The PCR deception

Without the P€R test there would be no “pandemic.”

If the media were to ever report the facts about this test, the lynchpin of the whole illusion would be removed and the house of cards would collapse. That’s precisely why they won’t report the facts, and precisely why we have to. Share this film as widely as possible before YouTube disappears it! Show it especially to friends or family who NEED to see it.

The P€R test deception may not be news to you. But old news never reported is always news to most. That’s what this is for, so start spreading the news. The more people we wake up to the pandemic of testing, the closer we get to ending this nightmare. This film is not for you. It’s for the people who don’t believe you.

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3 Responses to “The PCR deception”

  1. redshadow says:

    Dear valued viewers and subscribers,

    The scientific FACTS and scientific professionals in the documentary, HARM Part One, have been censored by YouTube on the grounds of “Medical Misinformation.”

    YouTube does not specify which part of the film violates its Community Guidelines, but what is very clear is that YouTube’s Community Guidelines make it illegal to disagree with the demonstrably anti-scientific narrative of the state and its powerful sponsors.

    This decision will be appealed.

    In the meantime, the film will be republished on Odysee and other FREE SPEECH platforms. Keep an eye out for the links at

    Thank you for your vital support.