Try this natural Hydroxy formula

by Steve Cook

This was  originally a Facebook post, hence the euphemisms.

Here is a recipe for hydroxychloro-u-know-what, one of the safe and highly effective cures for the dreaded Kho Veed that the government has pretended don’t exist so that it can bully and bamboozle the plebs into submitting to the booby-trapped killj@bs.

It came to me from a friend of a friend as part of a full and extensive report that I will soon be featuring because it is a priceless arsenal of info if you are a truth warrior seeking to tool up with some knowledge.

The recipe is simple. The article that is the source for it is at the link just below.

In short, hydwoxy-thingy is quinine with some junk added by the BigPharma manufacturer but you can make your own natural quinine easily minus the junk. See the source  here


Take the peel of 3 organic grapefruits and the peel of 3 lemons.

Chuck them in a saucepan with a glass lid along with 9 cups of water.

Bring to the boil, then let it gently simmer for 3 hours

Then remove from the heat and let it sit for another 2 to 3 hours

Remove the peels and put the liquid in glass containers.

Keep one in the fridge and store the rest in your freezer.

It’s hard to tell as we’ve been giving ours away but I guess the above makes something like a month’s supply for two people but don’t quote  me on that.

To use it as a prevention, take 2 to 4 tablespoon twice a day ( or more).

If you have the alleged KhoVeed or similar bug, [as far as we understand it, hydwoxychloro-u-know-what is turning out to be pretty damned effective against a range of bugs such as colds and flu] take 4 to 6 tablespoons every hour the first day and until you feel the difference.

Then take the same amount every 2 hours and change, upping it to every hour, if you feel the need.

Once you feel fully recovered, revert to the “prevention” dose.

Evidently this natural version is proving as successful as the Big Pharma version. Both are safe, the natural version is probably even safer and we figure regular use is pretty good for background health.

It appears too that the recipe may help protect the unvaxxadiddled from infection by the vacksadoodled  (shedding of spikey proatein)

Why all the “maybe”, “appears that” and “probably”?

The point is we are not doctors. Right now the wife and I are making our BigH from the recipe and have been taking it as recommended for a few weeks.  The only way we can test it is to take it and see what happens. So far, so good.

I’m looking to see how we fare not only with KhoVeed but the other ailments that are similar to it and frequently confused with it.

There is no doubt that the pharmaceutical Big H and Iva-wotsit have been majorly safe and successful alongside vits and so forth and have a much better success and safety record than the Wacky Vackies pushed by the sociopaths running the government.

What we want to see is whether the natural home-made version without the muck added by Big Pharma is as good, if not better.

If anyone else is of a mind to try it, please let us know your results.

We’ve been providing some to a few friends and family members and so far so good also.

One friend was actually very ill with a “KhoVeed-like” illness or heavy flu or whatever it was. The person is in their seventies and suffers from asthma so they were at risk.

This went on for several days and they got worse. Evidently there was no medical help at all because the official policy seems to be not to do anything, keep quiet about the various safe remedies and just wait and see if the person gets sick enough to be hospitalised and added to the “hospitalisations” stat so that the government can go on scaring the pants off the riffraff. This sort of thing becomes a “new normal” when you let antisocial maniacs run your government.

In the end, the wife stepped in where doctors feared to tread and gave our friend some of our BigH formula. I thought it might be futile because the key to success with BigH, per the literature, is early treatment, not leaving until the person has deteriorated almost past the point of no return.

Yet, BIG SURPRISE, the FOLLOWING DAY, our friend was on the mend and looking and feeling much better. They followed the protocol described above and are now recovered.

It seemed remarkable to me. It could have been a coincidence in that they took the BigH just at the point where they were about to turn the corner anyway, so this one anecdote is not conclusive. But it is encouraging.

So I am waiting to see how we fare this winter with our overall colds-and-flu health. For me, whether I “get Covid” is not much of a test as I’m immune, having had Covid, but as I’m not clear on how much my natural immunity protects me from the spike proteins shed by the Vacksinerated, there is still perhaps something there to be discovered. Anyhow, every winter I’ve been prone to the odd cold or moderate flu so we’ll see how I fare this winter.

Of course, one does not expect to be 100% all the time. A wise man one defined a ‘silly optimist’ as someone running a meat body and expecting it to be well all the time, so what I am looking for in order to gauge relative benefits is the degree of improvement I experience over what I know to be my norm. I’m not expecting to become superman utterly impervious to the slings and arrows chucked at him by a dodgy planet.

One unexpected result I seemed to get immediately from our home-made BigH was a considerable surge of energy and wellbeing and an improvement in my sleep.

At 70 and still doing fairly heavy manual work, I need all the help I can get and the resurgence of vitality has been as welcome as it is remarkable.

As for the sleep, well I have had a horrible time of it for years trying to get proper sleep. Sometimes it was very scary, with the feeling that if I fell asleep I would stop breathing. It is an extremely unpleasant thing and often it would be so bad I would have to go out for a walk at three in the morning until the horrible sensation left me. I had put it down to (sigh) old age (beware of apathy or the now-I’m-supposed-to’s that can sneak up on you in manifold guises) but since DAY ONE of taking the BigH, this HAS GONE. I mean, GONE.

I have no idea why this would be and it might even be a placebo effect, except that I was not expecting it to happen. It might be something peculiar to my body as we all have our individual “why’ for difficulties we may be  having so I can’t promise this result. But I’d been interested to see if others get something similar.

I’d suggest, if you are having sleep problems, try the BigH in conjunction with cutting refined sugar (cakes, biscuits etc etc) right out of your diet as I’d also been doing that around  the time I started the BigH, so I guess a combination of the two factors might be key.

Anyway, nothing to lose by trying!

Another good thing about this formula is that once you’ve extracted a possibly powerful medicine from the skins (the bits you usually throw away), you’ve still got the fruit, which you can, for instance, mash up into a mega healthy fruit drink so that there is no waste.

Anyway, if you try it , let me know what happens.

Try this natural Hydroxy formula – the worst it can do is kill you