‘Twas the Night Before Reset

To the reader:

All the words in the following poem are original. However, this writing does follow the same cadence and rhyme, line for line, as ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. Accordingly, it should be read with the same rhythm.   

Some of you may not be familiar with a few of the words or sayings used in this work.  Perhaps you’re from a much younger generation than I and terms that use to be common are now long forgotten, or you’ve never had the opportunity to read or study words of antiquity.  I, therefore, have included a short glossary following the poem for clarity, and for your convenience.

‘Twas the Night Before Reset

‘Twas the night before Reset,
And that villainous Klaus.
Had ushered in the great culling,
Oh, what a louse!

Event 201,
Their intentions laid bare.
To conquer the world,
And poison the air.

A frenzied control,
Of the weather had led.
To a bio collapse,
The dying, the dead.

Our home world in bondage,
Whose resources they sap.
Those rapacious elites,
Who live in the lap.

Skies of haze, grids, and swirls,
An aerial tatter.
Earth’s mercurial rags,
A global Mad Hatter.

Using toxins for decades,
They plundered for cash.
Then burrowed below,
To hoard up their stash.

Such minions of evil,
They’ll keep up this show.
They’ve no traffic with reason,
Or reap what you sow.

The media lackeys,
Have made it quite clear.
These parasite puppets,
Are merchants of fear.

Poisoned soil and air,
Has made everything sick.
So, to hide their misdeeds,
Well, they got a new schtick!

COVID they called it,
Pandemic’s the game.
Humanity’s death knell,
Our free spirit to tame.

From masking to lockdowns,
All manner submission.
No business, no income,
Without their permission!

Then it drug on and on,
And oh, what a haul!
For corporate purveyors,
While we took the fall.

Along came big pharma,
Extorting nations to buy.
All of their pseudo elixir,
No choice, just comply.

These billionaire bandits,
Reaping profits beaucoup.
In the last marketplace,
All our lands, me, and you.

They’re paving the way,
To remain bulletproof.
The road to enslavement,
Ere fiat goes poof!

To keep things afloat,
While their hustle abounds.
They need all our bodies,
For medical rounds.

They’ve hijacked our healthcare,
Cause, all else is Kaput!
The last vested interest,
Save the ground underfoot.

Yes, they’ll have that too,
They’re so making tracks!
As they ruin our bodies,
For bucks with the vax.

Complete – usurpation!
The great many unwary,
That few were awake,
Was just a little bit scary.

With new petty tyrants,
Building camps as they go.
To quell the dissenters,
They deploy Gestapo.

These weasel enforcers,
Sustain unrest and grief.
Pernicious colluders,
Set loose in the fief!

Is there no stopping them now?
It’s so Machiavelli.
How many lives will be lost?
If we don’t cry, “Whoa Nellie!”

Those horsemen, those four,
Their arrival so stealth.
It’s a war for the world,
And the hour nears twelfth.

It’s time to get ready,
Pray, your spirit be led.
To prepare for what’s coming
Did you hear what I said?

Beyond sycophants,
Where the enemy lurks.
Behind that thin veil,
Evil lives in the murk.

Unleashed on the world,
Untold dangers impose!
While heavenly hosts,
Bring this age to a close.

I bid you take comfort,
In Paul’s Ephesians epistle.
Put on ALL of that armor,
To confront the abyssal.

And never forget, that Jesus,
Wins this great fight.
Then, in your faith ride it out,
With our Lord God in His might!

Brill Bard
Christmas 2021


Abyssal  A derivative of the word abyss. Used in ancient times to describe something unfathomable.

Beaucoup  Typically pronounced “boo coo” when used in English, it means, a whole lot!

Death Knell Originally a bell that was rung to mark someone’s death. After a time, it became a saying that means, a final blow is approaching, and destruction is imminent.

Event 201  A pre-pandemic tabletop exercise, conducted in October 2019, by and for the elite, and all the institutions, and corporations they control.

Ere  Old English term for the word, before.

Fief From the Middle Ages this term is Old English for the word, land, usually owned and exclusively controlled by a wealthy overlord.