DISCUSS: UK announces “Plan B” in the shadow of the party that never happened.

Leaked videos and year-old rumours are already undermining the new restrictions. But why?

Less than two hours ago, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the UK was going into “Plan B”, meaning stricter lockdown measures over the Christmas period, supposedly in order to combat the spread of the terrifying new Omicron variant.

The new public health orders include some of our old favourites like working from home and mask mandates, as well as requirements for venues to use NHS QR codes to check everyone’s vaccination status.

This was inevitable the moment we were told Plan B even existed. As a general rule, when the government tells you there is Plan B, there is no Plan A.

But the announcement of a semi-lockdown this Christmas is already overshadowed by a party that (allegedly) happened last Christmas.

Over the last two days the news has been filled with rumours and leaked videos alleging that, last Christmas, while the country was still in lockdown, Number 10 hosted a Christmas party.

There has been no official admission that the party happened at all, but the Prime Minister’s former Communications Secretary Allegra Stratton has Resigned her post as COP26 spokeswoman following a video leaking that shows her joking about the party.


Did the party happen? Who knows at this point.

If it did it’s just another example of the elite showing they don’t really believe their own hype, and the fear they try to spread is fake as all hell. But we’ve been saying that since last spring, it’s not really news.

What’s interesting is the timing.

The press attempts to conjure mystique around “the news”, as if it’s an organic process that no one really understands, but it’s not. It’s just people saying things, or printing things, or uploading things.

If there are rumours about a Christmas party now, you better believe the same rumours existed when it happened. Hell, if there was a party there were probably journalists there. If a video can “appear” now, or suddenly “be released” or get “leaked”, it could have been leaked any time.

To paraphrase a quote, you should always ask “Why this? Why now?”

Myriad potential explanations exist, but the two most interesting that occur to us are:

  1. There was political resistance to Plan B and the party rumours and leaked video are being used to pressure Boris into following through.
  2. An anti-lockdown faction close to the government leaked the video. It’s possible that some of the more old fashioned parts of the conservative establishment are not comfortable with the direction of the Covid narrative, and are leaking the party story just before the announcement of Plan B in order to highlight government hypocrisy and undermine Plan B before it even happens.

Either way, there’s very much the feeling that the party scandal is just a ripple on the water, indicating some more frenzied activity well beneath the surface.

It could be that – in the UK at least – the Great Reset agenda is not monolithic, and maybe there is some bureaucratic resistance to the tyrannical laws being put in place.

Of course, you can never completely rule out that things are done simply to sow confusion or chaos, or it could just be an example of the positioning and backstabbing that are endemic to all political elites.

But what do you think?

  • Did the Christmas party happen?
  • Are the leaks designed to coincide with Plan B, or was it happenstance?
  • Will more people resign? Is Boris’ job safe?
  • Is Plan B just a “dead cat” to distract from the scandal?”
  • Will the hypocrisy and dishonesty wake more people up?

DISCUSS: UK announces “Plan B” in the shadow of the party that never happened.


4 Responses to “DISCUSS: UK announces “Plan B” in the shadow of the party that never happened.”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Plan B might be Labour ….. taxes through roof and spending quadrupled.

  2. Aldous says:

    “A week is a long time in politics.” ~ Harold Wilson

    “All premierships end in failure.” ~ Cecil Parkinson?

    “There is a saying in politics that one is denied what one wants and gets what one deserves.” ~ Cecil Parkinson?

    Boris To Resign (34 Mins Duration)

    “It’s all happening folks. The curtain is falling… The Deceivers are revealing themselves… their hidden agendas are stalling…. So get ready for more resignations.”


  3. pete fairhurst says:

    A very enjoyable podcast, thanks Aldous

    My main concern, if de Pfeffel does go, would be that any Starmer led alternative would be even worse than the lying Tory sleazebags, probably far worse. We’ve had a far easier ride here than in many western nations it seems

    My non compliance with their guidelines and mandates has never been seriously challenged by anyone. We had a bit of hassle from police in the early days when we extended our “bubble” as we required. But they were easily brushed off, they had no real stomach for it all. Maybe because, being close to the people, many of them realised it was all bollocks. My contact in the police told me as much, also that they avoided covid enforcement if they could because they had no real power to act, so it was a thankless task

    But the Trilateralist Starmer is a soulless, speak your weight machine, with a weird stare isn’t he. He and his right on, globo homo, woke mates are likely to be far tougher. He’s a fully paid up member of the mad globalists, so he will likely do exactly as directed. Which could lead to a speeding up of their evil plan. They must surely realise that the current fearmongering isn’t really working. But I can’t see them quitting tbh, they are more likely to double down