1. ian says:

    Very good info, but at the risk of failing to do what it wants. No business owner is going to take a bollocking from an internet blogger.Better to get them onside.

    • David 2 says:

      I thought he connected the dots very well.

      Independent business owners are compromised because they accepted Government money in lockdown.

      Compromised by this handout they went along with the mandates and refused to serve the unvaccinated.

      Now the Irish government and possibly soon the UK government have imposed an 8pm curfew/lockdown. However the business owners are not being compensated.

      It is clear that the pandemic charade was intended to break the independent business owners, who now must decide their future. Ignore the lockdowns or go bust!

      For business owners, it is now or never!

      • ian says:

        Indeed it is now or never. We must get them to see that, but they are used to abiding by the law, they need a licence in order to operate, and should be cajoled and encouraged to take the risk of losing it. They need to understand that this is about control, not safety. I thought that his tone was very condescending.

  2. Aldous says:

    The EUSSR’s indoor smoking ban (2007) was also a ‘health charade’ that was actually meant to adversely affect pubs and restaurants and nothing whatsoever to do with people’s wellbeing – as if ‘they’ cared.
    It has had a devastating impact resulting in thousands of hospitality venues closing up shop as many customers choose to stay at home to enjoy a drink and smoke rather than brave the elements, almost being treated like a leper.
    It never ceases to amaze me how many non-smokers support the ban without realizing that they will be lucky to find a smoke-free venue to wine and dine in the way things are going.

    Devastating impact of the smoking ban on pubs laid bare
    The smoking ban decimated England’s pubs and hurt local communities, according to a report published today.

    New figures obtained by the smokers’ group Forest show there are 11,383 fewer pubs in England compared to 2006, a decline of 20.7 per cent since the smoking ban was introduced on 1st July 2007.


    • Aldous says:

      “…some publicans have gone to considerable lengths to accommodate smokers in greater comfort. Only last week, at the Forest boat party, I was shown a picture (by a publican) of a fantastic outdoor smoking ‘room’ he had erected in the garden of his rural country pub.
      It looked magnificent but there aren’t enough facilities like that. Worse, as soon as the sun comes out, anti-smokers who happily sit indoors most of the year wander out and demand that the outdoor area belongs exclusively to them too.”

      I’ve previously been told about this where some large outfits/chains even segregate smokers outside because of objections from non-smokers. Unbelievable.
      I have to admit to dining one day when a guy and his friend came and sat at the next table upwind of me smoking a cigar – I like the smell of cigars but not when I’m eating. I kindly asked him and his friend to relocate to the table downwind of me as my wife and I were there first. There wasn’t a problem and we all got talking amicably afterwards.