1. ian says:

    Unfortunately, I have to agree 100% with what he says.

  2. David 2 says:

    Unfortunately it is a self feeding programme. The more they vaccinate, the more the virus spreads and the more deaths occur.

    Unless people turn off the TV, they will be programmed to believe that the Luciferian agenda is for their own benefit.

    Listen to the Horse’s Mouth in New Zealand. She says you need the booster shot in order to get your immune system back to where it was before you got injected!

    How can people be so dumb that even basic logic escapes them?

  3. Mr Dude says:

    KGB experiments in Soviet Russia during the 60s showed that two months of constant messaging was enough to completely brainwash anyone. After two months people would completely disregard real facts in favour of what they had been subjected to over that time.

    The UK government has openly boasted of its capabilities in the field of Applied Behavioral Psychology.

    And here we are..

  4. Tapestry says:

    Those that love media output, TV, movies, ads etc seem especially unable to see through the ‘narrative’. Those who don’t watch TV have a chance of seeing where the real threat lies and surviving. I watched the video of the laughing soldiers from Ian yesterday. Far more soldiers in WW1 died from vaccines than bullets and bombs. They covered it up by calling it Spanish flu. Yet even 100 and more years later, how many would be able to believe that? WW1 propaganda is still pumped into peoples’ brains with infantryman silhouettes on display year round. Tommy Atkins died from a vaccine, folks, not German bullets. The same game is being played a hundred years later, but a hundred times bigger this time around.