How to access the good

In my last written post, as opposed to copied in post, I said I would look next at where we can find the goodness to counter the evil besetting us that appears so easy to identify.  Gates, Fauci, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Soros, Schwab, Prince Charles and so on.  These people are involved in the genocide of humanity.  The inflicting of pain and suffering onto billions of human beings.  They seem to hold all the cards, money, power, land, institutions and organisations that jump to their beck and call.  Who is there who can stop them and their works?

These individuals are actually merely the trash – the stool pigeons of the massive evil that is afflicting the earth.  They are Luciferians, child torturers, rapists and murderers, performing what they are told to do by their demonic masters.  Once they’ve sold their souls to the Devil, they cannot turn back and change their minds.  Should they try, they know what will happen to them.  They are the ultimate slaves, slaves to total evil.

Who would question any of the above?

In my own life I have encountered demonic forces on a more local level, in our home in fact.  The house was centuries old, and had been lived in by ancestors who must have had dealings with the demonic.  We heard pictures crashing, furniture shattering.  We saw keys swinging in the lock, heard voices and footsteps when there was no one present as we knew of.  My father was in denial and my mother unaware for some reason.  My wife was terrified by the goings-on and we called the services of a team of Christians who drove out demons.  I partook in the process, talking to the trapped souls who were held in place by the demonic presence.  It took seven people a week before they declared that the house was cleared.  Since that time, the only spiritual presences have been benign, and content.  The experiences enable me to know that there is life after death, and there is a monumental struggle going on in the spirit world.

I was however a little perplexed as my wife is a Christian and she was clearly the focus of much of the ‘noise’ that was taking place, maybe for that reason.  And all the prayers that drove out the demon were made in the name of Jesus Christ as you would expect.  I was perplexed as all my studies into the true history of Jesus told me that he was not a Christian, but a Nazarene, an Essene, a Gnostic and Jew, King of Osrhoene and the High Priest of Jerusalem.  I found the books of Ralph Ellis – his King Jesus trilogy – totally convincing.  The Romans manufactured the Christian narrative and wrote the books of the New Testament, or had them written.  They wanted to create a new religion – a Judaeism for the Gentiles, knowing that an empire is far more affordably ruled by religion than by force of arms deployed against spiritually aware opponents.  And this they did, forming the basis for what became the Christian and especially the Catholic world.

The assumption made by Ralph Ellis, who is a brilliant historian, is that having exposed the biblical Jesus as a Roman fraud, that he therefore had no real spiritual power.  Yet here was I taking part in an exorcism that was totally effective against demonic forces that had entrapped our family for generations, in the name of Jesus Christ.  Christ just means King or Annointed.  How did a fraud (the historical Jesus I mean) have total power over demonic forces, and as others can testify, that means all demonic forces?  It has taken me a while to work through this question and find the most probable answer.

Humanity had discovered in Jesus the first spiritual leader who had referred back to the Godhead through the use of plant-induced telepathy – the Godhead being the original power that created the universe  (The Dead Sea Scrolls are suppressed by the Vatican, but they are the record that matters, and they tell us what the Nazarenes believed and did).

Humans were originally created by more evil beings who wanted a slave race to work for them.  These beings were technically highly advanced, and could genetically modify another species to become what they required.  Those who have researched this, like the late Lloyd Pye, came to the conclusion that they used the yeti or sasquatch and gave it enough IQ to work as a slave but no more, removing the bodily hair and reduced in size.  The problem then became that the creators of humanity as slves started to fancy the females and produced offspring with them.  The intended slave race thereby became far more intelligent that it was originally intended to be, and was able to develop technologically and socially to an extent which was threatening to the slave creators.  They didn’t require a potential competitor, but servants.  All these capabilities therefore had to be suppressed, and the Priesthood appointed by the Creators to watch over the humans after they left (Annunaki), were tasked with suppressing the human race and keeping them in their place.

The Nazarene sect of the Essenes led by King Jesus had a very different idea.  Humanity should not be suppressed, but allowed to develop and flourish.   The priesthood should not be allowed to stop ordinary people from communing with God (praying directly rather than through a priest), and humans should be allowed to fulfil their potential and live full lives and live contentedly.  They should not be Stanically sacrificed.

Jesus was captured by the Romans at the end of the Jewish Revolt in AD70 and was imprisoned with his fellow revolutionaries at Chester in Britannia until he died some decades later.  Mary Magdalene his sister wife, however, escaped to the South Of France, and there probably founded The Orange Order in the City Of Orange.  Her descendants  were brutally suppressed by the Catholic Church who feared the notions of the Cathars as they were called, later the Huguenots and later still the Protestants.  Yet despite the full-on suppression by the Catholic Church, the Orange Order via the Merovingian dynasty eventually won power first in Holland, and latterly in England after Henry 8th broke with Rome and his daughter Elizabeth held out against Catholic attempts to unseat her.  Finally the Catholics were defeated by the Protestants at the Battle Of the Boyne in Ireland by the Protestants   .  And the ideals discovered and promoted by King Jesus from 17 centuries previously, were finally given reign, and Catholic suppression was pushed into the back seat.  The Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution and the modern world we live in today are the result.  The Priesthood has never accepted that this was right and to this day seek out ways to drive humanity back down again.  Their God is Lucifer and he detests the way that humans have been set free and allowed to prosper.

Not all the attempts at creating the slave race were as successful as the human.  Several other failed versions were created, and these became the jealous demons.  These are like the evil spirit that plagued our home for many decades or centuries before the exorcists cleared the demon out for us, and brought peace to our family.   For this part of the story, I like the work of Chris Everard of Enigma TV who reveals the catalogue of demonic entities that exist and how they deploy against humanity.  Most people on earth today have no idea that demons exist and are real.  The powers of Jesus Christ to destroy and drive them out are also mostly unknown.

To fight back against the current attempts at genocide against the whole of humanity using vaccines, and other toxic and poisonous delivery methods (chemtrails, polluted water supply, processed food, farm sprays etc), we need to identify which demons are at work,  what they are doing, and where.  I would look to the work of Jessie Czebotar of

She is a spiritually aware individual who has worked with US veterans in hospitals, hospices and communities, and formed an understanding of how the spirit world is the primary danger to us, not the people we are given to hate by the media.  The people like Fauci and Gates are merely the tools of the evil spirits, who are the ones who must be defeated and driven out.  They are most concerned to undermine the authority of Jesus Christ, who first turned humanity against its genetic creators and linked directly to God.  She says ignore the agents and get after the demons.  They want Jesus crushed as he is the force that unseated them and released humanity from permanent bondage.  I will be reading her book ‘The Battle’ next.

My own book is called Angels & Devils – My Extraordinary Life.  Henry Curteis.  On Amazon Kindle.  Written in 2018 when my ideas were still in formation.  The experiences are described that gave me the basis of how to view what is happening today.  There is always more to learn and know.



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  1. David 2 says:

    All life is birthed, usually it is the female of the species that gives physical birth to a new life. However as Homo sapiens whether male or female, we can cultivate or birth the energy of life, it is called spirituality. When we birth the energy of life or spirituality, we birth knowledge and goodness that is never altered.

    There are people who are drawn to politics and power and they cultivate or birth to the energy of death or evil.They are Luciferians and have sold their souls for fame, prestige, power and wealth.

    Their Luciferian secret societies have gradually taken over education, money issue, politics, media, technocracy and the military.

    They have knowledge of astrology, and are attempting a desperate play for the souls of humanity. We are now in the clash of the ages and it is an epic battle. Some of us will make it through by rejecting the vaccines and many will probably not.

    I agree that there is a spirit world of disembodied beings. In Eastern philosophy they are in temporary limbo waiting for a rebirth and a new body. In Western religious philosophy they are in purgatory and a state of limbo.

    Perhaps a few disembodied spirits become trapped and require release, I certainly would not discount the relevance of exorcism.

    We are the embodied and so we tend to judge the disembodied spirit world from a material or bodily viewpoint. It is as if somehow we have a body and so we must know better.

    To understand a subject means to stand under. To understand is to transcend fixed opinions and assumptions and seek to know.

    Copernicus said “to know what we know and to know what we do not know, that is true knowledge.”

    In this battle there are no Donald Trumps or other holy saviours. It is a soul choice that each of us must make. The best advice is simply to say ‘no to the vaccine’!

  2. john_smith says:

    The Sasquatch are not dumb creatures with low IQ.

    And the Annunaki did not upgrade us from yetis though that they want us to believe. They effing downgraded us. Think of the Navi in Avatar. Many people had a very powerful emotional response to that movie because it brought back soul memories of what we had been. It was a huge cosmic crime and we are the living evidence that needs to be removed from the crime scene, so to speak.

    As for the old JC thing – people have probably created a very powerful tulpa out there who swoops down like Superman when summoned.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Thanks for the link, John. It sounds interesting. I always knew I was a downgraded yeti!

    You have clearly not been involved in driving out demons. Once you know what is possible with the name of Jesus, you cannot deny it. I am sure that other primitive peoples have known how to communicate telepathically with God, going over the heads of the Satanists who genetically modified us. That is why original peoples are invariably wiped out as they are now doing in Australia to the Aboriginals in the Northern Territory with gene therapy ‘vaccines’ (How unfortunate they always seemed to get common colds when they first encountered ‘white men’ and died i.e. poisoned). Yet I don’t know how to call on God to help me in Aboriginal. The Druids were all massacred by the Romans across Europe, the last few thousand in Anglesey, for the same reason. The Satanists fear God, and know they are lower in the hierarchy. Jesus in Christianity is a downgraded version from the historical Jesus, just like us and the yeti. The Romans (Satanists) felt safest to hide his powers inside a religion which they themselves controlled. I would be happy to battle demons in other tongues if I knew them. God talks all languages. Meantime I have to use the only one I know. You think of the persecution of the Falung Gong in China. As with the gnostics, the burning of all libraries, the hiding away of all spiritual knowledge, the Satanists fear God. They spend their days trying to obliterate him from any influence here on earth, and no doubt similarly elsewhere. In life and in the afterlife. David’s description of Luciferian activity applies.

    • john_smith says:

      Communication is telepathic – no spoken languages involved. We are no good at receiving telepathic messages because our chakras are too damaged but we sure can send them. Higher dimensional beings (or psychic people) can ‘hear’ your thoughts as clearly as if they were spoken aloud.

      I wouldn’t battle with demons if I were you. The foolish Golden Jackass guy lived up to his moniker and is suffering no end of demonic attacks.

      You can lay the blame on Romans, Satanists, demons etc but I think the problem is archonic. What’s going on is a kind of possession. This archonic virus moves on after the host body dies. If a dog has gone rabid, you can proclaim that’s a bad, mad dog and it must be destroyed. That is a solution. A better solution is to heal the dog of the virus which has taken over its mind and its behaviour. And eradicate the virus.

      What we have here is a very tough nut to crack. God very much prefers not to terminate these corrupted souls but they have to ask Him to forgive them and to accept healing. However, patience does wear out eventually and there will come a time (quite soon IMO) when the door will be shut and unrepentant souls will cease to exist. That’s your so called Judgment Day.

  4. ian says:

    Communication is telepathic. I can certainly agree. I occasionally receive messages in dreams. I’ve recounted them before. They are by no means easy to interpret. I received warnings of an earthquake too, but perhaps my subconscious was picking up rumblings that I wasn’t picking up consciously, I don’t know, I just got dreams of being in church and the rocks were exposed in the floor and there was an earthquake going on. This happened for a few weeks, Then we had an Earthquake on Boxing Day sometime in the 70’s.

    I don’t know how any of it works, but I do know it does work.

  5. pete fairhurst says:

    Wow, that was some follow up to your first post on this subject Tap

    You neatly pull together many individual threads that I have become familiar with during my years reading Tapneswire. Some eloquent and accurate comments too, viz

    “These individuals are actually merely the trash – the stool pigeons of the massive evil that is afflicting the earth.  …….  They are the ultimate slaves, slaves to total evil”

    “They wanted to create a new religion – a Judaeism for the Gentiles, knowing that an empire is far more affordably ruled by religion than by force of arms deployed against spiritually aware opponents”

    I could go on and on, but that would just me being a parrot. I have seen all the themes that you raise at various times over the years here at Tapnews. I have examined some of them myself in great detail as well; the ones that interested me. But you have drawn them all together here into a coherent whole that I find fascinating and incredibly thought provoking. My ongoing journey of discovery has clearly got some way to go yet! I need to examine some of your other threads in more detail and I will do this at my leisure, I fully expect that my journey will last for the rest of my earthly days too, no matter how many that I have left. I have a large gap in my knowledge that needs to be addressed

    I say all this having read your book too. I was an early reader and this post has made me decide to have another look at it. Certainly I have no recollection of such an overarching world view from my initial reading. You seem to confirm this too when you say:

    “Written in 2018 when my ideas were still in formation.  The experiences are described that gave me the basis of how to view what is happening today.  There is always more to learn and know. “

    So your journey is a work in progress too. As it must surely be for all truth seekers. So much has been hidden, occulted if you like.

    Certainly this short post would be “off the wall” for most “normal” folk. I think of my brother who is a dogmatic, covidian cultist, pro pharma, “socialist”, atheist etc etc. His head would explode if I showed him this, it isn’t for normies that’s for sure. But it is a valuable pointer for me, thank you. I’ve got a lot more work to do

  6. Tapestry says:

    In all my ignorance, I use what I have been given over a lifetime Pete, and try to make sense out of it. Your encouragement greatly appreciated. And all inputs like the yeti posts can only add to our understanding. In business I used to say that problems are complex. Solutions are often quite simple. They have to be to work.