Australia has Fallen – Unvaccinated not even allowed to go to work despite just ONE Covid-19 death being recorded in 22 months

Australians living in the Northern Territory who have chosen not to get the experimental Covid-19 vaccine are currently not even allowed to leave their homes to go to work thanks to Chief Minister Michael Gunner imposing a discriminatory four day lockdown of the unvaccinated.

But is this authoritarian policy justified?

On Thursday 6th January, Michael Gunner announced that those living in the Northern Territory who have not had two coronavirus vaccine doses will only be able to leave their homes under strict conditions.

These include for essential shopping, for medical treatment, including vaccination, or to provide care.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner said those who have not been vaccinated are also banned from going outside to work or exercise.

The ‘lockout’ is supposed to end at 12pm on Monday 10th January, at which point Chief Minister Michael Gunner has claimed a vaccination passport system is set to be introduced.

But does the official data on Covid-19 for the Northern Territory of Australia justify this Draconian and discriminatory policy?

Well in short no, but the true scale of this heinous policy can only be realised once you analyse the actual data. For instance, a quick Google search confirms that there have been zero Covid-19 deaths recorded in the Northern Territory of Australia since at least December 27th 2021.

A modification of the data found from that Google search also shows that there have been zero Covid-19 deaths recorded since at least December 10th 2021.

But maybe the official Northern Territory Governments Covid-19 Dashboard shows us something that justifies not even allowing the unvaccinated to go to work?

Unfortunately not. The official data found in the Covid-19 dashboard shows that there were 481 confirmed cases in the 24 hours prior to 12:30pm on 9th Jan 22, 1,795 active cases, and just 2,238 confirmed cases since the start of the alleged Covid-19 pandemic.

The dashboard also shows that there are just 24 people in hospital, just a single person in intensive care, and that just a single death has been recorded in 22 months.

For context the population of the Norther Territory as of September 2020 was estimated to be 246,500.

Therefore that means –

  • 0.19% of the population tested positive in the 24 hours prior to 9th Jan 22, but these positive tests may have been tourists.
  • 0.7% of the population currently has Covid-19, but again these could actually be tourists entering the state.
  • Just 0.9% of the population has tested positive for Covid-19 since March 2020, but again some of these cases could be tourists.
  • 0.009% of the population is currently in hospital after testing positive for Covid-19.
  • 0.0004% of the population are in intensive care after testing postive for Covid-19.
  • And just 0.0004% of the population have died after testing positive for Covid-19.

Therefore, how could anybody possible conclude anything other than this discriminatory lockdown of the unvaccinated has absolutely nothing to do with protecting public health but instead everything to do with control, and the introduction of a vaccine passport to be used as a gateway to a digital identity and social credit system.