Dr. Richard Fleming: What does vaccine efficacy really mean?

A couple of months ago Dr. Richard Fleming gave a powerful, in-depth presentation exposing what’s really happening with Covid and vaccine-induced ADE.  As part of his presentation, he explained what vaccine efficacy really means.

Dr. Richard Fleming is a nuclear and preventive cardiologist.  He has degrees in physics, biology, psychology and chemistry.

The Covid “vaccine” emergency use authorisations (“EUA”) showed no statistical reduction in Covid cases.  “I’m going to walk you through it,” said Dr. Fleming.

The way vaccine efficacy was determined, for example the 95% efficacy that is brandished about, was as a ratio of the number of people are diagnosed with Covid who get the “vaccine” divided by the number of people who are diagnosed with Covid who did not get the “vaccine.”

Taking as an example of the Pfizer trial results: 8 vaccinated people and 162 unvaccinated people were diagnosed with Covid.  Then, the risk ratio was calculated: 8/162 = 0.05.  The vaccine efficacy was calculated as one minus the risk ratio: 1 – 0.05 = 0.95 or 95%.

How was the diagnosis of Covid made in these vaccine studies?

“It is a positive PCR test, whether you are vaccinated or not, and if you have symptoms,” Dr. Fleming explained, “if you look at the list of symptoms [used by] Pfizer, Moderna or Janssen you’ll see that these symptoms match just about any infection.  Whether it’s SARS-CoV-2 or influenza …, the common cold or cancer or bacterial infection, these are all the same symptoms.”

You can ask how many were diagnosed with Covid. Alternatively, you can ask how many were not diagnosed with Covid – the absolute risk reduction (“ARR”).

Again, using as an example of the Pfizer trial results: 17,403 vaccinated people were not diagnosed with Covid and 17,349 unvaccinated people were not diagnosed with Covid. Then, 0.05% of vaccinated people and 0.93% of unvaccinated people were not diagnosed with Covid.  The ARR is then calculated as 0.93% – 0.05% = 0.88%.

Dr. Fleming posed the question: “if you look at this statistically [as scientists would] … are these different numbers really meaningful?”

“The results of this study show that there is no statistical reduction in Covid cases between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated … the absolute risk reduction was 0.88%, not 95%.”

Dr. Richard Fleming, What Does Vaccine Efficacy Really Mean, 3 October 2021 (14 mins)

You can watch the full Infowars video ‘Pentagon A.I. Confirms Covid Shots Triggering Deadly ADE In The Vaccinated’, HERE.  Dr. Fleming’s presentation begins 1:29:37; the clip above was taken from timestamp 1:54:29.

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