1. Aldous says:

    Fauci, the ultimate poison dwarf. Hitler was also vertically challenged to some extent from memory.
    I’m nudging 6 foot but one of the nicest ladies I know is 4.5 foot and has quite a few medical issues. I doubt she will live to my age but one never knows.
    She’s extremely intelligent and runs rings around me when it comes to conversation of any kind.
    Fauci has a mega problem with being small and small-minded. He wants Humanity to suffer for his height deprivation – and ugliness. He really is horrid to look at if one must.
    Compare Fauci to drop dead gorgeous Lara Logan. I know who I would want to wake up next to even if I was a fag.
    Fauci is Gollum.

  2. David 2 says:


    The language is changing, the emphasis is changing and there are three people supporting the narrative.

    A long way from European TV. But one giant step at a time!

    • ian says:

      Expect them to ignore this David. This is to satisfy the curious. Just a few crumbs. They’ll be gobbled up, then TV will reinforce the official narrative. Next time you talk to a normie and say Fauci is a tosser, you’ll get, well, yes TV said that in some way’s he is, but it’s to try to get the public to behave in their best interests or similar.

      You’re optimism is easily triggered.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        To be fair ian, there’s nothing wrong with David’s (easily triggered) optimism, except when he wastes such optimism in the totally corrupt and lawless, masonic controlled judiciaries (i.e. ‘Nuremberg 2.0’), which are a complete waste of hope, time and obviously, large amounts of money.
        Such effort and money would be better invested in something that might have at least a ‘better than zilch’ chance of effecting societal change, i.e. ramping up OUR propaganda about the truth: on their despicable and diabolical (not too well), hidden agenda and, what they’re actually doing to us all, in plain sight.

      • ian says:

        Yes Alan you’re correct. My optimism is so depressed just now, that a normal amount looks excessive.

  3. ian says:

    Sorry for typo, should have been your optimism.

  4. David 2 says:

    Ian, Language is important.

    I sense that language is changing to reflect the truth. Once the new narrative is established, it is very hard for the MSM to revert to their old talking points.

    Europe has a long way to go. The USA has a very strong constitution, and there is a strong religious belief. They are clearly leading the way with alternative news and have doctors willing to defy authority. Biden is looked on as a complete fool and Fauci will shortly be thrown under the bus.

    Pardon my optimism, but much has happened in the last few months. Australia is now showing a pair, the USA is beginning to call the vaccines death jabs.

    The UK and Europe are a mixed wimpy bag ruled by Mason controlled politicians and media. Even my wife is disgusted with the news from the UK. It will just take one European country such as France to defy the mandates. France prides itself on the motto LIBERTY, FRATERNITY, EQUALITY. These are strong sentiments embedded in the soul of every person in France. Language is important and nobody can change these three words.

    However of course you may be proven correct. I believe Orwell was an optimist.