1. danceaway says:


    And in Argentina, a court case has exposed the graphene oxide component; la quinta columna explains the implication beautifully as they always do.

  2. stevie k says:

    Where is the emotion in the copper??? it was like somebody was reporting a traffic offence not a genocide!!!! What is wrong with people?

  3. stevie k says:

    Do we know who the lady is?

    • ian says:

      Sorry stevie, I for one don’t know. Someone may comment though.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      All I know about her is that she’s a solicitor and her name is ‘Anna’.
      Can’t say at this stage which law firm she represents, although she and many others spread around the UK are indirectly part of Dr Reiner Fuellmich’s team.
      You can see and hear more details here
      [#* Language Warning *#]:

      This is a huge step forward.
      Even though I’m still as sceptical as I’ve always been that anything good will come out of it, we must NEVER give up. ALWAYS keep ramping up the pressure to expose them and their lies. Especially now. because now they are really terrified of the inevitable revolt – they quite rightly, fear for their lives.
      They know that too many ‘plebes’ or ‘useless eaters’ are finally using their brains and no longer believe their BS and are now finally noticing the huge elephant in the room: That being, the truth. Especially the sinister truth related to the NWO’s overpopulation therapy injection, (aka ‘Covid-19 vaccine’) is rapidly spreading – faster than their manufactured, demonstrably fake ‘variants’.

      One can only hide a limited amount of death and mayhem from the public and explain it away with LIES for a fairly limited time. That time limit has finally expired.
      The gutsy young man in the video explains why we must all work together, even if you’re as sceptical as I am and know it can’t achieve anything, but he also explains extremely well, WHY we must.

      • stevie k says:

        Is it Anna De Buisseret? it sounds very much like her? gutsy lady, well done. We should all be going into our local Police stations and doing this, put them on notice to take action or we’ll hold them as complicit in the genocide.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        Dead right we should Stevie. We MUST: it’s our civic and moral duty to do so.

  4. Tapestry says:

    ‘It’s quite a long list to be fair’! says the copper, PC Wynn. Nice job from the lawyer. He’s got some thinking to do….will the Freemasonic Police bosses get Plod to sit on his hands? He’ll want his pension, I imagine.

    She appeals to the fact that Police work for the people. Somehow it would work better if she could add that this is the work of the Devil, who has strayed into the earthly realm. A spiritual dimension needs to be bought to bear, as well as a legal one. He would not be able to sound as if mass murder was merely a traffic offence type of thing, before he goes off for his tea break.

    People have a spiritual dimension and can instantly know the difference between good and evil. Legal process can be blocked through simple corruption. God cannot, but he must be called.

    • stevie k says:

      Let’s be honest Tap I don’t think that PC Wynn is up to the job of critical thinking, he just does what he’s told like most of the others that’s why we’re in this mess. I don’t really think he knows he’s supposed to be serving the Public and not an enforcement “Officer” for a private corporation.
      The thing that will sway this is force of numbers, we all need to harass the police until they can do nothing else but investigate this and arrest people and close the vaccine centres down. This is one way we can all contribute to ending this and hopefully exposing a good many other truths.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        The thing that will sway this is force of numbers, we all need to harass the police until they can do nothing else but investigate this and arrest people and close the vaccine centres down

        Exactly Stevie. Amen.
        As I keep saying, forget the corrupt courts of lawlessness, but if enough of us do what the police and the judiciary refuse to do, (and we have the right, both moral and legal to do so), we can beat them at their own game.
        What Anna explained to that Snr Constable Plod is definitely valid and all legally enforceable. It’s just that most people don’t know it is, or they do know, but are too lazy to do anything about it. They think someone else will came to the rescue. Of course that will never happen. They’re also afraid they will be ignored and /or ridiculed – again laziness, in fact it’s more about their cowardice. than laziness or anything else. And, they’re right: it will be ignored – nothing will change if everyone continues to think like that and continues to do NOTHING.

        So again, as always, firstly it will require a few more sleepwalking muzzled sheep to wake up and join the crusade – to stop cowering and kow-towing to tyrants that really have no power. Grow a spine. Many are finally starting to, but still not enough.
        Again, I insist en masse civil disobedience – STOP COMPLYING with their ridiculous, illegal diktats. They have no legal power to enforce them, anymore than they do the legal authority to enforce the overpopulation cure injections. The dumbed-down public simply don’t understand their legal rights anymore, They have no morale and almost zero self esteem. Not really fit for battle, after years of browbeating and subjugation from the lying governments, via the despicable media propagandists they directly control.
        The ONLY reason these tyrants are able to enforce their dehumanizing mandates and edicts is the docile and compliant public allow them to: they don’t even question them let alone oppose them! It’s all illegal, yet compliant little Joe and Karen Normie don’t know. They just shrug it off and say ‘why rock the boat’, or ‘we dont make waves’, or, ‘easier to go along to get along’, etc..
        THEIR willing compliance is to blame for nearly everything that’s happening now.
        It requires courage – of a standard such as that demonstrated by Anna, in the above clip, as well as numbers. It’s really the ONLY way.
        Nobody – no hero, especially one involved in politics, or the corrupt judicial system is coming to save us. It’s entirely up to us to end the tyranny.
        Freedom isn’t a given, it had to be fought for and must always be defended.

        The above video clip is a great example of ‘how it’s done’, but many more need to recognize the absolute peril they’re in right now and start listening to the warnings, instead of mocking them and those who are trying to wake them up; and to stop cowering to the tyrants they ignorantly assume have the right to control them. They DON’T! and the needlessly scared sheeple need to understand that… Then come out of the woodwork and join the crusade. They need to realize their very survival is at stake, but most don’t know or even want to know – still mock it as a ‘right wing conspiracy theory’ and the talk of loony ‘antivaxxers’.

        If enough people do what Anna & co did in that video, the others will eventually see what’s happening and catch on, even if the media refuse to report anything, and join the fight – standing up for their God-given freedom, instead of surrendering everything they worked hard for and all that’s worth living for to lying, treasonous tyrants that hate them.

  5. Paul Barbara says:

    Anyone know Hammersmith CID email address?