The chilling new ‘advice’ on vaccine heart risk for children

I HAVE just been alerted to the Government’s new Myocarditis and pericarditis after Covid 19 vaccination: guidance for healthcare professionals, published four days ago on Monday. It makes chilling reading.

You can read it here. 

First, it is a clear admission of that myocarditis is a serious post-vaccine adverse reaction risk. Second, amongst the usual and increasingly implausible disclaimers like ‘it is a rare condition’ and ‘it is usually mild or stable and most patients typically recover fully without medical treatment’, comes the terrifying admission that ‘a high percentage of children admitted to hospital with myocarditis have significant left ventricular fibrosis and no follow-up data is available yet on hospitalised patients.’

So does it recommend halting the vaccine programme for children, given ‘that no follow-up data is available yet on hospitalised patients’?


In complete defiance of any precautionary principle the subtext of this disturbing document is that these are reactions that are expected, not to be alarmed by and to be lived with as an inevitable consequence of the vaccination, giving what should be self-evident advice that though ‘the majority of cases appear to be mild and self-limiting; any acutely ill or unstable patients should be referred to hospital directly’. As though an acutely ill child was not normally treated as an emergency and rushed to hospital.

Furthermore, how they can claim to know at this stage that ‘ the majority of cases are mild and self-limiting’ in the absence of rigorous and systematic follow-up health checks on such children? It beggars belief and betrays an astonishingly cavalier attitude to children.

Even more chilling, if that were possible, is the publication of this document on the very same day that the JCVI decided to recommend second vaccine doses for 12-15s. 

The opening few bullet points include these gems:

·         Myocarditis – significant left ventricular (LV) fibrosis has been described in a high percentage of children admitted to hospital, with a small percentage of these having non-sustained ventricular tachycardia (VT);

·         No follow-up data is available yet on hospitalised patients;

·         The long-term consequences of this condition secondary to vaccination are yet unknown, so any screening recommendations need to be balanced against the frequency and severity of the disease with the aim to prevent complications, in particular of myocarditis (arrhythmias, long term myocardial damage or heart failure).

The question is also raised of why would a GP not refer every child or young with suspected myocarditis or pericarditis to the paediatric team for a full assessment, especially given this is a vaccine still under emergency use authorisation requiring proper post marketing surveillance? Perhaps the government doesn’t want to find too many cases?

Please, please do anything and everything you can to bring this to the attention of parents.

Some 80 per cent of school children* are estimated to have had Covid already and so have nothing to gain from vaccination, only the potential risk of harm.

*MRC Biostatistics Unit’s statistics on infections and deaths, which are updated once a week using ONS data, estimates that 5.53 million 5-14-year-olds in England have had Covid. This is of a total population of  6,975,037. 

The chilling new ‘advice’ on vaccine heart risk for children


2 Responses to “The chilling new ‘advice’ on vaccine heart risk for children”

  1. RKae says:

    “…it is a rare condition…”

    Notice how the people opposing this have the facts on what’s causing it; what the satanic serum does when it enters your body… but the people in favor of this crap won’t ever talk about WHY it happens.

    The best they can offer you is “It probably won’t happen to you.”

    • ian says:

      heart problems are now regarded as a symptom of Covid, spread by the filthy unmasked antivaxxer tinfoil hat brigade. I have been told this, ie the link heart disease /Covid, by a Doctor and two women, who’s husbands had heart damage. TV decides what the truth is.