7 Responses to “Young Hearts Part 8 – How much longer can the Media hide this?”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Vaccine deaths and in juries are skyrocketing. So the government hypes omicron and locks down. I guess a few morons still believe them. The rest must start to fathom what they cannot take in. The vaccines are a depopulation weapon now killing millions of people. Divoc was a con to drive the herd onto the needles.

    • Occams says:

      ‘a few’?

      I have a female friend. The only one NOT vaxxed in her entire family, including her stepdad and her dad and HIS new wife.

      ALL are ‘sick’. Her real dad has clotting. Her mom and stepdad ‘keep getting covid’. And THEY are pissed because she’s not vaxxed and swear she’ll ‘soon be ventilated due to her silliness with her ridiculous vax-fears’.

      This is just ONE story. I could relate many several more. One older client couple tell me ‘our allergies keep laying us low’.

      My Italian friend’s brother is in IT military. He’s down with ‘really bad covid and isolated’ – although triple vaxxed (required). His mom the same. Sick as dogs.

      When he talks to them, they remind him he NEEDS TO GET VAXXED, because they truly believe that WITHOUT the vaxx, they’d be way worse off!

  2. Occams says:

    How long?

    For as long as people are stupid, gullible, and easily manipulated.

    In other words?


    • Tapestry says:

      They simply can’t believe that the psychological prop they have depended upon all their lives, called the ‘tell lie vision’, would suddenly change sides and kill them. They imagined it was their friend for life, and they couldn’t bear to lose it or realise they were conned all along.

  3. ian says:

    Slightly off topic, but IMHO, quite relevant. Many years ago, pre Maggie Thatcher, I lived in a council house, for non British folks, a house owned by the government and leased to members of the public for a weekly rent. The house we were in was built in 1950. I was at a meeting called by the local council for all council house residents in my village, held at the local school. They were going to carry out what were referred to as revites, ie revitalisation and updating the properties to more modern standards. The work was to be carried out by a firm known locally as R & D’s, colloquially known locally as Rough and Dangerous.

    The Council officials told the packed hall of all the work that was to be carried out, and everyone clapped and was suitably impressed. At the end, they asked if anyone had any questions. Having worked in the trade, I stood up and said that R & D were renowned for carrying out council work, in a couldn’t care less manner. A few oh’s and no’s were heard. I said that, I’ll tell you what will happen, they’ll do the work, wham bam thank you mam, then leave a trail of problems for residents to try to deal with for months to come. I said, ( the hall was silent and hating me by this time), why tell us all these lies. What I’m saying is the truth, it is what will happen and I’d rather do the work myself. I sat down, to silence, everyone stunned. At the end, a local Clark of works for the Council pulled me aside, I knew him, he said, make me a snagging list of the faults and I’ll get them fixed for you. BTW a snagging list is a list of problems after a building job. I’d a list of over 100 items. I’m honestly not picky, I’m talking leaking toilet, broken skirting boards just pushed back into place, windows that wouldn’t open properly because they were out of square. etc.

    My point. No one backed me, they were stunned into silence because I challenged authority. Even though I was proved correct really really amply, they caused mayhem, I was regarded as a loose cannon locally.

    Nothing has changed. If authority tells them, they’ll do it.

    • Tapestry says:

      People have spent all their lives believing the Council is their friend, same as the Tell Lie Vision. Changing the fundamental thought structure of a person is a very tough assignment. Evidence can be screaming at you, but if the picture or structure in the mind does not permit the evidence, it is ignored.

    • Gordon says:

      “If authority tells them, they’ll do it.”

      We’ve seen it all before:-

      The PM said, and whatever I said didn’t matter.
      Nichola said, and whatever I said didn’t matter.
      The doctor said, and whatever I said didn’t matter.
      The teacher said, and whatever I said didn’t matter.
      The council said, and whatever I said didn’t matter.
      The police said, and whatever I said didn’t matter.
      The boss said, and whatever I said didn’t matter.
      What was it I said?

      Prove it!