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Australian hell hole. In the name of Jesus, send these demons out of our realm.


Police ordered to GET OUT by Queensland café owner & Angry Locals #FilmThePolice #Raw

They just add that they are asking them to leave in the name of Jesus Christ.

That would screw their hearts up to the max.

The  fake pandemic is the work of the devil.  Throw Jesus in their faces.

The will of the people has some influence, but not nearly so much as the power of God.

The Police can claim to serve the people, but can they claim to serve God?

Obviously not.

Don’t be slaves Australia.  Great action, people in the cafe, but you’re missing your strongest suit when facing down demonic power.

Exorcise the demons who are holding control.  Force them out of your realm in the name of Jesus.  It would have a much stronger effect.

They would be gone for good.


Again, Jesus wants to help you.  Call on him to deal with the demons and drive them out of our realm.


4 Responses to “Australian hell hole. In the name of Jesus, send these demons out of our realm.”

  1. Aldebaran says:

    “You know how to stop me,
    But you don’t have the discipline”

    This could all be over in a day. The good side wins.
    God wins.

  2. Aldous says:

    That Chequerboard around their caps and shirt collar is very significant and one should ask as to why it is there.
    It’s there because cops are there to ‘protect and serve’ but it’s certainly not Joe and Jo Public – who pay their wages – but the Corporations/Freemasons and so-called ‘elites’ etc.
    They’re not referred to as ‘pigs’ for nothing, even though I have absolutely nothing but respect for the bacon variety. We need to find another more suitable word for drone cops such as these.
    Just look at the time (and money) wasted in that café where everyone was enjoying a moment before these three ‘public servants’ ambled on in to spoil it, all over a fake virus and plandemic that has sweet FA to do with public health.
    Not only are these cops totally brainwashed but no doubt they will soon be braindead and dead as a result of their numerous jabs. Or are cops getting the placebo/saline solution?
    Well done that café owner and his supportive customers. Such pushback gives us all hope – and thinking of God and Jesus doesn’t go amiss.

  3. Aldous says:

    The citizen in the other clip is absolutely correct that mandates etc are NOT Law or even Legal Statutes.
    Regarding these so-called ‘officials’ and especially cops, I’m not sure it’s even ‘legal’ (as it were) for them to cover their faces with diapers like what is happening. Not only can they not be easily identified but they usually can’t be readily understood.
    As a senior citizen whose hearing is not what it used to be, I often rely (without usually thinking about it) on people’s lip movements so I don’t have to repeatedly ask them what it is they’ve just said – especially if there’s background noise like a jukebox etc.
    I could understand Darth Vader more than I could understand that cop in the café who kept adjusting his face diaper, no doubt so he could breathe.
    What a nightmare has been created by the satanic cult that misrules the world.
    The effect and psychological damage all this diaper wearing etc is having on the kids must be incalculable.

  4. Aldous says:

    This wearing of face diapers by cops has got to stop before there’s a real tragedy – if there hasn’t been one or more already. The last thing we need right now is some hopped-out Black kid being being screamed at by some Oxygen starved cop who is on a German language course: “Halt oder ich feuere dich Schwein.”
    Of course, even if the cop shouted in English: “Halt or I fire you Swine,” I very much doubt the kid would hear or understand him through a face diaper and probably give him the finger before the cop unloaded on him.
    He probably thought the cop was asking him the time.