1. Mick says:

    Next she’ll be telling us her reaction to the jab was worse because we haven’t taken ours. Isn’t that how they claim this fraud works?

    • Occams says:

      Sure wish my dad was still around to se stupidity being ‘rewarded’ for….well…..stupidity.

      Rather than A-warded like it has been for the last decades

  2. Occams says:

    And if it kills her then she’ll REALLY know she’s safe.

    “The propensity towards self-disillusionment is staggering” ~ Occaams

    • ian says:

      They love the stupidity. In Scotland if you’re in the pub, you don’t need a mask when seated, but have to wear one if you go to the bar or the toilet. My granddaughter was in a pub and her phone rang, so she stood up to get it out of her jeans pocket, the guy behind the bar yelled at her to get her mask on. I regularly see folks alone in cars with masks on, even running alone with a mask on. Just two days back, an old fat scruffy crutch walking guy, was chuntering on about me not being masked as he went along the isle in the shop. I was waiting for my wife who was looking at stuff for presents. I was going to ask him if he thought that I had magical powers as he grumbled past. I had no mask no Vax, and can somehow breach his mask and three vaxxes without being ill myself. I’m pleased that he kept walking as he’d never have had the ability to think without TV to help him.

      • Occams says:

        “That mask you’re wearing? If this was actually real, you’d be dead, while I, unmasked, would probably have a better chance of survival due to a built-up immune system. You, on the other hand, are destroying your natural immunity by wearing that carbon dioxide rebreather system, thus allowing many more pathways to be attacked through”.


  3. hlham says:

    Like DEATH.
    You won’t get it for certain.