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  1. Gordon says:

    It speaks volumes of the governments whole Covid charade when one day we have all the Covid restrictions imposed on us and the following day those restrictions are lifted. I find it strange.

    Truth is, and correct me if I’m wrong! Didn’t I read on this blog or elsewhere that solicitors had written to the government requesting they halt the Covid vaccine stating that they had scientific evidence from reputable scientists that the Covid vaccine was not a vaccine in the technical sense of the word but in fact an experimental mRNA gene altering therapy drug causing harm and being administered without informed consent to the population which contravened Article 32 of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV and therefore a crime against humanity.

    Personally I think the government will have had their own solicitors take a look at what was being claimed which is why the government has been forced to do a U turn.

    On the other had, could you imagine if the prosecutors had taken the government to court with the publicity of millions of pounds of taxpayers money being spent over a period of time and the government being found guilty. Oh boy, what a disastrous PR stunt.

  2. David 2 says:

    Yes you can lie and lie until you can lie no longer. I would say with a vaccination rate of probably 80% or more of the population, they can say job done. They tried for 100% and caught any wavering souls with recent fear tactics.

    Canada has 92% jabbed and I understand they will drop restrictions this week.

    Truth is truth and no amount of lies can hide it. In my opinion we are entering a very interesting phase. Will the legal proceedings be dropped? Will people stop dying from the jab? Will people wake up?