Those with PhDs were most likely to be against vaccines

As difficult as the past two years have been, I believe it was a necessary rough patch we had to move
through. It has been extremely clarifying. To me, everything before March of 2020 now looks a bit
misty, since you really didn’t know where people stood then. You really didn’t know for sure how
smart or honest they were, or who they worked for. Thanks to the big Covid fake, we now know.
Hundreds of millions of people have now outed themselves in spectacular fashion, including almost all
the most famous ones, which is very useful moving forward.

A very large percentage of those who have outed themselves have outed themselves either as general
agents or as hidden Pfizer reps. That would include about 80% of all doctors in the US. At the highest
levels of the field, the percentage would be even greater, since around 95% of those in charge of the
medical fields have shown they are in the pockets of Pfizer or other pharma companies. In the
regulatory agencies, it is more like 99%. All these people are forever compromised and should never
be trusted again. They should be forever shunned as dangerous to the general weal.
As just the most obvious example of the past couple of weeks, I give you Howard Stern, previously
promoted as outspoken, edgy, and untamable. I never bought it, but many did. I have never watched
him for even a minute, since I had no interest in his sort of schtick, but his numbers were said to be
quite high. Maybe they were maybe they weren’t, but his legacy is now decided by one thing and one
thing only: being in favor of vaccination. That by itself proves he was always a fake. He might as well
now be wearing a Pfizer gimme cap and ringing a bell. His leash is now visible.

And it isn’t just Stern. He is just one of thousands of famous people going down in flames right now,
and they aren’t all on the left. They are being caught in their own lies and nets.
Sure, there are some low-level people I give a pass: they just don’t know any better. After almost two
years, they should have figured out by now that this Covid/vaccine event is the biggest crime against
humanity of all time, but they haven’t. It is slowly becoming apparent even to people who never look
up, and I think they will eventually realize it. But people like Howard Stern don’t have that excuse. He
is rich Jew working for the man, so there is no chance he doesn’t know what is going on here. He
cannot possibly plead ignorance. That goes for almost everyone in Hollywood, everyone in
government, everyone in the medical field, and everyone in academia. These people can’t claim to be
highly educated or aware and then come back and plead ignorance.

Which is why I have never thought the current divisions are based on politics. What we have seen isn’t
a left/right divide, a Democrat/Republican divide, or a liberal/conservative divide. It isn’t a black/white
divide, a gay/straight divide, or a male/female divide. What we have seen is a divide between those
owned by the Phoenician Navy and those not. What the past two years have shown us is how many
agents/assets there really are, and exactly where they are. They aren’t hidden any longer. The cloaked
fascists have been uncloaked, at all levels, down to the lowest. We don’t know if they are actual
CIA/DHS/ONI agents or just assets or temporary hires, but we know them for who they are. They are
working for the man, selling his kool-aid.

It also isn’t an educated/uneducated divide, or a smart/ignorant divide. A lot of fairly ignorant and
uneducated people have figure this one out, since it doesn’t actually take much to spot it as a conjob.
And, despite what you are led to believe, the highly educated are NOT more likely to be pro-mask,

provaccine, or pro-mandate. The bought ones are, of course, and smart people are more likely to be
bought for obvious reasons. They are more useful to the governors. But if we subtract out those
traitorous bastards, intelligent people are actually more likely to have seen through this, again for
obvious reasons. Mainstream polls confirm that, since one of the polls about vaccine hesitancy
included education level. Those with PhDs were most likely to be against vaccines, directly
contradicting mainstream talking points at places like CNN or NPR.

But back to the agents now outing themselves in pandemic fashion. There are far more of these people
than anyone ever imagined, except me. I have been telling you for years there are millions of them and
that you are surrounded by them at all times. Well, it turns out I was right, and I may even have
undercounted. I estimated 6-10 million in the Intel agencies themselves, but if we include all those
working somewhat normal jobs who are also paid to push ahead various agendas like Covid, trannies,
Men-are-Pigs, Chaos, CRT, etc, there may be five or ten times that number. You will say that about
1/4th of the people in the US are children, so if we subtract out those I am claiming about one in four
people are agents, or as good as. Yeah, but why subtract out the children? We have seen people using
their own kids for these fake events, see Gabby Petito or Simone Biles or the Sandy Hook finks. Sure,
these kids are less to blame because they are not fully responsible for their own actions. If they turn to
the light when they reach the age of majority, I give them a pass. But almost none of them will. They
are likely compromised forever.

People keep telling me most of these people are just dupes. They have been fooled somehow, or they
are just scared. Yes, there are some dupes and a lot of people have been moved along by fear. I am not
denying it. But I now think most of them have been paid off by someone. It isn’t fear moving most of
them, it is money. So while I would admit a solid 10% have been moved by fear alone in the past two
years, I now think a large percentage of those selling or buying the New World Order are in on it at
some level. They are getting memos and script updates.

So if we pull apart a statistic like Biden’s approval rating, for instance, which now stands at about 35%,
we can write off about 10% as dopes or dupes, fooled by fear or other peer pressure. We can write off
another 10% as fudge, by assuming the statistic has been padded to make it look better. Biden’s
approval rating can’t be above 25%.* But that leaves about 15% who have been paid to approve of
Biden. They are working for the same people Biden is, so they would support him if he were eating
babies on the altar—which he almost is.** That’s almost one in six people working directly for the
man. Not indirectly, as in working unknowingly at some Phoenician Navy front like . . . you name it.
But directly, meaning they are getting a paycheck for specific projects, knowing very well who is
paying them.

They aren’t just accidentally plugging Pfizer. They aren’t ignorant of the death tolls.
They cannot plead ignorance. In real Nuremberg-type trials, they would be found guilty-as-hell.
I will be told the percentage of dupes/dopes must be far higher, given that they are claiming 70-90%
vaccination rates in most first-world countries. But they claim a lot of things in first-world countries,
don’t they? I have told you not to believe any of it. It finally came out that they were locking down
Australia so hard as punishment, because the Aussies were only at about 40%. So while many have
been asking why the Aussies were not more rebellious, they actually were. And even that number is
probably overstated. I doubt that even 1/3rd of Aussies are vaccinated, even now. One-third would
about match Biden’s approval rating, so we have some confirmation there. Meaning, I think about 1/3rd
of Americans may have been vaccinated, the rest being padding and bluff. 90% of everything has been
bluff for the past two years, including the mandates, the fines, the prison sentences, the stats, the news
and all the rest.

Which brings us to the good news. If my analysis is right, then at least 75% of the country is strongly
against the current trends. That is way past a supermajority, which is 67%. We saw confirmation of
that in the latest elections, which were apparently so lopsided they couldn’t even steal all of them
(despite doing their best). I don’t think they ever report the real vote, but they do count it, just so that
they can consult it. They need to have a feel for what people will believe. For instance, if everyone in
a district votes for candidate A, they can’t very well go ahead and steal it for candidate B. People still
have lips, and if no one on the ground admits to voting for candidate B, even Americans will get
suspicious. Which is why they probably had to let the guy’s win in Jersey stand: despite what was
reported, he probably got almost every single real vote. They will figure out some way to get rid of
him later: he will slip on an ice cube in the Capitol rotunda or something.

In the same way, reality on the ground will continue to make the fake news harder and harder to sell.
Vaccine deaths will continue to climb, and the Phoenicians can’t keep a lid on that forever. The
numbers are published on government sites in black and white, and even though they have been fudged
and suppressed there in the usual ways (including just throwing out 6,000 deaths all at once), they are
still huge. Tens of thousands are admitted to have died from the shots in the US, even more in Europe,
and millions worldwide. But even people who can’t or won’t visit government websites are catching
on. Even the dullest humans tend to notice when dozens of real people around them drop dead of blood
clots and heart attacks, and even the dullest humans aren’t going to believe that is just a coincidence.
They aren’t going to believe it when you tell them it was caused by a glitch in the hologram or by white

And at that point, they will finally realize that deaths in their own families and neighborhoods are more
real than manufactured deaths in Kenosha or Sandy Hook or wherever. They will turn off the fake
news and concentrate on the real things happening around them. They will unplug the fake world and
plug back into the real world. In the fake world they are powerless, but they own the real world.
So though most of the news now looks bad, you can ignore most of it—beyond the vaccine injuries—as
fake. It is all manufactured to scare you, divert you, and drive you along. It is manufactured to keep
your eyes off the vaccine deaths. The truth is that the revolution is in progress, most of it just out of
your line of sight, since the mainstream will not report it. People are striking and marching in huge
numbers all over the world. They are suing and winning. And they are refusing orders. That is the
most important thing. Perhaps the most important thing this month is to refuse the vaccine for children.
Don’t be afraid to talk to your friends and family and neighbors. I know educating people is very hard,
but it is your responsibility as a human. You will regret it later if you don’t try. If you fail to convince,
that is OK. The important thing is to calmly and caringly state the facts, and beg for the lives of the
children around you.

There are two revolutions going on simultaneously now, both of them hidden by mainstream noise. I
just showed you the first and primary one, which is a revolution of the middle and lower classes.
General strikes, marches, lawsuits, and civil disobedience. But there is a second one, and it worries the
Phoenician Navy just as much or more. This is the revolution of the second tier against them. As we
know, there is a huge amount of wealth and power at the top of the pyramid, but there is also a huge
amount of wealth and power just beneath that, in the second level. In fact, that segment has greater
wealth and potential power than ever before. In order to soak the middle class like never before, the
Phoenicians have required the assistance of an ever-expanding upperclass of managers and viceroys,
through whom the trillions must funnel. Without their complicity, the Phoenicians would not have
been able to do what they have done. While the Phoenicians were becoming quadrillionaires, this
underclass was becoming billionaires and centi-millionaires. The problem for the Phoenicians is
always numbers: only ten thousand, say, can exist at the top of the pyramid, being the closest relatives
of the ruling families. Their more distant cousins then inhabit the second level, but they now comprise
millions of skilled insiders with huge wealth of their own. And being from the families, they figure
they have as much right to the top level as anyone. Many are as pure of blood as the top level, or
moreso, and have been bumped into the second level only due to prior bad marriages or other
“accidents of history”.

Being of Phoenician blood and extraction, they have been brought up on the
same amoral belief system, which teaches that all is fair in business and war, and everything is business
and war for them. Sure, the Phoenicians have their own rules, but in the Modern world, all rules, even
those, are hard to enforce. They can’t be enforced with ideas of right and wrong, since the Phoenicians
don’t have those. They can only be enforced with force: with terror, pain, fear, and threats.
Even so, humans will always scheme and attempt to climb, no matter the odds, and the odds are
actually a bit better now than they have ever been. For many reasons, but the main ones are 1) There
is weakness at the top. The rulers haven’t been able to avoid their own polluted world, and their brains
are misfiring. They are making bad decisions.

Plus, they are suffering from Solar Minimum like the
rest of us. 2) These people don’t know when to retire. Rather than passing the torch to sons or
proteges, they mistakenly believe they are as sharp as they ever were. They aren’t. The real rulers are
out of sight, but if you want an example, don’t think of Biden or Pelosi, think of Soros. There are
bigger fish behind him, but like Biden or Soros, we may assume they are also hanging on decades past
their primes, desperately clinging to their authority. 3) Numbers again. Soaking the middle class
weakened it, but that power did not dissolve. Rather, the power previously held by the middle class
transferred to this upperclass, the second tier. That was a mistake, since the Phoenician Navy was
better off with that power residing in the middle class, since it was an entire level away from them.
They were shielded from it, in a way. As the power moved up the pyramid, it got nearer to them,
which they should have seen as a danger. This second tier is closer to them in every way, not just in
wealth and power, but in knowledge of how it all works. Being cousins, they had to be read into the
script to a greater degree. Being cousins, they have more of that Jewish ambition. Being cousins, they
may know where the secret keys and tunnels are. 4) The first revolution feeds the second. This
second-tier can and is using the grassroots revolution to further weaken and out the highest tier, and the
Phoenicians are weakened by having to fight on so many levels are once. They were much better off
with a huge complacent middle class, which acted as their finest buffer, but they couldn’t resist
pillaging it.

For all these reasons, the Phoenician Navy is in danger of an unprecedented collapse. The Phoenix is
stepping on its own planted landmines. The rest of the world should unite in crushing it forever, even
if it means supporting this second tier. The second tier will likely just replace the Phoenician Navy
with near cousins, but something may have been learned in the event.

If the Phoenix does then rise again, we may hope it will have learned that there are limits to how much
and how obviously it can pillage the middle class. We may hope it will have learned that it must share
the fruits, or perish itself. We may hope that it will have learned that lying all the time about
everything is not a substitute for governing. We may hope that it will have learned it cannot foul its
own nest—meaning it must clean up its act regarding air, water, and soil pollution. We may hope that
it will have learned that although population control is necessary in many parts of the world, it cannot
be achieved with mass murder.

But there is another possibility: the people may rise up and expel both the first and second tiers,
quenching the Phoenix at last. The Phoenicians want us to believe all light would go out of the world if
that happened, and that we wouldn’t be able to function. Think of the Ayn Rand warning in Atlas
Shrugged. But I don’t believe it. Rather, a huge darkness would go out of the world, like Sauron
evaporating into the clouds.

**See the pictures of Biden, Fauci, and Obama smiling while watching children get vaccinated with vaccines
that have already killed millions

The Real Divisions
by Miles Mathis
First published December 3, 2021


4 Responses to “Those with PhDs were most likely to be against vaccines”

  1. ian says:

    A very good article Tap. Though statements like this, “A lot of fairly ignorant and
    uneducated people have figure this one out, since it doesn’t actually take much to spot it as a conjob.”, make me wonder who’s side he’s on, and is that how I’m seen?

    • Tapestry says:

      Thanks, Ian. Miles is not a shrinking violet (I think he might be real but still not sure). His character is that of an intellectual snob in some ways, in others, simple and down to earth. I wouldn’t take it personally.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      I’ve no idea about your education Ian but you ain’t stupid that’s for sure. You are one of the most savvy guys that I know

      I read this piece by Mathis as fundamentally optimistic, which is also my position. The masses can turn on a sixpence in the right circumstances

      There is absolutely no point in worrying about the bad that COULD happen. Best look on the positive side and deal with your own daily reality. Which in my case is great. I live in a beautiful rural place [lower Wharfedale just outside the Dales national park] A place where the madmen, and their agents, don’t really come. Police, what are they? We’ve got a plastic dibble in the village [community support officer, not a real scuffer]. And that’s it…

      I was a boy scout all those years ago, 55 in fact. They taught me “be prepared”. That’s what I do. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best

      • ian says:

        Thanks pete, you too mate. I didn’t fare well at school, but more as I don’t fit in easily, or believe things just because they tell you that’s how it is. I feel that most who venture onto Tap, are like minded. I’ve been accused of having a chip on my shoulder once or twice, but both times it was because I was bucking the system.
        Like you, I live in a lovely area, pretty touristy, but still rural. It makes for lovely walks.