Good Morning Britain poll reveals 9 in 10 people oppose another Lockdown and are against Mandatory Vaccination

A poll conducted by Good Morning Britain on Twitter (yet to be deleted) has revealed that 9 in 10 people in the UK oppose the Government enforcing yet another lockdown in response to the alleged Covid-19 Omicron variant, highlighting that YouGov Poll’s clearly cannot be trusted.

Good Morning Britain (GMB) posted the poll to Twitter at 07:02 am on Monday 20th December 2021, and asked “Should we lockdown before Christmas?”.

As of 14:38 on the same date the poll has received over 132,000 responses with 89% / 9 in every 10 people voting ‘No’ and making it very clear the people of the United Kingdom are not in favour of another Draconian lockdown because of the casedemic of the rebranded common cold, now dubbed Omicron.

Whilst the poll allegedly has 16 hours left to run at the time of writing we felt it was crucial to record and publish the results so far due to Good Morning Britain’s tack record of deleting poll’s when they do not get the answer they or their resident “Doctor” (Dr Hilary) were looking for.

On the 7th December GMB posted a poll asking “With Omicron cases doubling every two days, is it time to make vaccines mandatory?”.

The poll received 44,713 voted before being deleted by GMB, most likely due to the fact 9 in 10 people again voted ‘No’ to mandatory vaccination.

The results of the now deleted poll on madatory vaccination, and the most likely to be deleted poll on another lockdown, highlight how “official” polls published by YouGov that are being used to claim the public overwhelmingly support new measures and are in favour of mandatory vaccination.

Recent results of a poll published by YouGov claim that a large majority of Brits would support making Covid-19 boosters mandatory for those deemed to be vulnerable and the use of public transport, and the right to visit restaurants.

The poll was conducted with a sample size of just 1,696 adults in the UK, and all of them were carefully screened beforehand to ensure YouGov received the results they wanted, just as is done with every poll conducted by YouGov.

But if the fact that YouGov carefully selects who they want to participate in their poll’s isn’t enough to persuade you that they cannot be trusted, then perhaps the knowledge that YouGov was founded by the ex-Vaccine Minister and current Education Secretary, could be the straw that breaks the camels back?

YouGov polls are being manipulated and used by the mainstream media to sway public opinion. By carefully selecting 1,696 adults to get they answers they needed, they were able to claim that the majority of Brits support mandatory vaccination, and make you feel like you are part of a minority.

But a poll conducted by GMB with over 23 times more responses before being deleted proves that if you are against mandatory vaccination you are in fact part of the majority, with only 1 in 10 actually being in favour of the dangerous, fascist measure.

Now, another poll conducted by GMB that is yet to be deleted proves that if you are opposed to the introduction of another Draconian lockdown to tackle the common cold, that you are also part of a majority, with only 1 in 10 Brits revealing themselves to be Covid Cultists.

So come Boxing Day when it is expected that the Government will announce further restrictions on all our lives, know that you are many, and they are few, and that 90% of the country will stand with you when you choose to ignore the dictatorial government that has reigned over the UK for two years.