You Don’t Need To Worry About Covid Cases Rising PM Scott Morrison’s Tells Australians

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has urged Australians not to be worried about rising Covid case numbers, insisting the nation has chosen to live with the virus.

‘Cases are not the issue and I know over a period of time we may have become conditioned to case numbers being the trigger. That’s not the case,’ he said.(source)

Morrison was speaking in Melbourne on Tuesday and said that high case numbers are fine as long as health systems can cope with any increased workload.

‘Facilitate, Rather Than Dictate’.

PM Scott Morrison had previously called on states and territories to ease their last remaining COVID-19 restrictions, as Western Australia announced plans to reopen its hard border to the rest of the nation.

Speaking at the Sydney Institute’s annual dinner on Monday night, Mr Morrison urged jurisdictions to ‘facilitate, rather than dictate’.

‘Australians kept their side of the deal, it is time for governments to now keep theirs; to step back and let Australians step forward,’ Morrison said. “to put Australians back in charge of their own lives, relying on the connecting points and relationships that exist between the state and the individual.’

Drop Remaining COVID Restrictions

Morrison has urged states and territories to drop their last remaining COVID restrictions., which comes as West Australian Premier Mark McGowan announced the state would relax its border restrictions from February 5th 2022 (source)

Mr McGowan made the announcement after Western Australia (WA) reached the 80 percent double-vaccinated mark, the last jurisdiction to reach the milestone.

While McGowan had come under fire from other jurisdictions for harsh border control, he said the measures meant WA residents were able to live normal lives. ‘We followed a different model to the others, and it worked,’ he said.

‘We can safely ease border controls and reconnect WA. I am confident this is the right time and the right way to take this important step.’


The prime minister also confirmed a two-week pause on allowing visa holders to enter the country without an exemption would end as scheduled on December 15. The decision will pave the way for skilled migrants and international students to return to Australia.

The prime minister congratulated WA for making it to 80 percent and for announcing plans to scrap its hard border.‘Australia is going to be connected and together again,’ Mr Morrison said.

‘This will be welcome news for thousands of Western Australians looking forward to reuniting with family and friends after so long apart.”

Travel bubbles with Japan and South Korea will also be able to commence.

Much Milder Variant

The pause was instituted due to concern about the Omicron variant, but Dr. Chris Moy Vice- President of the Australian Medical Association said evidence pointed to the new strain not being as serious as Delta.

‘If we are talking about a milder variant, even if it’s somewhat more infectious, hopefully, it won’t be such a threat,’ he told the ABC.

However, he did add ‘But on the flip side, if it is really infectious and we get a real peak in cases and say half are serious, it may still be a threat because we will get a large number of people in hospital at the same time.’ (source). Although it does seem as if Morrison wants to see Australia back to normal as soon as possible.


3 Responses to “You Don’t Need To Worry About Covid Cases Rising PM Scott Morrison’s Tells Australians”

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    DO NOT listen to one word from this LYING anti-humanity treasonous puppet.
    The ONLY reason he’s conveying this string of FAT porkies is that he’s called a general election for May 2022. If when he or any of the 3 major parties win it, it will be FAREWELL freedom, good bye any and all civil rights, freedom of movement and freedom of speech. Farewell Australia forever, but WELCOME totalitarian New World Order. FOREVER.

    That sleazy wolf in sheep’s clothing and certified liar, Morrison is the highset ranking freemason in Australia.
    Yet, be rest assured my pathetic fellow Australians will believe him and trust him AND they’ll vote him back, just like the Canadian sheep voted Justin Bieber: the childish, puerile teeny bopper ‘climate change friendly’ PM back in for up to 5 more years of ever deepening tyranny and subjugation to destroy Canada.
    These people are their own worst enemies. It boggles the mind why anyone even bothers to turn up to ‘vote’ at all, let alone vote for the bullies who are trying to destroy us and destroy our society and whole way of life.

    Soon, Covid19 and medical FRAUD will be the least of our fears. Living Existing with no electricity, fuel and no food will be the real our pre-industrial era planet saving, wonderful kleen, green ‘utopia’.
    Australians are by & large the most docile, spineless and clueless morons God ever gave breath to.. They are to blame for the whole nightmare that’s unfolding. The gutless and obedient, slave muzzled sheep clearly LOVE their servitude to humanity loathing tyrants that HATE them and want to exterminate them, and they will. These hopeless imbeciles love to obey. They STILL believe the blatantly obvious LIE that they will get their freedom back and life will go back to normal if they get their covid ‘booster shots’ (even when they see their fellow sheep dying from them), and follow whatever bizarre, dehumanizing order their treasonous, humanity loathing masters mandate them to.

    • ian says:

      I agree with every word that you have said here Alan. I however think that the whole mainstream TV controlled masses, all over, are every bit as bad as the Australians. It’s f*cking annoying, and I was verbally abused by another old fat scruffy retard, for not wearing a mask only this morning, but it’s not really their fault. Yes I could just about inject them myself, but I wouldn’t. It’s sort of, “forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do”, in our current situation. I’m not religious by the way, and I won’t go down without a fight, but you can’t really blame them for being taken in by a relatively sophisticated designed to do just that.
      As I said, I’m not religious, but if he’s there, then nows the time to turn up. BTW I have much respect for your stance, and I don’t mean this to suggest otherwise.

  2. ian says:

    Sorry for typos again. Will I ever learn to read before posting. Probably not, hanging head in shame, and blushing.