The whole story from the beginning

If you take any fact out of the Divoc 91 horror event, such as vaxxes are killing millions of people, most find it impossible to believe.   It’s easier to dismiss such notions out of hand, than look into whether they might possibly be true.

What the majority of people need to do is start from the beginning.

Who are the characters in this story?  Where did they start from?  How did they rise to power?  What does their track record look like?  Who are their associates, and what is their history?

As it happens they don’t need to put the whole picture together themselves as it’s already been done for them.  Robert F Kennedy’s new book ‘The Real Dr Fauci’ covers far more ground than simply who is Dr Fauci and what’s his role in Divoc and other horrors he perpetrated over four decades.  RFK Jr builds the whole picture of the military medical political complex and explains how they’ve prepared the ground for Divoc not recently but over decades.  Kennedy explains what their aims are and how the medical picture fits together with their total agenda.

The story is completely accessible to anyone who chooses to read it.

Now the only problem is – do the people who find reality hard to believe want to take the blue pill or the red pill?  Most want to keep their mind closed as long as possible, and don’t want to awaken from their blissful slumber.  The problem is the dream time is over and is giving way to global nightmare.

It’s better, I would have thought, to waken a little early and have more chance of survival.  But what the hell.  It’s their choice.  Why not just read the book and make up your own mind.  At least you’d be in possession of the facts and don’t need to sit watching perennial TV lies designed for those of low intelligence, or people who are destined to become mere statistics.

Read the book.  Then the fightback for you can begin.  You’ll be surrounded by millions of others sharing your exact same situation.  United we stand.  Robert F Kennedy Jr’s writing and research are a gift that should not be declined.


One Response to “The whole story from the beginning”

  1. Gordon says:

    A comment from a Mr Johnson found on a youtube video Alan sent to me.


    I’m sure you’ve heard about us, and I doubt it’s been very nice things. We are the ‘anti vaxxers’, we are the ‘conspiracy theorists’ that you were warned about. We are the ‘dangerous’ and ‘unhinged’ and the ‘mentally unstable’. We are the ‘uneducated’ and the ones spreading ‘misinformation’.

    First of all, if you’ve found yourself reading this after the recent announcement, I’m sure you’re feeling an array of emotions. You’ll be angry, upset, disappointed and possibly even scared. I mean, the chances are, you’ve had 2, maybe even 3 vaccines and yet you’re still being told you have to wear a mask, social distance and another lockdown hasn’t been ruled out (unfortunately, a lockdown is defo coming). Since March 2020, you’ve socially distanced, you’ve worked from home, you haven’t seen your friends and family, you’ve possibly missed out on life changing events like visiting a terminally ill family member in hospital, cancelling a wedding, having to miss a funeral or being unable to go and visit relatives.

    You may have missed out on nearly 2 years worth of memories – grandchildren are now that bit older, elderly family members have passed away, your important family events have been and gone.
    I’m sure your mental health hasn’t been too great either. You’ve probably been feeling very vulnerable, scared and lonely – after all, you’re protecting yourself and others from a virus which you believe is killing millions of people. You hate wearing a mask but you don’t want to pass C** onto a vulnerable person, so you suck it up and you continue to wear it.

    You had your first vaccine, despite still having to isolate when your work colleagues test positive and still having to wear a mask. It made you feel very unwell, you may have had flu like symptoms but hey, you were doing it for all of us. Then you got your second vaccine which made you feel worse, but you needed it so you could go on holiday this last summer – then what happened? They implemented a travel ban. You spent a year and a half obeying rules and doing exactly what you were told to gain your freedom back, only to be told you STILL had no more rights than the unvaccinated. In fact, you were told it was the unvaccinated who were prolonging this nightmare. The sooner everyone gets vaccinated, the quicker we can return to normal.

    Let’s skip a few more months and another variant has come to fruition – this one apparently may avoid the vaccines that you thought were protecting you – if you or anyone you know comes into contact with it, you still have to isolate, despite being vaccinated. The media are pushing this one hard – this is more deadly, more transmissible and more feared than any other variant before. Just as you thought things were getting back to normal, it’s like Groundhog Day.

    So, here we are 21 months in and you’re now starting to question things. We now have more positive cases per day than this time last year, yet tens of millions are vaccinated? And how dare your own government have a large Christmas party whilst YOU stuck to the rules. YOU weren’t able to see family. YOU weren’t able to go to see your parents in the care homes. YOU weren’t able to get your needed treatment in the hospital. YOU weren’t able to live your life and YOU was the one suffering the negative effects of THEIR rules.

    The thing is, 21 months ago, we predicted all of this. It’s not because we are ‘conspiracy theorists’ but because we have researched our government, we have analysed them, we KNOW them and we know their plans. I promise you that your compliance is only going to prolong this. You may think that we are crazy and selfish for not getting vaccinated, but what the media and the government want, is us divided.

    Part 2

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think you’re a sheep, I don’t think you’re asleep, I don’t blame you for being compliant… but I am sorry. I’m sorry that you’ve blindly put trust and faith in a government who have let you down time and time again. I’m sorry that you did exactly what you believed would be best and nothing has changed. I’m sorry that you did all of this selflessly because you wanted to keep others safe and you wanted your life back. I’m sorry that you were lied to.

    I don’t want their divisive techniques to work anymore. I’m asking you to stand with us and say NO to anymore rules, anymore lockdowns and anymore ridiculous mandates. This is not about saving lives, this is not about keeping people safe and it is not about a virus.

    If you have a ‘conspiracy theorist’ friend in your life who has been right multiple times in the last 21 months, I’m begging you, to please take a look at what is happening now and see that this isn’t going to get any better until we make it stop.
    So, to you, fellow human being – someone who is clearly so compassionate to put their life on hold for 21 months, please try and spread your compassion and empathy to us and realise that we are NOT the enemy.
    Love and Light.