Education is my act of resistance

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it is what saved the man.

It is why my learning curve is still as steep as ever, even as I approach 60: I retain a childlike curiosity. Like a kid, I see the world as an oyster to be cracked. I need to be constantly learning and creating and expanding. I know it is hard to keep that up in this world, which sits on you hard from the start. The last thing the Phoenicians want is ever-expanding citizens. They want small, pinched, docile people to do their bidding without question, and these people normally peak in their twenties if not before, soon falling into their assigned slots and ossifying or reverting. To achieve that, the Phoenicians have to apply strong pressure to you from the cradle, crushing you with their various projects disguised as education. If they didn’t, you would reach the age of maturity as I did, with your curiosity still fully intact and your faculties mostly undamaged. At that point, you are nothing but a danger to them.

At that point the schemes against you will be accelerated and multiplied, and the pressure from above will become truly monstrous, like trying to live in a cave thousands of miles underground. It will become almost unbearable until you finally look up and realize. . . it is all a bluff. There is no roof above you and no real pressure, either. The pressure itself is a phantom, like all the rest. You are infinitely free just as you were at birth, and these people can take nothing from you that you do not give them. They are now trying to apply pressure by threatening to withhold their world if we don’t comply. But to me that is no threat, because I don’t want their world. I can’t go to concerts or pubs? I can’t go to gyms or malls? Good. The sooner their world crumbles the better, so their threats threaten only them. You cannot threaten an Amishman with the loss of his car, can you?

And I have more news for them: threatening people you have already made miserable with more misery is no threat. Do you think the desperately miserable people of Kentucky and West Virginia, already split from one another and from any conception of reality and strung out on every drug imaginable, are going to look up when you tell them their Christmas is going to be miserable if they don’t take a fake vaccine? It is an empty threat. The Phoenicians had already taken everything of their world from me before 2020, so the Covid scam had nothing to work on. You cannot threaten a monk with isolation or ostracism. But I am not so different from any average citizen of the world, who has already been crushed into a tiny box. Knocking on the box and threatening relocation to an even smaller box is just a joke at that point. The main difference between me and the poor people of Kentucky is that they didn’t more strongly resist from the beginning. For whatever reasons, they took the drugs and I didn’t. Perhaps they were more miserable, it is hard to say.

I am very good at living alone and entertaining myself, and most people aren’t.

Most people are far more social and far more suggestible. If the world around them collapses, they also collapse. It isn’t hard to understand. I may be just one small puff of air away from that myself. But it won’t be because I will start taking drugs, legal or illegal, mandated or unmandated, and I wish I could convince others to refuse all drugs themselves. They must know the drugs will not solve anything, will only bring about the end for them. And that may be the point: suicide without pulling the trigger.

However that may be, knowledge is always useful, which is why it is so assiduously denied us. If the people of Kentucky knew who was attacking them and why, they might be able to resist. Which is why I am here. Education is my act of resistance.

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The Covid genocide is the just the latest example of that, as we watch the Phoenicians declare overt war on all underclasses. They may try to explain it to themselves as population control or other necessary eugenics, but that isn’t what it is. If it were, it would be aimed at the highest population centers in Africa and Asia, never at the sparsely populated Western Hemisphere. No, it is a desperate move to protect their own hegemony, not only against us but against a Nature they know hates them.

We know they hate Nature, but almost no one asks why. It is because Nature hates them, and they know it. Nature is their greatest enemy, a far more powerful enemy than we will ever be. The measure of their hubris is that they believe they can defeat her. They believe that they can master her. Every failure to do that makes them more vicious and more vengeful and more self-loathing, all at the same time. What we are seeing is the ultimate expression of that vengeance, as the Phoenicians lash out at everything around them as they fall into the abyss. We know this is what it is about, because it explains why they are attacking white males with such ferocity in the first world, especially in the US. If this were really about population control, there would be no reason attack white males, who are already the least fertile people on the planet.

So far, the attack on white males has mostly been addressed (by those such as Tucker Carlson) as being the attempt to manufacture a race war and gender war, which it is, but it is more than that. They are attacking most those who threaten them the most, which is non-Phoenician white males of great talent and high testosterone levels. We are the ones that would naturally lead any overthrow, so we have to be continually attacked on all levels, physical as well as psychological. Our sperm levels have be attacked with their drugs and pollutions, while out minds are attacked with 24/7 propaganda. The good news is that you can measure their failure by their levels of viciousness, which means they are failing hugely right now. As I have said many times, they were far more successful back in the 1950s, since their propaganda was nearly completely invisible and worked very well. Being very self satisfied in those years, and content with their levels of theft, they were far less vicious. But as their schemes began to fail, due to their own mistakes and over-reaches, their self-loathing grew, and with it their greed.

Embarrassed by their failures, they tried to prop themselves up with ever larger piles of coins, and the problem began to snowball. Caught red-handed in their schemes, they got even more vicious, as people will do, and rather than back away they doubled down. World history of the past 50 years has been an ever steeper acceleration of the Phoenix burning itself up on its own created funereal pyre, though it could easily have stepped off the pyre at any time. It still could, as I keep advising it. But the Phoenix apparently loves its own flames and prefers to see the conflagration to its bitter end. It is like a driver approaching a cliff, who can turn the wheel or hit the brakes, but doesn’t. He has become hypnotized by the sky in front of him, beckoning him on to his doom.

That sky is Nature. I know the Phoenicians themselves are chuckling, thinking they have fooled me and Nature and everyone else. They think Nature has been hoodwinked by their manufactured divisions and self outings and complex, slowly developing plans of conquest. They tell themselves this was the plan all along, and that it is proceeding perfectly. They tell themselves they have more wealth than ever and that they run the whole world, with a dominance never before seen. But that is what I mean by their inability to smell what is on the wind. For Nature isn’t one step behind them, she is always three steps ahead of them, and she herself chuckles at their overconfidence, for it it has always bred blindness. They can only see the turns of the screw beneath them, since they manufactured those turns. But they are forever oblivious to the turns above them, because they mistakenly believe there is no “above them”. Their minds are always on the screwing, and not upon how they are being screwed.

They are so mesmerized by their own sick and twisted plans, they cannot see beyond their own eyelashes, and cannot process the thought that Lucifer may be a mirage: a comic-book creation by the masters of fakery, by which they have corrupted themselves. After 5000 years, they have convinced themselves their ascendance was ordained, and built an entire mythology on that ordination, complete with hand signs and cutesy symbology. But the cyanobacteria of the Archean age may have thought the same, ruling the world for millions of years before they overoxygenated the atmosphere and died of their own poisonous exhalations. We know the Phoenicians are blind to all this, since they always have been. It is nothing new. Their collapse didn’t begin in 2020 or 2000, it began with their success, and has tracked it. The more money they made and the more power they gathered, the more debased they became.

Such is their history, and it is not hard to read. For themselves, their empire cannot end because it never really began. A proper empire would be one that brought real transcendence and happiness to its rulers, but the Phoenicians have always been miserable. As I say, the record is not hard to read, and they must know it. It would be impossible to deny. What kings or nobles have ever been kingly or noble? Who of them has been virtuous or happy? The list cannot even be begun. Modernism was the Phoenicians finally admitting this of themselves: the admission of the Wasteland they had created, their own dissatisfaction with themselves and the empires they had erected. They gave up on all beauties, admitting they found them hollow and false. They were alienated and inauthentic and derivative. They coined these terms for the milieu, but the terms applied not to us or to the world, but to them. They have always written about themselves, since no one else exists for them.

Modernism was the express admission of failure, and it has continued to bottom out since then. Their New World Order and Great Reset aren’t the attempts at a Renaissance. These people are living in their own post-apocalypse, and they have told us they don’t believe in renaissances. That is all part of a pre-Modern inauthenticity they no longer allow themselves. For them, the future is a revenge upon Nature and the World for their own failures. It is a punishment of Nature for not making them viable beings, despite everything. Because their own created bloodlines had crashed and burned, spitting them out into a 20th century where they had become twisted trolls, they decided to blame Nature for that, propping her up for a two-minutes hate that has become an everlasting hate.

But while they do that and admit they are doing it in their art and literature, at the same time they tell themselves this is right where they always wanted to be, and that it is part of their great plan. So you see how it is a madness enshrined and relabeled as a political movement or plan of governance. The Great Reset isn’t a plan of governance, it is transparent recipe for revenge, and for further Phoenician debasement and collapse. It may be a sort of Phoenician suicide by police, where they beg us to put them out of their misery. So you see, it can’t end well. But any way you look at it, it ends worst for them. Most of all, you don’t need to damn them to any hell, since they have been living in it all their lives and for all of their recorded history.