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3 Responses to “An important warning here from Lawyer Claire Wills Harrison who blew the whistle on the Genocide…”

  1. emm jay says:

    “How can they sit there and let this go on … ?” Answer: Because NOBODY is stopping them. Actions speak louder than words. Fact.

    • Tapestry says:

      Reading Robert F Kennedy Junior’s book The Real Dr Fauci, you can understand that the world’s elites have been planning a pandemic coup d’etat and destruction of democracy a very long time, and in great detail. No one is stopping them as they have covered all bases before launching the power grab and destruction of the free world. COVID is a military and an intelligence operation not primarily a medical one – with little input from politicians, who are hired actors, and compromised hired actors for the most part. Looking to Boris Johnson to take the blame is to miss the point. He is put there to hide the real perpetrators – Fauci, Gates, and dozens of others, some of whom are described by Kennedy. Their biggest fear is the realisation that the v…. is a lethal attack, and their biggest concern is to close down opposition on the internet.

  2. pete fairhurst says:

    I agree, that is becoming more and more obvious

    See this from Rich Hall about nanotechnology. Take the “read more” link