“We’re all in this together” – and they’re right

Above, former Downing Street spokesperson Allegra Stratton was forced to resign after reports about the party at number 10 surfaced

Ian Fantom – Dec 20, 2021

The significance of the Downing Street parties goes far beyond mere hypocrisy; it means that they don’t themselves believe what they’re telling us.

Poor Boris Johnson! The only thing he’s ever been good at is deception. So who can blame him? We all of us like to concentrate on the things we’re good at. For many people it’s one of the trades or professions, like plumbing or robbing banks; for Boris it’s deception. His was such a unique and personal talent that he forgot to take due notice of the traditional British Values. I found a conference at his old school, Eton College, on British Values, and I even found a course on this at HSDC college in England – originally the Havant and South Downs College. They defined ‘British Values’ as: 1. Democracy, 2. The rule of law, 3. Individual liberty, 4. Mutual respect & tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. Of course, these values are uniquely British. But curiously they always seem to leave out one British value, which seems to me to be more fundamental than the rest put together: 0. Hypocrisy.

The British have always been the best in the world in hypocrisy and deception, and our Establishment are proud of it. There’s even a book called ‘Churchill’s Wizards: The British Genius for Deception 1914-1945’. “Good, rolicking fun”, wrote military historian Max Hastings, as quoted on the front cover. “You couldn’t make this stuff up”, states an endorsement on the back cover. Inside, opposite the Contents, we find a quote from Churchill: “War is a game that is played with a smile. If you can’t smile, grin”. I had noticed. Some of my leading critics in the Esperanto association were smilers, and in 2005 two of them wrote to me, “Keep Smiling”. Both had been contemporary students at Cambridge University, together with others. I recognised this as a mantra of the Upper Classes, and that mantra was influential in naming our group ‘Keep Talking’.

“If you’re going to tell a lie, make it big” goes the well-known saying. It’s usually attributed to the National Socialists in Germany from the 1930s, but Goebbels attributed it to MI6, and Hitler attributed it to ‘the Jews’. I think they were thoroughly indoctrinated with Zionist propaganda, which claimed all Jewry for itself, telling us that ‘the Jews’ were ‘a people’ and ‘a race’. It was a Jewish friend of mine who first pointed out to me that Jews are as varied as any other group in society. I traced this issue back to the 19th century, when a leading Jewish peace advocate, Dr L L Zamenhof, wrote that calling Jews ‘a people’ was rather like calling all people with red hair ‘a people’. He himself was a ‘Zionist’ before the meaning of the word was changed.

The Zionist lobby in the UK parliament, which seems to have been supportive of Boris Johnson in becoming Prime Minister, was constantly claiming to represent ‘the Jews’ in the UK. This would have been in accordance with Mossad’s old motto: ‘By way of deception thou shalt do war’. Boris apparently did all the right things, like kissing the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. I looked up the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) website, and found the leading news item to be about Boris Johnson speaking at a CFI lunch. He is quoted as saying: “all my life I have been a defender and a supporter of Israel”. The conference was attended by 650 guests, including 200 Conservative Parliamentarians and 12 Cabinet members. A few weeks earlier, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss asserted: “there is no closer friend and ally than the State of Israel”. The CFI’s website explained: “This week, as many as 500 Conservative activists attended CFI’s packed Conservative Party Conference Reception to hear Foreign Secretary Rt. Hon. Liz Truss MP address the event, alongside 10 Cabinet members and Government Ministers, and dozens of MPs”. So why are Conservative Party MPs flocking to the CFI, when most Brits believed that the Special Relationship actually was with the USA, even throughout the period when the UK was part of the European Union. And what does a Prime Minister do if his only significant talent is the gift of the gab? When Tony Blair was Prime Minister there was much talk in the media of ‘spin’ and ‘spin doctors’. I wasn’t sure what all that was about for a while, but eventually I was asking, “If he spends so much effort on spin, when does he have time to rule the country?” The answer had to be that he was just a front guy, and the same applies to Boris. Interestingly, he is widely believed to have modelled himself on Winston Churchill.

The Conservative Friends of Israel was sent up in 1974, and four years later had overtaken the Esperanto Parliamentary Group as the largest lobby in Westminster. The difference was that whereas I had a budget of just £100/year to run the whole of the public relations activities for the Esperanto association, including the lobby, the CFI was loaded with money, and was eventually giving financial support to MPs and candidates. (https://powerbase.info/index.php/Conservative_Friends_of_Israel) They don’t appear to publish a membership list, but in 2009 they were estimated to have recruited 80% of the Parliamentary Conservative Party. According to the parliamentary website, the Conservative Party now consists of 361 MPs, and 80% of that is 289. Every sign is that the CFI is now probably stronger that it was in 2009, but if it had remained at the same strength, then that means 289 CFI members, leaving just 72 who are not. So where do around 100 rebles come from? It seems that the membership of the CFI must be split on this. I don’t see any relevant discussion their website. They must have one of their own people in waiting. The Parliamentary Labour Party consists of 199 MPs, out of which 43 are members of Labour Friends of Israel, which is 22%. That doesn’t include their leader, Keir Starmer, but he is a member of something far higher: the NeoConservative think tank The Trilateral Commission. Twenty-two Labour MPs defied their party’s whip to vote with the Conservatives, out of which only two were members of the LFI. Clearly, the government is relying on the Labour Party, with its NeoConservative leadership, to remain in power.

The big news item in the UK’s mainstream media that has led to loss of confidence in Boris’s government was a series of Chrismas parties, said to have been held a year ago, in Downing Street, when the country was in Lockdown. (https://news.sky.com/story/downing-street-christmas-parties-who-is-cabinet-secretary-simon-case-and-what-will-he-be-investigating-12490737) Ordinary people who did similar things were liable to prosecution at the time. The cry went out of ‘hypocrisy’, and ‘one rule for them and another for us’. Yet no-one in the mainstream seemed to see that this couldn’t just be another case of hypocrisy; it must mean that those who were taking part in such parties did not believe what they had been telling the public to believe. Though I have just come across an impassioned plea by television history presenter Neil Oliver, who now appears on the new GBNews channel, in which he says, “The people behind those parties, and with whose knowledge they took place, were not afraid … not afraid to be together in indoor spaces with people not their families”. They just could not believe what they have been telling us to believe. “Fear has blinded people to the reality of manipulation”, he stated the previous week.

Why didn’t they believe it? Were they all lying? Did they have no faith in the scientific advisors telling the truth? There have been calls for the scientific evidence claimed by their scientific advisors to be published. Without that, it is difficult to see how anyone can have faith in such ‘advice’. Was it all a fabrication? Many people already think so, and there have been massive demonstrations, largely unreported, in London alone.

It is believed that around 40 people attended one such party in Downing Street. Yet no-one seemed willing to enquire further. Who was there? Were any of the scientific advisors there? Was the Cabinet Secretary, who had been put in charge of the inquiry, there? It transpired that he himself had issued an invitation to a number of people to attend yet another Christmas Party, and with that, he had to step down from this role. He was quickly replaced by another high-level civil servant, Sue Gray, also from the Cabinet Office, where she works as the Second Permanent Secretary. According to the Independent’s ‘iNews’: “In his memoirs, former Lib Dem minister David Laws recounted a conversation with Conservative minister Oliver Letwin in which he said: “Our great United Kingdom is actually entirely run by a lady called Sue Gray, the Head of Ethics or something in the Cabinet Office”. I have to wonder whether that includes Christmas parties, and any other parties.

In June 2021 heads of state attending the G7 summit in Cornwall, England, were accused of breaking strict social distancing rules. (https://dailysceptic.org/2021/06/13/one-rule-for-them-g7-leaders-fiddle-while-the-global-economy-burns/) James Delingpole, writing in Breitbart under the heading ‘No Masks, No Distancing – The Disgraceful Covid Hypocrisy of the G7 Elite’ wrote: “Note how their personal rules on mask-wearing, ‘social distancing’ [an egregious oxymoron], quarantining and so on differ quite markedly from the ones they’ve been imposing on us ordinary folk these last 18 months. Sure, when they’re posing for one of their staged photographs they all pretend, for propaganda purposes, that they are Covid regulation compliant:”. This is followed by a photo of them posing, well spaced, for a press photo. “But look at what they got up to later:”, he writes, and continues, with a series of informal photos of the leaders. “The photo of the President and First Lady, the Queen, President Bieber, and Prince Charles clearly in breach of the arbitrary ‘two metre’ social distancing rule. Nor is any of them wearing masks. Nor, one can safely assume, is any of them at risk of being put on an NHS Track and Trace watchlist and forced to quarantine at home because they’ve been found to have come into contact with someone who tested ‘positive’. Oh, and a number of these people have been permitted to travel from foreign countries in aeroplanes — something again which has been largely forbidden to us proles”.

Yet I don’t remember any national outcry in the Establishment media over this case. Such an outcry would have upset too many heads of state, including our own in the UK. Yet Prime Ministers are dispensible. There is of course speculation about who will succeed Boris Johnson if or when he quits. Such speculation is of course based on the assumption that parliament will continue to operate under the present rules. Yet the Speaker of the House of Commons has repeatedly reproached Cabinet members for making announcements directly to the press, thus by-passing the House of Commons. It’s difficult to see what more the Speaker could have done when the majority of MPs constantly demonstrate their willingness to be by-passed. Parliamentary democracy is rapidly breaking down. So what will desperados do when not only their own positions are under threat, but also those of their advisors and sponsors? If Cabinet members are merely spokespersons for the Powers That Be, as we have for long called the Deep State in the UK, then the future of the governance of the country is probably not in the hands of the weak politicians, but in the hands of the Establishment, via civil servants – yes, the Deep State. The danger now is that parliament will be by-passed completely, and authoritarianism will sweep through government and across the whole country, as it did in Germany in the 1930s, and, it appears, is now happening again. Parliament could be suspended, and elections cancelled merely on the pretext of an exponential rise in some supposedly deadly – but perhaps even non-existant – variant of Coronavirus, simply by carrying out ever more tests, and quoting the absolute numbers of positives, rather than the percentages of those tested. We could just have our beloved Leader Boris for ever.

“We’re all in this together” – and they’re right


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