One Response to “A video purporting to attack the governments new policing Bill.”

  1. ian says:

    I watched this video, and, although I do not know the contents of the new bill, the video rang my alarm bells. The video makes big regarding the stopping the rights of people blocking roads chained together. This comes on the heels of likely government supported groups doing just that, and they know that it really pisses people off. Most people don’t want roads blocked by idiots chained together.

    The video then mentions that the bill can remove citizenship from mostly coloured people by the thousand.

    Given the massive immigration against most British people’s wishes, most would go along with that too.

    I conclude that this video is designed to get you to ignore this, “no doubt horrendous” bill and allow it through without fuss. Alarm bells I’m afraid are ringing. We need to see what TF is in this bill.