Don’t fear death.

He talked very little about this before.  In his mind it’s very vivid every day.  Extraordinary story.  He struggles to tell it.  Out of body experience.  Telepathic connection to another spirit during out of body experience.  He was instructed to never look back.  Let him tell his story to you.


2 Responses to “Don’t fear death.”

  1. David 2 says:

    I admit to not listening all the way through this video and am equally sure that this person firmly believes his story. Even the background music is conducive to his message.

    I sometimes puzzle about dreams “It seemed real at the time”

    In a discovery, my children all have a different view of growing up to what I assumed was the case. Obviously to them, my wife or myself “it seemed real at the time”

    The reality is that when we are born we are given the sense of sound, sight, taste, touch, smell and mind. They are connected to various organs in the body such as ears, eyes, nose, skin, etc. When the body dies we no longer have the organs or brain that can connect to the sense of sound, sight, touch, taste, smell and mind. In other words when we die, we have no sensory perception.

    I had regression hypnosis a long time ago to discover past lives. It was not for fun, it was to discover the possibility of reincarnation and rule it in or out. Apart from the hypnotist’s sister, I was the only person who did not regress to recall past lives. I asked him about the experiences that people had and he described someone who was Blackbeard the Pirate’s right hand man, I think another was a Roman centurion or some famous historical character.

    Without sensory perception, we cannot possibly describe the period after death in sensory or emotional terms. When we die our consciousness is disembodied, but perhaps that is always the situation. None of us can say who we are. We can say with confidence that I am not my mind, sight, hearing, taste, touch or smell I am not my dreams or ever changing body, etc as we can dispassionately observe all of these.

    Who am I, is the one puzzle in life to which no one has provided the definitive answer.

    I will hopefully take death whenever the time comes and perhaps discover. It seems strange that we can only discover when we are dead!

    Meanwhile there is still more of life to live and idiots like Boris, Merkel, Macron, Biden, Fauci, Schwab, Gates, Soros, the Main Stream Media, etc., peddle their worthless wares to believers.