1. Tapestry says:

    Coop Lidl and Iceland refuse to demand masks. Other supermarkets can’t be bothered. The ‘mandatees’ are refusing the mandates coming from government. One third of people are maskless. 90% of UK are against mandatory vaccines – in TV poll. People are not complying this time. They see Downing St are not complying. Unreported protest outside parliament in the cold. MPs are coming out of their shells, seeing which way the political wind is blowing, now they’re going for Boris.

  2. David 2 says:

    Watching the Highwire with Del Bigtree last evening. With the help of a strong constitution, the majority in the US have now turned against government mandates.

    Time to see how quickly the vaccine narrative falls apart!

    We certainly live in interesting times. I wonder what will happen when the public understand the real genocidal agenda?

  3. Tapestry says:

    The fear agenda could be boosted with an anthrax release I guess or a smallpox outbreak. I can’t see the trillionairres surrendering just yet. The people need to awaken a lot more before they can see the whole medical world has been a fraud for nearly fifty years. The frauds were small enough to conceal at one time but not any more. If you doubt my word, please have a read of The Real Dr Fauci by Robert F Kennedy Jr, which came out in October 2021. The depopulationists have been loading vaccines/medications worldwide with ingredients to cut the birthrate and increase the death rate a very long time. The embryonic resistance we can see right now is a little bit encouraging, but it has a long long way to go.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      Also, if there was no such thing as television, I’m sure this thing would never have had sufficient propaganda power to have the effect on people needed to convince them there’s even a ‘crisis’, let alone that they would need to surrender their freedom and basic civil rights to humanity loathing tyrants. Then, comply with their oppressive, dehumanizing diktats and be coerced into being injected with a dangerous, untested gene altering concoction, just to survive a typical bout of the flu and be ‘allowed’ to participate in normal life, within a dystopian and despot governed, prison society…
      Most of the muzzled sheep can’t see that they’re enslaved to the technology they think they need to live a normal life, when if they would only wake up they would quickly realize this wonderful technology will literally kill them and it’s the last thing they need, let alone should ever want.

      Smart phones are part of the virtual wall the tyrants have constructed to imprison everyone within.
      If nobody owned a smart phone, this diabolical enslavement plan could never work, so, why does anyone use them?
      STUFF convenience. It’s convenient only for THEM.
      We managed without such convenience as recently as 10, or less years ago, so why do WE need it now?
      Throw them into the dirt-tin where they belong and use cash.

      • ian says:

        I agree Alan, mine sits in my computer desk, and is never used except in extreme cases, eg, not this year up to now. I also caused a stir in a Wilko’s shop. They had 4 tills but just two on, one for cash and one for cards. The queue at the cash till was long so I asked to see the person in charge and asked them to open another cash till, or I was leaving the goods I’d bought. She opened one.