizens of both nations. These outcomes are then being forced upon us whether we like it or not.

At this time Russia has between 200,000 and 300,000 troops gathered at the border. Belarus has tens of thousands already on the northern border of Ukraine, imbedded with about 10,000 Russian troops. Ukraine has 125,000 troops gathered near the breakaway provinces and Crimea. They have another 125,000 throughout the large nation of Ukraine. NATO has about 5,000 troops inside Ukraine, including US troops. Russia has a huge number of tanks, artillery cannons, rockets, and military supplies to wage a major war. Russia definitely has the advantage if they attack first.

Russia also controls the Black Sea and has a superior air force in the region. At the first sign of a Russian move into Ukraine, the Ukrainian army will fold like a wet noodle and run away from the battlefield. The other NATO nations will launch a few missiles and make lots of noise of war, but will be unable to stop the Russian army. The only ones left fighting the Russians will be NATO forces, and they will be greatly outnumbered. The end result of the first few days will be both sides getting a bloody nose, but with Russia being undeterred and taking charge of the advance inside Ukraine.

This will then activate all the NATO politicians as alarm bells go off, that they “must do something”. It is in that early stage where the world stops and takes a breath, or they make the decision to attack Russia. If in the early stages, Russia has not attacked other nations, and the military action is limited to the Ukrainian area, it is possible a wider war can be avoided. But if any attack takes place against the Russian homeland or on other NATO bases in Europe or the US, it is more likely the war will then go full nuclear from both sides.

All of these things will be out of our hands. If communication systems are shut down, we may not know for days what happened. I bring these things up to let people know what is truly possible, so they can make an effort to prepare for hard times.

The fact remains that the globalists have already, in my opinion, declared war on Russia, and their motive is to steal Russian land and natural resources. If it comes to a major war and people on both sides are killed, this is considered “collateral damage” by the globalists, and actually helps fulfill their depopulation agenda. The wealthy elite globalists have no aversion to a nuclear war, it doesn’t scare them one bit or bother them in the least. They will be in their underground bunkers and toasting their success with champagne. Wicked rulers that will plot the murder of millions of innocent people with germ warfare, would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons against the same people.

All we can do now is keep our fingers crossed and hope that cooler heads will prevail so this military confrontation will subside.

— George Eaton



4 Responses to “Both the Globalists and Putin have already determined WAR in Ukraine is inevitable. But will it go nuclear before triggering WW3?”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    This article is just more Cold War 2.0 BS for alternative thinkers

    It ignores some of the key current geopolitical and military realities:
    Russia has zero interest in Ukraine which, thanks to the Anglo Zionist Empire, is now a failed state. Russia will defend its own borders without mercy on any attacker. Russia could destroy any NATO army without leaving the comfort of its armchair

    The Russians have a saying along the following lines:
    “The West invades us every hundred years or so. But they always fail and we always hand them back their ass after they’ve failed”

    The risible nuclear fear porn at the end just seals the whole BS deal for me. Do nuclear bombs actually exist? Htf would we know, they’ve NEVER been used in anger! See Miles Mathis, and others, who have demonstrated that all the photos and films that they used as “evidence” for nuclear bombs existence are FAKE

    So we’ve no actual PROOF that nuclear weapons exist. Why would they fake the film if the damn things were real. Nuclear bombs are likely just another massive boondoggle to steal billions of $/£/€ from national treasuries. The missiles are all just empty tin cans for all we know

    • sovereigntea says:

      Here is a fake narrative.
      A comical tale of a fireworks & fertilizer accident.
      Quiz question 1 Given the vast cost of electricity from green Co2 free nuclear fission power why do fission reactors exist at all ? Is there another much more lucrative product ?
      Quiz question 2 What compact energy source can cause a pinpoint explosion a spherical rapidly expanding plasma vaporizing thousands of tons of rock steel rebar & concrete resulting in Richter scale double tap readings at distance, massive shock-wave & a rapidly rising mushroom cloud ?

      Gallery of U.S. Nuclear Tests
      Last changed 6 August 2001

      Between 16 July 1945 and 23 September 1992 the United States of America conducted(by official count) 1054 nuclear tests, and two nuclear attacks. The number of actualnuclear devices (aka “bombs”) tested, and nuclear explosions is largerthan this, but harder to establish precisely. Some devices that were tested failed to produce any noticeable explosion (some by design, some not), other “tests” (byofficial definition) were actually multiple device detonations. It is not clear whether all multiple device tests have yet been identified, and enumerated.

  2. ian says:

    I have to agree Pete. I think Russia only wants a guarantee that the west will pull back from it’s borders.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Yes Ian that’s it. Those pesky, election interfering, russkies have recently told the dumb ass yanks exactly where they stand. Come any nearer to the motherland and you will regret it. Not a request, a simple statement of fact. [See Dmity Orlov and Andrei Martyanov]

      Of course the yanks are experts at PR, and false flags, and perception management [the Brits taught them well] and also talking BS. But they always lose their wars don’t they. When did they ever win a war since WW2? Grenada? Where else?

      This is hardly surprising since their military includes lots of social scientists and their ilk, and even those well known warriors, women and homosexuals [ditto NATO] And consequently fewer capable modern military types

      Whereas those damn soviets have a real force that is prepared to die for the nation. Plus super advanced military hardware that is decades ahead of the west. No contest if it came to a real fight

      I don’t suppose that this will stop the usual fear porn being pumped out into the controlled western media to sell cold war 2.0, like this article did, though

      In reality these 2, so-called “opposing”, sides are probably controlled from above by the same entities. Just like all the previous wars that there have ever been