Trouble in Covidia, The Irish Savant.

Trouble in Covidia

A Parent Teacher Association meeting recently ended in disarray after arguments about the vaccination status of attendees. The initial proposal to segregate the unjabbed passed without controversy although some resentment arose from the Chairman’s instructions to spray the cordon sanitaire separating the two groups. A short while into the meeting murmurings arose when it emerged that many of the vaccinated group had received but a single jab. Despite their angry protests this group was also ordered to move to their own area of the venue.

Further confusion arose when an elderly lady revealed that she had had jabs 1 and 3 plus the booster but not jab 2. After an animated discussion the Chairman recommended that she sit on her own for the duration of the meeting. Unfortunately disagreement continued among the jabbed, rising to a clamour which eventually drowned out the Chairman. “You are not fully vaccinated if it’s more than three months since your J&J vaccine!!” shouted one particularly agitated member to another attendee. “Excuse me! But have you had your booster? No, I didn’t think so. So you are the one not fully vaccinated!” he responded angrily. “How dare you!” the other shouted, grabbing him by the lapel, “are you calling me a liar?”. The pair grappled to cries of “take your filthy not-fully-vaccinated paws off of me you granny killer” as others joined in. Meanwhile the unjabbed cohort, embittered by what seemed a lifetime of derision and ostracism, erupted from their enclosure and fell upon the feuding vaccinated, venting their pent-up fury on man and women without favour.

“Ladies and gentleman please.” the Chairman cried helplessly, before suddenly collapsing to the ground holding his chest. A shocked silence descended, you could hear a pin drop. Until one of the unjabbed remarked to loud laughter from his friends, “well at least we know for sure there’s one person in the hall who’s been fully vaxxed”.

More reporting to follow.