Bible Believers’ Newsletter 1182

“We focus on the present Truth – what Jesus is doing now. . .”
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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; we appreciate your fellowship around God’s unchanging Word.

Android PhoneAs the clock ticks today we will advance to “Sabbatical Years & our Pentecostal Jubilee Part III,” however our items of current news remain focused on the greatest deception of our most trusted ‘profession,’ health, where the love of money and glory has seen the Hippocratic Oath trampled into the dust.

I’m not anti vaxx—I am pro choice with informed consent! At no point in history has a vaccine been used to impede one’s civil rights. All the vaccines I have taken like Tetanus, measles, mumps, cholera, yellow fever, polio, etc., have been accompanied by lies and deceptions but never masking and anti-social distancing—even when fully vaccinated; and never was it suggested that I might contract or transfer the disease after vaccination.

I never had to be tested when I was healthy and without symptoms. Never enticed to win a holiday or earn frequent flyer points by taking the vaccine; never had to worry about cardiac issues, neurological disorders, blood clots, or death from vaccination.

I was never threatened with by government, employer, police or military force over vaccination. Never judged by friends and relatives if I declined; never discriminated in regular transport or the purchase of goods and services to the point where I could not buy or sell without the vaxx. Never known charities to refuse service and discriminate as to who they will help, accept as volunteers, support or serve.

Vaccines were not used for political gain or to threaten relationships, yet these vaccines require mass media promotion 24/7. It is OK to mix and match vaccines one day and not on the next. Never before has a 12-year-old’s choice overridden parental consent.

Doctors, health care professionals, police and scientists are censored and threatened with deregistration. I have never known a vaccine that exempts the manufacturer from liability.

I have never seen a vaccine threaten someone’s livelihood or profession, or one that divides and conquers society. Information is censored, removed from the internet and mainstream media, including the taxpayer funded Jewish fifth columns like the BBC, PBS, and ABC! And still no virus has been isolated in any of 137 nations and medical institutions worldwide!

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. We encourage you to share our Newsletter with friends, family and colleagues, and look forward to any comments or questions you may have. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ
Anthony Grigor-Scott