Our promised ‘new way of life’

What ‘New Way of Life’ Is Pfizer Promising?

The fastest way to get back to normal, Bourla claims in his Atlantic Council interview, is for everyone to get vaccinated. Considering how little things have changed despite massive vaccination rates, it seems clear the globalists in charge of The Great Reset — and Pfizer is part of that pack — have no intention of allowing anything go back to normal. It won’t matter how many comply, or how many times we comply

Australia is perhaps the clearest illustration of what the whole world will face. Even though a majority are “vaccinated,” their freedoms have not been returned, and now they have to submit to boosters or lose what semblance of freedom the initial round of shots gave them. The Australian government is confiscating and blocking people’s bank accounts, withholding unemployment benefits and more — all in the name of “public health.”

Bourla even indicates that there is no going back to the old normal when he states, “The only thing that stands between the new way of life and the current way of life is … hesitancy to vaccinations.”

New way of life. What does this “new way of life” look like? It looks like Australia. It looks like Israel. It looks like Lithuania,37 where your “right” to frequent restaurants, stores, shopping malls, beauty salons, libraries, banks, insurance agencies and universities, and your “right” to inpatient medical care and travel, all depend on your willingness to participate in a medical experiment that can kill or disable you.

The “new way of life” Bourla is talking about involves repeatedly playing lethal Russian Roulette just to “earn” the right to be part of society. No thank you. Bourla can keep his “new way of life.”