Remember this guy? Predicting the future we now live in, in 2009.

Ian Crane presentation at AV2.

Ian R Crane The Globalist Agenda is achieved through a series of ‘unforeseen ’ dramas … except that in reality nothing happens by chance.

Impending trauma is only ‘unforeseen’ if we haven’t yet learned the devious and diabolical tactics applied by those whose goal is the total suppression and subjugation of humanity. Yet the New World Order are fighting a losing battle. Humanity is rejecting the agenda of manufactured war and economic crises. In ever increasing numbers, people are turning away from ‘Feeding the Beast’ and actively seeking out alternative lifestyles.

The New World Order are facing a mass exodus of hearts & minds. So how do they plan to redress this?

Ian has previously predicted that the New World Order are building up to the moment when they will play their Trump Card, in a final (futile) attempt to unite the world under their leadership…

The time has come for mankind to rise above the perverse manufactured trauma perpetrated by those who believe themselves to be the rightful rulers of a global fiefdom … and we have a lot of help.

Filmed at The Alternative View 2 Event in London – May 2009