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They’re killing the kids but, hey, who cares?


by Steve Cook

This interview with a UK funeral director is distressing.

What he has to tell us is horrific.

The horribleness of it is why many will seek “reasons” to not face it.

So the future of our nation and indeed the global human community depends upon there being enough people with sufficient courage to look and not blench.

Perhaps it has always been this way: survival favors the brave.

Bravery/courage is another way of saying “willingness to confront” and I suspect there is probably a natural law that says:

the degree of survival of the human race is directly proportional to is collective courage.

We are at war, an undeclared war that is nevertheless being waged upon us by the architects of the “Covid/vax” cult who have for reasons hidden in the cold embers of their blackened souls, targeted our children.

We need to learn fast how the enemy’s offensive is being played and with what weaponry. The more we know and the better we understand, the more efficiently we can fight back because courage coupled with understanding are an unbeatable combination.

And add to that potent mix: strength of numbers. Our army of liberation has expanded and strengthened massively over the past year and its growth and burgeoning power have come from the brave efforts of the man featured in this interview, the hundreds like him and the tens of thousands of people of good will who have listened and responded with support.

So let’s keep spreading what we know relentlessly on every line of communication available to us – and if lines of communication are shut or scarce, let’s create some more.

The more parents we can alert so that they will be galvanised to  protect their children, the more children we will save.

As pointed out in the interview, having trusted the lying, genocidal government, they are themselves the victims of crime and so, in turn, are their children.

Children, thankfully, are in even less danger from Covid than the adult population, for the vast majority of whom the dangers are very, very low in any case.

But they are in danger from the irresponsible, feckless sociopaths with which swamp creatures our government is riddled and the psychopaths operating its controls, who press ahead remorselessly with their program to mass-inject children with experimental biochemical agents whose extant dangers are clear, real and present.

Ask yourself: what kind off degenerate does that? How degraded do you have to become, how utterly lost to humanity that you will not lift a finger to do anything to protect children?

It is a very bad idea to have humanity’s affairs managed by people lot to all humanity.

The lives and futures of millions of children depend on what we do here and now with what we know.

Please listen to this interview if you feel brave enough. Think of it as a dispatch from the front lines of the war on humanity where the  body bags are piling up and the casualties are vey real.

Then share and spread it as much as you can.

It is presented by Lou Collins’ website Liberty Tactics (www.libertytactics.co.uk) which is dedicated to REAL journalism that finds and exposes the crimes of the Deep State and its fronts, collaborators and proxies. Please treat yourself to a listen to this great interview and also check out what this excellent website has to offer.

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They’re killing the kids but, hey, who cares?


3 Responses to “They’re killing the kids but, hey, who cares?”

  1. danceaway says:


    John is very ill; appalling account; appears he was targeted; first hand evidence of what is happening in hospitals; as he is not 60, perhaps this prevented the protocol of DNR, midazolam etc being implemented, but what happened was horrific, nevertheless.

  2. Tapestry says:

    ‘The vaxx turns your blood to glue’.
    70% of vaxxed are sterilised.

    What part of the evidence don’t people get?

  3. Tapestry says:

    They’re killing the kids, ‘but hey it’s good for business’. This was quoted from NHS staff who were challenged by John about the effects of the vaccines on victims’ health. They know the vaccines are killing loads of people but want their nice salaries to continue, foreign holidays etc. ‘They must be mad’ says John. That’s probably the kindest interpretation he could make. Denial of reality is another possible kind interpretation. It’s little different to Auschwitz guards in WW2. Except those guards had no choice. All hospital staff in the NHS have a choice. Now that it’s being made compulsory for them to have the vaxx, many are saying they prefer to quit the service. It is proof that they are fine with killing thousands of patients as long as it has no effect on themselves. The health service is totally corrupted.