UK Funeral Director: There’s Been a 600% Increase in Thrombotic Deaths This Year

ER Editor: Here’s the latest from UK funeral director, John O’Looney, who is interviewed by independent media guy, Danny Tommo. We invite readers to click HERE for much more from John.


  • O’Looney anticipates a vaccine passport will be issued for him, or rather for funeral directors generally, to be able to do their business and pick up bodies. He then plans to close his business. He will refuse the ‘vaccine’ for himself.
  • 2020 death rates were slightly lower than in 2019 despite what the media reported.
  • He’s seen people who’ve gone to stage 4 cancer because they can’t get any kind of medical appointment due to ‘Covid’. But the issue of medical neglect is waking people up and creating a lot of anger. One of his clients had to go to hospital for a minor procedure; they coerced her into getting the jab and she died 90 minutes later. The coroner’s report lists thrombosis as the cause of death; she had been incised from ankle to hip to find the blood clot, which is an acknowledgement of the medical problem. The family are furious and no-one will listen. YET THE DEATH IS NOT CONSIDERED DUE TO THE VACCINE UNTIL 14 DAYS HAVE ELAPSED.
  • 181 FIFA registered players and trainers have all experienced problems following vaccination.
  • There’s been around a 600% increase in thrombosis deaths in UK jab recipients for 2021. He reports the case of a 30-year veteran in the industry who’s going to lose his job in April for refusing the jab, yet he works in a mortuary! This industry veteran also reports a 600% increase in thrombosis deaths, and all clients are jabbed. An experienced nurse who works in an agency, ‘Michelle’, has also reported to him that 9/10 cases coming into hospital A&E’s are people who can’t breathe because of blood clots. Tommo: ‘But they’re telling us the opposite’. John: And typically those showing blood clots in the lungs will be retained for treatment; those with clots in the legs, for example, will be sent home. Yet they will die at home because the blood clot will move around in the body. People of ALL ages are coming in having died from these clots. There’s no set age. (Although he’s not seen children in this situation yet.) How can John verify these causes of death? Because he must verify the paperwork that the coroner sends to him, which lists the cause of death. Conversations with family members during the funeral process elicit information, too. Family members often don’t see the connection between the death and their loved one having been jabbed because it happened several weeks or months prior.
  • Why are the coroners themselves seeing all this (according to their paperwork) and they’re not flagging it up? He’s told that they’re following govt policy. And vaccination is only recognized as being connected AFTER 14 days following vaccination. Yet the nature of the deaths, i.e. thrombotic, is being recognized. Coroners should be revealing the magnitude of the increase in thrombotic deaths.
  • Blood clot deaths are generally rare. John’s seen more blood clot deaths in 2021 than in the previous FOURTEEN years. Now he’s seeing sudden deaths from blood clots every week. This never happened before. And this phenomenon started as soon as vaccines were rolled out.
  • John wrote to the Chief Coroner questioning the number of thrombosis deaths and why nothing was being done. It was CC’d to 40 or 50 doctors. The Chief Coroner never responded himself; his secretary replied that govt policy was being followed.
  • Doctors have come forward, such as through the Barrington Declaration, but they’re being ignored. They’re not on the Big Pharma payroll.
  • John’s taken care of many ‘Covid’ deaths, yet he’s never personally been sick. He’s asked nurses in hospital he recently went to if they’ve seen an increase in thrombosis deaths and they said yes ‘because it turns the blood to glue’. They know it’s happening but aren’t raising the alarm.
  • What should the Chief Coroner be doing? He should make public the alarming increase in thrombosis deaths in vaccine recipients. He should know that, morally speaking, government policy should be ignored.
  • Everybody involved in this has their own interest, their own agenda. How much money would it take to influence each person? Even those giving the vaccines are getting paid 30 pounds per hour. Tommo: A lot of money is involved in the purchase and administration of the vaccines.
  • NHS staff who refuse the vaccine have until April to be vaccinated, but John believes there will be a ‘stay of execution’ in relation to them because they are essentially material witnesses to what is happening. If they walk away in April, they are free to speak. Medical people he’s spoken to see it all in exactly the same way.
  • John’s not seen anybody die of ‘Covid’ in many weeks. It’s all sudden deaths from thrombosis following vaccination.
  • Message to the public. Do your research. Avoid Google and the BBC. ‘It was never about Covid; it was about control’
  • The last 2 minutes of the video show John taking a call from a member of the public, who describes the symptoms she’s had since being vaccinated and the drugs the doctor has put her on subsequently. John puts her in touch with a support group on Telegram.



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UK Funeral Director: There’s Been a 600% Increase in Thrombotic Deaths This Year