1. ian says:

    Demonstrations will do nothing. To think that they they will, you have to be stupid enough, to think, that they care what you think. They don’t. They want you dead.

    • ian says:

      Think about my comment. Who are you damaging. Shops?, Cops? paid with your money?. You’re waking very few, no TV coverage. It dissipates anger, that’s all.

      • David 2 says:

        Think of the damage that lockdowns, vaccines, vaccine passports do. I would say they are economically and morally infinitely greater than a frustrated group of marchers.

        Perhaps you are asking what is the alternative to protest marches?

        My view is that perhaps these guys need to up the anti to another level. The tables need to be turned on the oppressors.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        As ian and I and many others always insist David: en masse civil disobedience by NON COMPLIANCE with ALL of their ridiculous, dehumanizing edicts and mandates.
        It’s the ONLY solution.
        Rowdy and vibrant protests in city streets by large numbers of angry citizens, have already been proven repeatedly to be futile, so a change tactic is needed.
        Protests only give the lying media ideal opportunities to ridicule and scapegoat us as conspiracy theorists etc.. They accomplish nothing.
        What we need to work on is convincing all of those who attend the protests to change their strategy – explain to them why what they’re doing is great, but it’s clearly ineffective.
        The protests don’t work and never will, no matter how much they up the anti. En masse non-compliance is the only way and the beauty of it is that it can be practiced by anyone, anywhere, anytime. And no need for violent confrontations with disgusting, police thugs.
        The protests however, DO prove one thing which is great: We have large numbers who are angry enough now and probably open minded enough, to try anything. Just convince them all to try something new, that might bring about the desperately needed change in more ways than one…
        I can see ‘the infectious disease’ of non-compliance eventually becoming even more contagious than any pandemic, especially a fabricated FAKE one, such as ‘Covid-19’ including its Delta, or mOronic variants.
        People will see others not complying with all of the nonsense and catch-on – they’ll soon see the wisdom in practicing the same ‘passive resistance’ themselves.

        If there are large enough numbers of people not complying the satan worshipping, humanity loathing globalist elites will capitulate in sheer frustration and eventually throw in the towel.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Non compliance is all we need. The virus is the vaccine. Stop taking it, folks. Stop obeying the ridiculous instructions and stop listening to TV, news etc.

    • ian says:

      100% Tap’.

    • stevie k says:

      How are you going to non comply Tap if they come to haul you off to a quarantine unit at some point? Non compliance is important but showing them we mean business is also important. We have to make them afraid of us and the consequences of their actions.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        The problem stevie is convincing the dumbed-down sheep to practice non-compliance.
        What we lack and really need is large numbers of us working together: all of us steadfastly not complying, before they’ll be afraid us and the consequences of their actions.
        If we could somehow convince the large and ever growing numbers of those wide awake folk, who are currently wasting their time and making fools of themselves at the futile protests: to change tactic and practice en masse civil disobedience (non compliance), instead; we’d topple the globalist elite’s fragile house of cards quite easily.

  3. David 2 says:

    Excuse me, if you are confronted by a rapist do you say I will not comply?

    Let’s start calling it what it is ie VAXX RAPE.

    All the politicians and pseudo medics pushing vaccines are defending or promoting VAXX RAPE.

    Now they want to Vaxx rape children, so say I will not comply to a rapist and hope they stop?

    All the mandates such as lockdowns, masks, travel bans are to enforce Vaxx rape. The promoters of VAXX RAPE are more disgusting and perverted than pedophiles and that is a very low bar to be rated against.

    I suggest that we change the language from jabs to VAXX RAPE. It turns the tables and the RAPISTS have to defend the indefensible. These shots are proven to be deadly pathogens, designed for the genocide of humanity. How many victims have died or been severely injured due to Vaxx rape?

    LANGUAGE is our best tool, broadening the word rape to be an unwarranted intrusion into a persons body would be a step forward in the battle. Perhaps we have to begin to say rape and mean what we say.

    The New Years honors list is a whose who of slimy Vaxx rapists.

  4. Steiner60 says:

    So many opinions. To those who say marches and protests are worthless I say, you are wrong. True, their effect may not be what you seek right here right now, but to those who have been battling this away from the keyboard for two years they provide comradeship, networking, distributing information, waking a few of the sheeple up, and best of all providing proof to government just how are many of us there are, and how resolute we are. Imagine if at this stage there were no protests. I think we know just how far down the road of the agenda we would be by now. Second, there are those who believe only violent protest will work. I am not of that opinion but I do believe we are slowly but surely heading in that direction. Tempers and patience are wearing thin. It won’t be from a coordinated position I feel, but will happen spontaneously. Perhaps as a result of over-enthusiastic ‘law enforcers’. Finally, whilst calls for non compliance are great, and is the ideal solution, it will only work when enough people are awake and see a reason for actually engaging in non compliance. We do not have those numbers needed yet, which is why the ‘non effective’ actions – marches etc – continue. And in regards to those demands for non compliance , they should of course be aimed at the sheeple: those of us who have been awake from the beginning have been non complying from day one. I’m afraid the one quality we all need to develop, whatever our belief as to the solution, is patience. We need more people awake, and that is unlikely to come about until things get worse, perhaps to the point whereby people – children included – are dying in their droves. That’s the sad reality.

    • ian says:

      I am one of the worst for saying marches do nothing, but I agree with what you say S’. They may wake people up and give others hope. Regarding people dying in droves, that may prove to be a double edged sword, as, every effort will be made to blame the unvaxed. Some good points though.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        ” They may wake people up and give others hope”
        Well to date I haven’t seen much evidence to support that notion… More that it ‘wakes people up’ to what ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘dangerous, unvaxxed lunatics’ we are.. The lying media also endorses tat meme..
        What’s really lacking is collective backbone. Too many are too afraid to not comply is what it boils down to. They’re all just ‘excuses’ to not dare buck the system, because really they’re all too scared.
        Wars are won with bravery, not cowardice.

      • ian says:

        Hi Alan, yes it is very difficult to assess all the plusses and minuses, from all the different points of view. The MSM certainly control the masses, to me that is a given. Yes I agree many are too afraid to buck the system. As I said, though, to those who march, they may find out info from others, and make friends, thus giving them courage to keep resisting at least.
        I’ll admit that I don’t have answers when it comes to getting more resistance going, and I too feel anger and frustration, at our situation. I try to wake people when I can, but still most even close friends try to cajole me, and they don’t realise our predicament. I can’t please everyone Alan, and while marching is not the answer, it might create acquaintences and information swaps, or even instigate a brutal police action that will bring about a change in peoples opinion. I don’t know Alan, I just keep thinking and trying.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        Thanks ian, nothing much to add to that really, other than repeating what I consider 2 vital hints:
        1. En masse non-compliance.
        2. Wars are won only by the brave people who are willing to stand up and fight (by fearlessly not complying), never by the cowardly and obedient ones.

  5. Tapestry says:

    All activity is good. Slow progress is better than no progress. VIVA VITA – The virus is the vaccine. Repeat.