The Irish Savant. Why we love our leaders.

Do you remember that fine gentleman seen dining out in the video on the previous post? (( Ian, The fine gentleman eating out, was a man apparently of African descent, participating in canabalism, during a riot)) Well Ireland is about to have major influx such people to live here as full citizens. Yes, just when the country is about to go down the tube with a gargantuan national debt, a crippling housing shortage and the economy crippled due to the scamdemic our Justice Minister comes up with this: “There are thousands of people across the country who have created a life here but unfortunately still live undocumented in the legal shadows. They are active members of our communities: contributing to our society, enriching our culture and working in our economy.” In other words they’re people who are here illegally, who were either rejected by the asylum process or didn’t bother to seek citizenship through legal means. (By the way are drug dealers undocumented pharmacists?) Thus it’s now Government policy to fill the country with the kind of people who build the kind of countries those same people are desperate to escape from.

So what this means is that anyone who sets foot in Ireland will ‘be put on the path’ to full citizenship and to participate fully in our welfare system economy. And there’s also a plan to offer ‘own door’ housing to all asylum seekers. Again, not those granted asylum but to anyone who shows up seeking asylum. Apparently this is a “once in a generation” chance to “regularise their immigration status”. However as experience has shown time and again, reinforced by basic common sense, an amnesty is a recipe for chain migration and an explosion in new migrant arrivals drawn by the prospect of generous welfare and their own private accommodation. Arguably every migrant will now head for Ireland in view of the stunning incentives on offer. What could possibly go wrong?

If you presumed that the authorities made a detailed study of the numbers scheduled to benefit from our largesse then you’d be wrong. A figure of 17,000 has been mentioned but it appears that this was dreamt up by one of the myriad NGOs that leech off the immigration problem. But the same NGO, Migrant Rights Centre of Ireland, had earlier, in a different context, claimed the number to be over 30,000. In other words our leaders don’t know the size of the problem. And in truth probably don’t care. They know they’ll be drummed out of office at the next election while buttressed by their index-linked pensions and make-up EU jobs for their services in throwing Ireland’s borders open.

Given the widely-publicised difficulties young people have in buying their own accommodation you’d imagine that their parliamentary representatives would be up-in-arms, threatening to bring down the Government. But not a peep from the court eunuchs. Nothing, not a voice was raised. Same goes for the country’s MSM. And nothing from the weak-minded conformists of the chattering classes (who have us deafened about the Green agenda, about the pressure on transport, healthcare and schools) other than “You can stay…just stay over there!” Ayn Rand once said, “The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everyone has decided not to see.”

The Fighting Irish have been transformed by globo-homo-Schlomo into pathetic, malleable, limp-wristed non-thinking drones held captive by social media, naggerball and vacuous politically-correct posturing. Ireland is finished.


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