First Omicron Death Shrouded in Mystery Due to Government Secrecy, Experts Claim

Experts have expressed outrage towards the Government for not revealing key details relating to the U.K.’s first Omicron death, with Professor Karol Sikora saying that the Government’s secrecy is likely causing unnecessary panic. So far, the Government has not provided information on whether the deceased was vaccinated, if they belonged to a vulnerable demographic, or even if Covid was the leading cause of death, with the Prime Minister’s Spokesman stating rules surrounding patient confidentiality as the reason for this lack of transparency. MailOnline has the story.

Experts are demanding answers about the U.K.’s first Omicron fatality, such as the individual’s vaccination status, if they were part of group vulnerable to Covid, and if the virus was the leading cause of death.

Professor of Medicine and Consultant Oncologist Karol Sikora said the Government was not providing the nation with enough information about the death, and that this was causing “unnecessarily alarm”.

“Were they in hospital for Covid or were they there because they had been run over by a bus?,” he said.

Boris Johnson revealed the U.K.’s first death due to Omicron on a visit to a vaccination clinic in Paddington, west London.

He said: “Sadly yes Omicron is producing hospitalisations and sadly at least one patient has been confirmed to have died with Omicron.”

Johnson did not reveal the age of the person who died, or if they had underlying health conditions, which made them vulnerable, or whether Omicron was the leading cause of their death or a secondary factor.

The death in the U.K. is thought to be the first confirmed Omicron fatality in the world.

However, given the variant makes up almost every case in South Africa it is likely that the vast majority of fatalities there are due to the mutant strain but a lack of testing means these are not picked up.

Health bosses today also revealed that 10 Britons have already been hospitalised with Omicron. But the U.K. Health Security Agency (UKHSA), which confirmed all were aged between 18-85 years-old and that most had received two doses of Covid vaccines, refused to say if any had already had a booster.

UKHSA however did reveal that the individual who died of Omicron was diagnosed in hospital.

Sikora said the Government should release more details about the death to put people’s minds at ease.

“Have they had booster? Are they elderly?,” he said.

“There are all sorts of nuances to this thing, and we’re not being given proper information.”

He added that given the average age of Covid fatalities in the U.K., and that the individual may have died while being infected with Omicron, as opposed to because of the variant, there was no reason to panic and the Government should calm fears rather than stoke them.

“The average age of death of Covid is 82.5 so a lot of 82 year-old people die in a year, at any one time,” he said.

“No details have been released, I suspect it’s just some old boy that’s tested positive, he may have died in his sleep or with a heart attack, who knows?

“It is unnecessarily alarming.”

Professor Sikora said his suspicion is that the silence regarding whether the person was vaccinated or not indicated to him that the person died of another cause while they had Omicron.

“I suspect that it’s a death, which is unfortunate, but is due to something else, and it just happens to be Covid positive that’s why they’re not making a big noise about them being vaccinated or not,” he said.

When queried on the lack of details regarding the Omicron death, the Prime Minister’s Spokesman cited patient confidentiality as a reason, but added more details may be forthcoming in UKHSA end of week report.

“Obviously when it comes to individual deaths there is a right to patient confidentiality so we are limited in what we can say,” he said.

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  1. Aldous says:

    The Fat Controller becomes an anti-vaxxer but is quickly terminated with extreme prejudice by Jacob Rat-child for daring to go off goyim depopulation message!
    It’s debatable at what point BoJo became an anti-vaxxer; possibly only within the last few hours – or even minutes!
    Certain it is that only the day before, he had addressed the enslaved nation via the brainwasher/slime tube in every lounge/kitchen/bathroom/outhouse and encouraged the goyim via linguistic programming to get their booster kill-shot.

    He then went to a Catholic Priest and poured out his guilty soul in what he thought was the inviolable secrecy of a confessional.
    Unfortunately for BoJo the Priest was a Rat first and a Priest second and wasted no time in reporting to Jacob what he had been told.

    The Fat Controller’s body was kicked into the gutter by Rat’s disciples at Traitor’s Gate with a placard around its neck: “I was a Prick Minister who betrayed the Globalist Corporations and the New World Order.”

    • Derek says:

      That last paragraph I can believe.
      I have often wondered what offer Johnson was made during his stay in St. Thomas’s a while back. Something he couldn’t refuse?

  2. Aldous says:×538-1-300×158.jpg

    If you look at that awful image, this what toddlers and youngsters are having to deal with. Their minds are being warped by this mask deviance.
    Anyone who promotes it deserves death.

  3. Tapestry says:

    One fake death to justify the fake lockdown announced by the fake prime minister. Real people will carry on ignoring it all, partying in the woods if necessary.

    • nixon scraypes says:

      The weather is a spot inclement for such gallivanting at present