SERDAR DUZGOREN – Please read this Report with all your attention if you don’t want a disease to kill, vaccinated or not

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Please read This Report with all Your Attention if You don’t Want a Disease to Kill, Vaccinated or Not

Please read this report with all your attention if you don’t want a disease to kill, vaccinated or not, everybody except Moderna’s SOON to be produced, ‘Multi Variant Efficient’ mRNA received people!

How can a chimeric mRNA Sequence, which would encode a never existing new Protein, be used in a Vaccine if it has no real life reference Virus Protein to compare with? Without any scientists seeing anything unusual about the mRNA Sequence used, how can another immunisation against a much deadlier version of the Virus be given? How could the necessary logical reasons be created to produce a mRNA Vaccine with the Genetic Sequence of a, created but not released, Virus (let’s name it ‘Omega’) without being suspicious under scientific scrutiny? A slightly different mRNA Genetic Code would create a slightly different Protein which could provide a different immunization! The Vaccine produced, new chimeric Protein could even give a broader immunization and this could easily be used in a future global Biological Attack in a twisted, unthought way by; “Giving another Protection“, secretly, against a real lethal Pathogen. Another immunity against a same family but much deadlier engineered Virus beside Sars Cov 2!
Only to the planned numbers of people in each country, using a “Multi Valent mRNA Vaccine and then in the future, releasing that deadly version of the Virus and eliminating the majority of the population who didn’t receive THAT Protection” by using the mRNA Technology!

According to Moderna’s announcement, they are thinking over three options against Omicron but as the above mentioned plan, you will see that, eventually, they will decide not these options but to produce a new Multi Valent efficient Vaccine! Because, the Genetic Sequence of that Multi Valent mRNA will be structured from selected parts of existing variants’ Spike Proteins‘ Genetic Codes. Which means they can encode the desired Protein structure of any kind of Corona Virus, officially! Even if the Sequence is checked, there would be just a Sequence constructed from parts taken from BetaDeltaOmicron versions of the Virus. That’s why it is necessary to release mutations every few months until all the necessary pieces (mutated Sequence parts) are out there to be used as reference and or reason.
Every variant released must contain the necessary mutated parts to be used in Multi Valent mRNA, which will encode the Protein of the future, the original Virus!

The reason why mRNA technology started to be used widely in this Pandemic might be because, only with this technology, it is possible to immunize people secretly against any variant by using parts of THAT version’s Genetic Sequence in the Multivalent Vaccine mRNA Sequence. Classic way of producing Vaccines (which is necessary to use weakened Virus or Virus components) could not be used for giving another hidden immunisation because producing a Vaccine with a future to be released, uncirculating yet, deadly Virus components would have been visible by scientists! There are NO Virus or Virus components used in mRNA Vaccine production!

If, Vaccinated or not, everybody else except Moderna Vaccinated ones would get sick and die in the near future: majority of over 60 years old without major health problems and handicaps people, Governments’ critically positioned political, defense and judicial personnel of more than 150 countries (where Moderna announced to sell Vaccines from second half of the next year) wouldn’t survive because most of them will be , before Moderna reaches due to World Health Organisation ’s priority Vaccination groups. Survivors would be mostly ordinary, under 60 years old, relatively healthy, working class people.

In each country, the planned number of people to survive would be determined by controlling the number of doses to be sold to that country! Countries in power as China, Russia, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, North Korea which will not receive Moderna, would be erased completely! Israel and the Vatican, which have been only Pfizer BionTech, must come up with a reason and will start using the new variant effective Moderna mRNA Vaccine in 2022.
This is Moderna and Israel official agreement
The WHO priority groups divided the world population into age and health conditions groups – this will ensure that the desired Vaccines will reach at the Vaccination time of the targeted populations, NOT before!

Dr Ralph Baric has been experimenting on Corona Viruses for over 35 years trying to create more lethal versions of the Virus and getting their Genetic Sequences in the name of a program called ‘Gain of Function’. His official job was to create deadly mutations before the mutation happens in nature. Just to be prepared! All of his studies were supported by the Government. During Gain of Function studies, Baric and his team might have succeeded in their duty and first, engineered a lethal, Omega Virus. Genetically engineered in a way not to mutate further so it will not become resistant and erase all of humanity with a long asymptomatic incubation period.

People would infect each other without knowing that they are already sick. Then other simple variants of Omega virus must have been created, starting with Omicron then Delta, then BetaAlpha and at the end Sars Cov 2 versions (in complete reverse order then releasing time order), in a way each version to have common parts in their Genetic Sequence with the Omega version. The most simple version, SARSCOV2, must have been released to create a reason for global vaccination. The desired protein will be encoded using the released versions’ mutated parts in the Moderna’s next Multi Variant efficient Vaccine!

With data and results of DARPA’s Thor program and Francis Collins’ National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded Human Genome program, Mr Baric could have easily engineered a deadly Pathogen which can avoid every human defence mechanisms regardless of Genetic differences, and got the Gene Sequences. Imagine if you were the one with such a detailed plan of a selective depopulation, wouldn’t you create EVERY DIVERSION necessary to cover it by keeping people busy fighting against the given reasons such as: increased rate of deaths, forced vaccinations, side effects, economic struggles, restrictions (Green Certificate, mandatory mask, social distancing), controlled pro and anti media news circulating every day.

Purpose of such a plan would not be to keep alive all Moderna Vaccinated people! It makes it even less suspicious when some of the Moderna Vaccinated people are suffering from the side effects. If somehow, someone would talk about this plan, people will react immediately by saying “but, some of the Moderna Vaccinated people are getting damaged, even dying”. This further guarantees that no one would listen if the real plan was about to be exposed. Through the media, people are manipulated to think of it as “Just another Conspiracy”, without even checking the facts!
Work, education, international travel and social activities reasoned forcing Vaccination regulations will push mostly to under 60 years old people to vaccinate. Using different brands of Vaccines on different age and health conditions categorized people, could be easily used to deploy a biological weapon in the future by giving immunity against a lethal Pathogen only to some people.
Only the CALCULATED number of people who received THAT Genetic Code would survive when that disease would be released in the future!

The solution is scientists and doctors officially demanding not to use any chimeric mRNA Sequence, which would encode a never existing new Protein with no real life reference Virus Protein to compare with!

Everybody needs to be informed about the possibility of using mRNA in the described method. This is the only way for this horrifying possibility not to become reality! Even if the “Multi Variant Efficient” mRNA Sequence parts will be referenced separately to Beta, DeltaOmicron, the full Sequence would encode a completely new shaped Protein!

This is the way, no scientists could know if the encoded Protein’s (planned) final structure and or shape gives another immunisation until the Omega version is spread!

Please contact me! Thank you! Serdar Duzgoren +40732134134

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