3 Responses to “Australia, the world’s most secretive democracy”

  1. ian says:

    I think that it’s clear what’s going on. Firstly, the governments never served the people, it was just easier for them if you believed that. Now things have moved on, and the few wealthy Banking families, Royals and cronies, who believe that they are special and the world is theirs, believe that now, the technology is advanced enough to go for their goals. They aim to kill the vast majority of the world’s population, possibly 90% or more, and leave possibly the 500,000,000 as written on the Georgia Guide-stones. Those people remaining will be strictly controlled as to where they can go, and what they can do. They will be chipped and monitored 24/7. Some will be allowed to live with the rich as servants and sex toys but most will live in fenced in cities and town with very limited freedom. From two weeks to flatten the curve, to ten years to change the planet. Happy days.

  2. Ulrich says:

    I work in the aged care industry and can assure you its the old folks lashing out at staff due primarily to the psychotropic drugs majority of them are taking daily and not the other way around.
    There is no way staff would assault Residents, not only because they care for them but the recourse is very serious from the aged care commission.
    The judeo-masonic australian guvmint have deliberately allowed the aged care sector to sink into oblivion over the last 30 years so that they could have their royal commission and then go in with a big stick.
    Nowadays aged care providers are forced to adhere to impossible legislative requirements with a dwindling workforce. Many of the care workers are from Nepal and India, which instantly puts many of the older people off due to the lack of communication which leads to frustration and then Resident assaults on carers.

  3. Tapestry says:

    As they say with all future planning – What could possibly go wrong? The gene pool at the top will become narrower and narrower, as it already is (Andrew? hello). For entertainment they will choose the cutest mistresses with lowest IQ while the surviving serfs will need to be of high IQ to cope with the power structure imposed from above. After a few generations the inbred dumbed down elites will be asking the intelligent serfs what to do all the time. Wodehouse’s Jeeves and Wooster is not really a joke.

    The gods who created humanity as a slave race through genetic modification of the sasquatch could not keep their hands off the women. Their problem became that they transferred their IQ. That’s what bothers the elites, the priesthood and the Gods. Humanity is too intelligent and they want to drive us back down to the position originally intended. History will always repeat. Genocide never works. The spiritual pathways to goodness can never be closed no matter how many people they slaughter.

    The Satanists can never be content. They live in fear of losing and of being found out. Humanity is able to be content in almost all circumstances – and they simply can’t bear it. They can try their gene technologies, poisons and trans-human interventions, but will they actually work as they intend? I doubt it. The media certainly has trapped the vast majority of humans in developed nations, and many are already lost as they believe what they are being fed, and cooperate with the game of vaccine and medical Russian Roulette. They are trying to genocide mentally free people like the aborigines in Australia by force, but the spirit of free thought will always survive and come back. The Satanists always lose in the end.