Britain is wounded but still Great!!

Most of the people you encounter are living in an internal Matrix that exists in their mind, formed out of media lies, mass hypnosis, social engineering, false histories and deliberate trauma inflicted by schools and governments. This means that in order for you to successfully navigate this world, you must learn to recognize other people’s delusions and learn how to evade their attempts to ensnare you into their own false worlds.

In a world populated by delusional masses, one of the greatest acts of kindness is to shatter their delusions and pull them out of their mental Matrix, bringing their awareness into the real world. From a practical standpoint, this can only be accomplished by disconnecting from the corporate-run media, which provides the inputs for the persistent delusions in which most people live.

Red pilling people cannot be done with facts, by the way, because cultists are immune to facts. They also run their own cult dogma reinforcers known as “Fact Checkers” which are really Fake Checkers. Importantly, the only thing that can shatter the delusions of the cultists is a sudden, often traumatic shattering of their false reality.

This can occur with events such as a mass death wave among the vaccinated, or a crypto crash, or a mega church leader being arrested for pedophilia, etc. It takes a mind-shattering event to break the persistent delusion of the psyche and bring people back into contact with the real world. The dot-com collapse in 2000 was precisely such an event. Same story with the sub-prime market collapse of 2008.

Adding to this difficulty, most people’s social networks are tied to their dominant delusion, which means all their friends share the same delusion they’re been following. So shattering their delusion also means making a break with their entire network of delusional friends, and that’s doubly traumatizing to most people.

This is ultimately why so few people ever escape the delusions that define their own distorted lives. This is why most people are little more than mindless consumers who regurgitate media narratives and obey authority figures without questioning anything. They are also known as Programmable Life Forms (PLFs) or “zombie” people who only think they have original thoughts and ideas, all while serving as nothing more than propaganda conduits for globalist narratives.

The most dangerous thing in the world isn’t evil per se… it’s the delusional masses who can be easily corralled into carrying out truly insane acts such as mass genocide, injecting babies with spike proteins, or imprisoning perfectly healthy people in covid death camps. Humanity learned nothing from the Holocaust of the Third Reich, as we are repeating the same horrifying crimes against humanity right now, all under the delusion of “science” and a “public health emergency.”

Your government is run by cultists. Your local hospital is filled with medical murderers who call themselves doctors. Your local schools are taught by left-wing Marxist cultists who groom children for pedophilia and communism. Your local banker has delusional faith in fiat currency, and your neighbor kid who trades crypto is probably a digital fiat currency cultist. Almost no one is living in the real world of cause and effect, which means that ultimately, almost no one can be reasoned with.

This is why it’s so refreshing to know people who have awoken, or are awakening.  It brings hope to what is otherwise a hopeless situation.  Media is not all powerful.  In the Good Morning online poll of today, 89% didn’t agree with mandatory vaccination.  That’s an amazing figure given how almost everyone was caught up in the fake epidemic in 2020.  While Germans tolerate mandatory measures with great ease and fall into lockstep,  Britons still have an instinct that government should not be obeyed except where it deserves to be.

Britain is wounded with mass vaccination already killing hundreds of thousands, and injuring millions more, but in our hearts we are still Great!


8 Responses to “Britain is wounded but still Great!!”

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    That’s an amazing figure given how almost everyone was caught up in the fake epidemic in 2020. While Germans tolerate mandatory measures with great ease and fall into lockstep, Britons still have an instinct that government should not be obeyed except where it deserves to be.

    It’s been suggested by a couple of commentators in a forum I read earlier, that the reason ITV removed that poll result was because their hysterically pissed off management found the poll was inundated mainly by filthy, germ spreading unclean ‘anti-vaxxers’ and right wing ‘tin-foil hatters’ and other ‘unhinged conspiracy theorists’. (Don’t see how they could possibly know that or prove it, but they are the MSM and therefore it’s most likely BS).

    However, if you consider the above quoted comment, you’d have to admit it is a very surprising (thus suspicious) result.
    Yet another reader suggested that ITV would quite likely offer that story as the reason they had to remove it, especially if it’s not true.
    The latter would be the more likely follow-up scenario, (if there ever is any further reporting on it).
    I think they’ll more likely sweep it under the rug and forget about it and hope their viewers will too.

    • ian says:

      Yes Alan, I think you’ll be right about their MO. Nothing to see here, move along.

    • Aldous says:

      “I think they’ll more likely sweep it under the rug and forget about it and hope their viewers will too.”
      G’day Alan and Ian. Extremely boozy times here – but what the hell and who wants to live forever anyway?
      I can afford it even if my ageing body can’t. What does one’s body know anyway?
      I tell my body to ‘put up and shut up’ but it occasionally answers back and gets its own back by jamming me up in the nether region when I then realise who is really boss in this ‘Hell on Earth’ that I never agreed to subscribe to and really in charge. I have often refused invitations to join any club that would have me as a member as it can’t be up to much and is just after my money.
      ‘The viewers’ – as you refer to them – are not the masses of sheeple watching the ITV lie and fiction factory but a relatively small percentage of slightly awakened (and internet trolls of course) commenters who bother to access and read the msm.
      Whiskey and wife’s lady friend beckons so have to go.

  2. Aldous says:

    I think Ian Lavender is the only one in the picture that is still with us.

  3. Aldous says:

    Hi Tap. I’m not really firing on all cylinders here so please cut me some slack.
    We’re all as happy as can possibly be during these dystopian dark times but not exactly functioning as per normal – and drinking far too much without giving a damn.
    I’m listening to a UK radio station at the moment called 1.Gold (I usually listen to Magic Florida) which broadcasts the US time on the hour for some reason.
    The music is great.
    I refuse to listen to the mainstream radio BS. It’s a real pity that most zombie sheeple out there soak it up.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      I’m the same Aldous. Gave up on mainstream TV and radio stations (AM & FM) about 12 years ago, but I now listen to online radio stations and it’s great: There are thousands of stations to choose from and all of them clear and clean, as in totally free of puerile, moronic advertising, but best of all – zero (0) covid fear porn. 😎

    • ian says:

      Aldous, Alan, me too. If I happen to ever go mainstream, it lasts seconds, once red pilled, you can’t go back. The other day I tried but within minutes I was shouting at the radio.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Same for me guys. The tv news is out of the question, simply intolerable, unwatchable. The radio a tad less so, it can take slightly longer depending on who is talking or what is playing

        The BBC is the worst of the lot. It’s supposed to broadcast for “the public”, it’s funded by “the public” too. Shame that it ignores it’s supposed public base. Anything on there eventually makes my blood boil. They’ve infected EVERYTHING with, in your face, propaganda, usually covid or climate bollocks, but always something

        That Stratton women who was crying on camera yesterday [because she was caught our sneering at us plebs, like they all probably do] was Beeb once. It’s the most infected organisation of the lot, full of cultural marxists, woke numpties, globo homos etc etc etc. They should sack the lot of them and start from scratch with real people, fat chance