Dandelion Root – Cancer cures in description


Will cleanse your LIVER.
scroll down were to buy it and inexpensive.
-It will also help with the spike proteins from those vaccinated attaching to you.
-Eat a big salad every day with RAW ONION. Woman who did this had an 80% decrease in Breast cancer.
-GOD gives you everything you need FREE…onion,garlic,ginger are God’s antibiotics.
-Cleanse your body with baking soda and lemon in the morning . Sodium Bicarbonate (RED MILL) not arm and hammer
will alkalize your body within minutes. Try for 5 days ..squeeze a fresh organic lemon in distilled water that you poured a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate stir ..it will filzzle. let it calm down and drink it. It will kill Cancer,fungus,bacteria ,viruses.
– Take an organic lemon and wash it. Place in the freezer and then grate it over your meal. The white flesh and skin kills
-Take Organic Apple cider vinegar everyday..you can pour two tablespoons in a liter of distilled water and take with you to dink all day or take them half hour before your MEAL..never ever drink it straight as so many do. It damages your tissues in the
-Take organic coconut oil for problems with throat. You can use on dry skin. If you take 5 tablespoons or more it is Medicinal.
It will cure cancer. Knew a woman some years ago who had throat cancer, one of the hardest to cure. She did not go to the MEDICAL MAFIA IN NYC for Chemo. She took 5 tablespoonfuls a day for 6 months..and was cured with NO CHEMO/NO DRUG PUSHER.
-Every woman that had breast cancer was deficient in Iodine. You need Lugols Iodine not the synthetic one called Potassium Iodide. REAL Iodine has a brownish color. The one in health food stores or from your drugpusher it is clear.
-MMS kills Cancer and just about every dis-ease. Jim Humble discovered it as Miracle Mineral Solution which is
Chlorine Dioxide….all your big FOOD companies use it to kill bacteria in your meat ,chicken and food

Chlorine Dioxide Solution…. It is known to change the body from acidic (where cancer grows) to alkaline.
MMS is made with citric acid and can make you feel really ill. That is Jim Humble’s Protocol. Andres Kalcker worked with Jim and they have produced CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) which does not have the side effects….called CDS
Always start very slow as it is very powerful.
It will prevent the spike proteins from attaching to the human receptors .
It will cure just about any dis-ease.
Take 10 drops in a some water and gargle before bedtime. All your mouth problems will go away
NEVER have a root canal..A HUGE SCAM just like removing a woman’s breasts.

Wild Harvest is organic and very inexpensive $12.00 also in capsules.



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